Effect of Conjunction of Sun and Rahu

Effect of Conjunction of Sun and Rahu

The conjunction of Sun-Rahu in any zodiac or any house in horoscope forms Surya Grahan in the native’s life.

Sun and Rahu are two opposite planets from each other. The sun is bright, giving, and a warm planet. Whereas, Rahu, taking, and the cold planet. Rahu is elemental if Sun is Satvik. If the Sun is a religion, Rahu is sin. Sun is rules and discipline and Rahu is a taboo breaker. Rahu is a demon while Sun is God. However, both these planets have also been considered as factors of philosophical and political. When they form a conjunction, they bestow many different results.

When both these opposite powers come in front of each other, an eclipse sum is formed. The combination of Sun and Rahu has many positive and negative effects on the life of a native. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to know the types of effects.

Negative Effect of Conjunction of Sun and Rahu

– Destroys the Native’s Fortune

The Sun-Rahu combination can destroy the fate of the person. It gives birth to many kinds of problems and difficulties in their life. The person has to face a lot of struggles and undesirable troubles. Also, they are surrounded by despair and disappointment due to extreme troubles.

– Conjunction of Sun and Rahu Blemish All Relationships

In every person’s life, their acquaintances and relatives are very important and that is why it is necessary to maintain a good relationship with them. However, when Sun and Rahu combine together, then the relationship between the natives and all their acquaintances gets messy. They never get the support of their friends or family.

– Affects father’s health and fortune

The combination of Sun and Rahu also has a great impact on the father of the native. Sun signifies the father and father figure in the horoscope. When it comes with Rahu, it also greatly affects the health and fortune of the father of the native. The father also starts getting severe diseases and the diseases do not cure even after treatment.

– Conjunction of Sun and Rahu Causes a Lack of energy

In a person’s horoscope where there is a Surya Grahan, there is always a lack of energy because the Sun is energy and Rahu reduces that energy by eclipsing it. Due to this, there is a lack of energy in the life of the native.

Positive Effect of Conjunction of Sun and Rahu

– Increases trade and income

According to astrology, through chanting Surya Mantra, Narayana Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Guru Mantra, and meditating during a solar eclipse, the inauspicious effects present in the horoscope slowly fades. Along with this, the income of the native starts increasing.

– Conjunction of Sun and Rahu Builds Dwelling of Joy

The natives can do remedies for Rahu to improve his life. By pacifying Rahu, the unnecessary sufferings of the person’s life can be overcome. Apart from this, all the negative effects of Rahu from their life also remain afar. To pacify Rahu, give donations to any needy.

– Increase in Respect

The native should take bath and worship Lord Vishnu for respect and mental growth. Along with this, they can also donate earthen lamps. By doing so, it has a favorable effect on the health of the natives and also increases their reputation.

– Fades All Problems Away

If a native pacifies Rahu from their life through worship, then all the problems in the life of the person end. Along with this, they also help the helpless and poor people as a remedy for Rahu. Doing this brings happiness and prosperity in the life of the native.

– Job promotion

If a person wants a promotion at their job, then after the solar eclipse, they should donate money and food. Apart from this, donating clothes is also very beneficial. It attracts job opportunities for those who wish and also they can get promotion in the job. Apart from this, they can also get a transfer to a good place.

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