Venus Transit 2023


Venus Transit 2023 Date, Time, Predictions & Remedies

In astrology, Venus is known to be a benefic planet, which controls human traits such as beauty, pleasures, relationships, and love, along with fine things in life such as travel and all other sorts of luxuries. The planet Venus is considered to know both material and spiritual things. When Venus is in a benefic position in the birth chart, it gives extension to many qualities in the person, such as making his nature more charismatic and loving or simply bestowing him the ability to please others. A positive Venus transit 2023 shall encourage natives across multiple domains in life, and hence tracking the Venus transit becomes crucial.

Venus means beauty. And that's why the planet Venus is also called the God of beauty. Venus or Shukra is the force that brings happiness and prosperity to the life of any person. Also, it is considered a factor of finance i.e. wealth. In astrology, Venus is the ruling planet of the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra and thus Venus's transit has a stronger influence on these zodiac signs than any other.

The Venus transit in 2023 tracks the movement of planet Venus from one sign or house to another in your birth chart. This movement of Venus and its conjunction with other zodiac signs and planets define the future course of your life. For example, if the planet Venus is positively placed in the house of love in your birth chart, you are likely to experience a boom in love during the period and vice versa.

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Venus transit 2023 date and time

Venus transit represents the movement of planet Venus through different houses/signs in your Kundli or birth chart. Venus is the symbol of the Goddess of beauty and stays in one zodiac for about 23 days. The Venus transit can bring both negative and positive consequences for the native. The change, however, entirely depends upon the house into which Venus is transiting. Although Venus represents love and all such mushy feelings, its effect is not just limited to those as Venus can also affect your wealth, career growth, etc.

Date & Day Transiting From Transiting To Timing
January 22, 2023, Sunday Capricorn Aquarius 04:03 PM
February 15, 2023, Wednesday Aquarius Pisces 08:12 PM
March 12, 2023, Sunday Pisces Aries 08:37 AM
April 6, 2023, Thursday Aries Taurus 11:10 AM
May 2, 2023, Tuesday Taurus Gemini 02:00 PM
May 30, 2023, Tuesday Gemini Cancer 07:51 PM
July 7, 2023, Friday Cancer Leo 04:28 AM
August 7, 2023, Monday Leo Cancer 10:37 AM
October 2, 2023, Monday Cancer Leo 01:18 AM
November 3, 2023, Friday Leo Virgo 05:24 AM
November 30, 2023, Thursday Virgo Libra 01:14 AM
December 25, 2023, Monday Libra Scorpio 06:55 AM

Venus transit can bring all sorts of effects into the life of the native. There are 12 houses in a horoscope chart, and the effect of Venus depends upon the house it is moving into alongside the planet it is in conjunction with.

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Venus transit 2023 in 1st house

The first house in Kundli is the house of self. Venus transit 2023 shall bring a very auspicious time for the native. During this time, the native is likely to think highly of himself and attain career success. The transit will assure that your relationship grows by leaps and bounds during this period. You shall attain peace of mind and will likely live a comfortable life.

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Moreover, the 2023 Venus transit can change with the conjunction of Venus with a friendly or enemy planet in the first house. However, until it's a friendly planet camping with Venus in the first house, the results are to be positive. In every domain, you will continue to move forward. With Venus transiting in the first house, it will be a favourable time for the person who wants to improve to find love. Also, focusing on the business prospects will create better chances of moving forward.


  • Donate white clothes to needy people on Friday.

Venus transit 2023 in 2nd house

The Venus transit in the second house of the birth chart in 2023 will strengthen your desires. During this time, people will be attracted to many things, such as hobbies, luxuries, and other long-held desires. Single people will strongly find themselves attracted to the opposite sex. Your willingness to share your feelings and thoughts with others will increase.

Even the shy ones may want to get out of their shell to experience love owing to the strong Venus in the second house. As the second house is associated with finance, hence, there is a strong possibility of getting a profit in business during this period. This is the best time for you to manifest and attract success in life. Hence, don't let go of any big opportunity to improve your career during this period.


  • Donate sugar and raw rice.

