Why is Camphor Used in Pujas? What are its benefits?

Why is Camphor Used in Pujas What are its benefits

Hinduism is a religion full of rituals and traditions. However, every tradition has a logical aspect too though most of us never thought of one. Among those, It is also very common to see lightening Camphor, also known as Kapur while worshipping God during Puja and Aarti. It is a tradition which has been followed since ages but only a very few know, Why? So, in this article, we will be reading the logical aspect of using camphor in offering prayers and also the scientific benefits of it.


In Hinduism, camphor is used while performing rituals and this tradition has been practiced in India for ages. According to Hindu scriptures, if one is having pitra dosh and dev dosh, or any of the two, then lightening camphor in one’s home is considered beneficial. The flame emerged on lightening the Kapur is believed to be symbolic of Lord Shiva’s third eye. It eradicates all the negative energies from the surroundings and creates a positive environment. Not only, it spreads positivity but it also kills the harmful bacteria present in the air.

Used in Hawans and Aartis, Kapur can make the surroundings perfumed and has healing properties as well. Also, the burning camphor signifies the burning of the human ego as it gets slowly burned and doesn’t leave any residue. Moreover, it is also believed that burning Kapur can bring happiness, wealth, and prosperity in one’s family.

Scientific benefits of camphor

Apart from having religious significance, Camphor has Scientific benefits as well.

– For Skin related problems

Kapur can magically work in skin problems. Be it itching or rashes, camphor is used in abundant home remedies. Mix edible camphor and little amount of water and apply it to the infected area. It can do wonders for it. At the same time, one should take care not to apply direct camphor to any open wound or cuts.

– For Pregnant Women

The Kapur oil is highly recommendable during pregnancy as it treats pregnancy cramps. One can even make it at home by taking either mustard or coconut oil and heating it with synthetic camphor. Once it cools down, apply it on your legs and massage properly. It will give you instant relief from the cramps.

– For ants

We all might be fed up of the long line of these red or black sweet loving guests at least once in our life. But don’t need to worry now. Throw away all your ant repellants and dissolve edible camphor in water. Sprinkle it over the area where you often see ants. You will notice that the ants will vanish immediately. Try it, It is the cheapest and effective remedy to drive the ants away.

– For acne and Scars

If you have acne and scars, Kapur can do wonders for you. Massage your skin with few drops of camphor along with any face oil. It can be either olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil.

– Camphor for Cold in Children

In India, Camphor is considered as a very effective remedy for treating Chest cough and congestion. One just needs to take mustard or coconut oil and heat it along with synthetic camphor. Rub it warm on the child’s test and back to get relief in the congestion.

– Camphor for hair loss and dandruff

The essential oil of Kapur is when added to our hair, it stimulates blood flow and promotes hair growth. At the same time, it is also advised to use it before you apply shampoo to your hair as the camphor has a very strong smell. Also, this remedy is quite effective to treat dandruff.

– Camphor for Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs in mattresses is also a very common problem. Wash the sheets and keep the mattress in the sunlight for some time. Take a large chunk of Kapur, keep it in a muslin bag, and keep it between the mattresses. This remedy will protect your mattresses from the further bug attack and will also drive away the few left after sun drying.

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