Fish Aquarium in Vastu: Significance and Benefits

Fish Aquarium in Vastu Significance and Benefits

Vastu is an ancient science practiced in India since ages. But do we know the Vastu reason behind the things that we see in our daily lives? NO! We all might have come across or at least seen the beautiful fishes in the aquariums either in someone’s home or office. We might have looked at it, praised its beauty, and at last thought it as a piece of beauty to add to the decor of your home. That is not enough. The fish aquarium has much more to do with it. In this article, we might be studying the significance, benefits and the best astrological position to place the fish aquarium.

Significance in Vastu

According to the ancient Vastu principles, certain geological and astrological calculations needs to be made and kept in consideration while the construction of a building. The poorly constructed house may lead to a loss in health and wealth, no peaceful atmosphere, family conflicts, and troubles in married life.

However, Vastu has the cure to all. Vastu Shastra Vidya helps us to correct certain dosh without any changes in the construction of the building. These measures include surrounding the place with items that activate the positive force. The plants, paintings, animals, everything has a significance in Vastu. The Vastu Shastra also recommends one to keep the fish aquarium in your home for creating positive surroundings.

The Correct Place for fish aquariums at home

The fish aquarium must always be kept either in the drawing-room or in the living room. In the case of the office, one can keep it in the reception area. These areas are the central part of the house or office and have connectivity with every other area of your home. Hence, keeping the fish tank at these places would trigger a ripple effect of positive vibes in your home. This fish tank should always be placed either in North-East or south-East direction of the room.

The North-East corner represents wealth and brings financial stability while the latter represents peace, happiness, and prosperity in-home or office. The number of fishes in the aquarium is also significant. One should make sure there are at least nine fishes there all the time. Of the nine fishes, Eight should be of the same species but of different colors. The ninth fish should be a dragonfish. This combination of fishes can bring wealth and success. Keeping goldfishes are considered auspicious as well.

Benefits of placing a fish aquarium

  • Science believes that today’s sedentary lifestyle has to lead to stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety-related problems. It is also believed that all this could be cured only by staring at a fish tank.
  • The natural beauty soothes and relaxes one’s nerves, providing calmness to the brain which heals all the anxiousness of the day.
  • When the fishes move in a rapid motion, inside the aquarium, they boost even more positive energy.
  • Fishes are known and considered symbolic of positive energy. Also, the water inside represents the flow of positive vibes in life.
  • Colored fishes enhance the positive vibes in the house. Also, it gives an up boost to one’s wealth and prosperity.
  • Colored fish is also considered to rectify all the Vastu defects, diminishing away from the negative energy from the surroundings.
  • Moreover, it is also believed that the water inside the fish tank is also significant. The water ripples represent the flow of money in the home. The more the number of fishes, the more are the chances of a good financial stand.
  • The death of a fish in the fish tank represents disposing of negative energy. So, no need to panic if any fish dies. Simply replace the dead one with a new one.
  • It increases one’s productivity and encourages learning. In addition, it also helps children in dealing with negative emotions.
  • The fish tank also improves the mood and appetite of a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s and also leads to improvement in sleep quality.

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