Venus transit 2023 in 3rd house

With the Shukra Gochar 2023 in the 3rd house, you shall have wealth, prosperity, and respect in your life. The transit shall give you the strength to defeat your enemies and competitors. When Venus transits in the third house, most certainly, everything will work in your favour, be it a competition or a business deal you have been looking forward to. In work terms, this period may bring many big projects and deals your way.

Those who live away from their home and family may feel the urge to connect with their close ones during the 2023 planetary transit. There will also be a possibility of you getting a chance to spend some quality time with friends and even someone you like. However, on the other hand, married life happens to suffer at times for people.


  • Donate make-up items, camphor, toffee made of sugar, or other food items like curd to a little girl.

Venus transit 2023 in 4th house

Movement of Venus in the 4th house in 2023 will lead to an increase in responsibilities, desire, and wealth. During this transit period, you will attain popularity in society, which will increase your prestige. Along with this, as more responsibilities come your way, it will bring you recognition, especially in the workplace. You will also feel confident during this time. Your relationships with your loved ones like family, partners, and friends will become stronger.

You will be motivated to be more active, and your health will improve. You will spend a good time with your loved ones, especially your partner. This Shukra Gochar in 2023 will increase the warmth and vibrancy in your relationship. Apart from this, you may get a chance to meet new people during this period, and your lifestyle may change for good.


  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Interact with women with respect.

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Venus transit 2023 in 5th house

The Venus transit in 2023 in the 5th house shall lead the natives towards personality development. A stronger personality will make you more confident and thus more attracted to the opposite gender. When Venus transits in the fifth house, there are also chances of monetary gain and success. This is one of the best periods to start an investment. However, if you do not have much knowledge about investing, it is better to talk to an expert in this regard.

On a personal level, you can expect high respect from your friends and family during the planetary transit 2023. They will understand your importance, which will lead to an increase in your prestige. On the downside, your focus may divert from your profession during this period hence you need to vary it.

  • Keep roses in the house.
  • You can also use rose perfume in the house.

Venus transit 2023 in 6th house

Venus transit in the 6th house in 2023 could be negative for you in many ways. It multiplies your opponents and instils a persistent worry about health problems in your thoughts. Additionally, it could lead to frustration or disputes with your partner. During this moment, natives might run into danger or experience shame. Additionally, some emotional discomfort endures.

Moreover, the Venus transit in this area implies that avoiding long-distance travel is best for the natives because the risk of an accident is high. For you, this can be a difficult time or two. This era finds you going through a lot of difficulties in your attempt. There's a potential your adversaries may grow, and you and your business partner might even start fighting. You might need to make concessions to your foes.


  • Perform a Shukra Graha Shanti Puja.

Venus transit 2023 in 7th house

This often denotes a difficult time that was primarily brought on by women. Avoid any women-related legal disputes, and strive to keep a positive relationship with your wife. Furthermore, the 2023 Venus transit in the 7th house implies that she is not in good health during this era. Your wife might experience physical discomfort, mental anguish, and other gynaecological conditions.

Financially speaking, it would be best to avoid dealing with women to prevent financial loss. You can also realise that you have some evil pals who want to hurt you. During the Shukra Gochar 2023, involvement with unneeded womenfolk may cause distress. You could even make new enemies as a result of a disagreement over a lady, according to probability.


Venus transit 2023 in 8th house

If the Shukra Gochar 2023 occurs in the 8th house of your birth chart, there's a chance that social connection may lead to a remarkable commercial opportunity. Your sexual propensity is rising. You can come across someone through social obligations related to business. Additionally, your interests in art, society, or romance may be somehow tied to your pursuits in business, science, or the occult.

There will be opportunities for highly enjoyable sexual interactions throughout this trip. Your present romantic connection will become more intense due to the stimulation of the sexual component. Sex is a tool for inner development that transcends the physical act. Venus transit here may imply sexual promiscuity, which might hurt you.


  • Start pouring white flowers into a river, and chanting the Venus mantra.

Venus transit 2023 in 9th house

When Venus is in the ninth house, you are drawn to people and cultures from other nations. Your engagement in cultural, educational, and/or religious events may open up social, romantic, and business chances because this transit has a high global quality. A journey to a destination you have never been to before, where you can discover something novel, will benefit you the most.

The ideal time to travel shall be during the 2023 Venus transit. It's conceivable that something will occur that teaches you more about your love connection and provides you with a fresh perspective on it without being a bothersome experience. If Venus forms challenging aspects, there may be hypocrisy in how all of these issues are handled.


  • Feed the animals and light a camphor lamp.

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Venus transit 2023 in 10th house

When Venus will be in the 10th house in 2023, it will attract individuals and situations that will support you at work. People will see that your major goal is to cooperate and that you have an upbeat and cheerful attitude. Moreover, this planetary position suggests that you may be in the company of an experienced elder who may act as a mentor and teach you more about moving forward in life.

This energy might manifest as a romantic interest in someone who symbolises an authoritative figure and frequently has a significant impact on your job. You need to be cautious if Venus forms challenging aspects since there may be challenges. Some people could feel motivated to take advantage of their status and position in society to profit personally, materially, sexually, and socially.


  • Start wearing ornaments of silver and gemstones related to Venus. However, consult an astrologer to avoid any adverse effects.

Venus transit 2023 in 11th house

One of the most auspicious Venus transit in 2023 will be in the 11th house. Your interactions with people are quite pleasant and you can make concessions without feeling like you are losing something personal that you need to preserve. In this situation, the adage "a friend is a present we create for ourselves" is quite suitable.

Kindness and consideration toward and from friends, together with humanitarian impulses, are the main themes of this journey. These relationships and activities are frequently centred around music, art, entertainment, or business. Organisational activities will be interwoven with friendships, which will present prospects for business or love. If Venus forms challenging aspects, these friendships or group memberships can be only motivated by progress.


  • Try donating white food like rice and milk to those who are in need.

Venus transit 2023 in 12th house

With the Venus transit 2023 in the 12th house, your creativity, accompanied by a sense of beauty, and your intuitive perception of the harmonies of nature, are enhanced, allowing you to comprehend others at your most spiritual and compassionate level. Romantic, intimate, and hidden commitments are frequently a possibility. Behind the scenes, there could be business dealings with the arts, music, entertainment, hospitals, etc.

Even academic institutions would receive preference. Shy people may find it easier to overcome their social inhibitions under this 2023 Venus transit. You could have to look after another person in your connections, and assisting someone you care about will make you feel wonderful. Hidden loves or some other type of secret fulfilment might have an impact if Venus forms challenging aspects.


  • Donate white food and clothes.
  • Wear silver jewellery or gemstone recommended by an astrologer.


What is the effect of Venus transit 2023 on Leo?

Venus transiting in Leo has positive effects. Due to this, the career of the person gets better, he gets many new opportunities and there is continuous development. The chances of choosing the right career field and succeeding in this period are high. If one wants to give the right direction to his career, then the period is favourable for the native of this zodiac.

What is the importance of the planet Venus in astrology?

Venus is a fast-moving planet, which is of great importance. Venus reflects the personality, likes, and skills of a person. It also depicts jewellery, fragrance, luxury, and beauty.

What happens when Venus is in Taurus?

When Venus transits in Taurus, it signifies traditions, mechanisms, strength, security, and productivity. People get economic benefits, happiness, and stability in family life. This period brings happiness, peace, and prosperity to the life of the native.

Why is Venus's transit important?

The transit of Venus in 1761 was a turning point in the history of astronomy. This was the first time that astronomers had the opportunity to accurately measure the size of the Solar System.

What does Venus's transit look like?

The transit of Venus across the Sun occurs when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth. It can be seen as a small black dot on the face of the Sun. Venus had an apparent diameter of about 58 arcseconds during the transit, which is about 3% of the Sun's apparent diameter.

What colour is Venus?

Viewed through a telescope, Venus presents a brilliant yellow-white, essentially featureless face to the observer. Its obscure appearance results from being obscured from sight by a continuous and permanent cover of clouds on the planet's surface.

What is Venus transit according to astrology?

Venus transit is a phenomenon in which the planet Venus passes in front of the Sun like a small shadow. The transit can be seen (with proper protection!) with the unaided eye and looks like a moving sunspot.

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