What date is the next full moon- Full Moon October 2020

What date is the next full moon- Full Moon May 2020


Moon is also called the sovereign of the tides and hurricanes. Similarly, in life, it controls the flow. The occasion like Full Moon and lunar eclipse brings unknown changes to one’s life. 

In Vedic Astrology, the phase of the Moon has a singular significance. It is considered the governor of empathy, behavior, mood, feeling, and temperament. It influences the inner self of an individual and alongside, it winds the outer form. The sway of the moon makes the native passionate, sensitive, creative, and generous.

However, have you ever been in one of those situations when you are explaining mental stress to a friend and they say it must be because of the full moon?

Well, it is often fair to say so because this event is competent for lifting and dropping the spirits. Lunar theory supporters state numerous different mechanisms by which the phase of the moon influences the behavioral traits of an individual.

Indulge in the further paragraphs to learn more.

What is A Full Moon

In points of facts of Astrology, a full moon is called Purnima in Hindi. This is the day when the moon takes its complete round shape and shines its brightest.

The moon has a great significance in astrology and the Hindu religion. It is also widely used in western countries in the form of New Moon

What does it Reflect?

It is a time of manifestation and release. Also, it reflects an individual’s reflection in the world with their relationship with people. The time of the full moon represents what may come to fruition in a person’s life. Besides a few adverse effects, it brings people to grow cooperative force with the world.

What does Full Moon Reflect?

Especially, for people who have their Moon in a favorable condition in their Kundli, it is a perfect time to seed new plants, start new things, and flaunt with new dynamic to the world.

The Adverse Effects of Full Moon

A full moon adds immense bounce in several aspects of a person’s life and most of these come because of spiritual reasons which are also curable. So here are some of the major effects that Full Moon causes to humans.

Make sure you read all of these to keep away the stress next time and offer these facts to one and all who try to frighten you on the striking full moon night.

 Blood Loss

Often, people claim that surgeons refuse to operate during the full moon because it increases the threat of the death of the patient. It is believed that on the full moon the risk of blood loss is higher. There are numerous reports on the correlation between lunar phases and admission of the patient due to blood loss on the event of a full moon.

However, there are no clear facts to prove these theories and these myths receive criticism due to lack of statistical significance.

Menstruation Control

Many ancient theories and mythologies link the full moon night with women’s menstruation cycle. Also, there are several quotes the proof of a connection between these two.

The link draws its roots from the fact that the moon has a fixed cycle of 29.5 days and a woman gets her period on an average of 28 days. This cycle varies from one person to another. However, at times, the full moon causes similar pain and tension as to the menstruation pain.

Nonetheless, there is no proven speculation for this issue. So, in case of a woman going with menstruation pain at the time of lunar night, it may be because of the personal or professional life and physical or mental stress.

However, these people must not overlook these health issues. If you are troubled by any such issue on this very occasion Click Here and connect with the best Astrologers of India and seek their guidance to get off all your worries.

Sleep Deficiency

Research that comes a few years ago mentions that phases of the moon affect the sleeping pattern of humans. Also, many studies state that the phase of the full moon may cause sleep deficiency to some people.

Many reports say, a person may observe a deprivation in sleeping time during the full moon and it may cause toss & turn all night long.

Mental Affect

This issue takes place among people with mental disorders. Numerous studies reflect positive quotes regarding the increase of aggressive and violent behavior of people with influenced mental health.

An analysis of data on mental health finds the significance of phases of the moon on the patients. Especially patients with schizophrenic disorders suffer great aggression during the full moon.

Fertility and Birth

With a wide set of believers and researches, the moon plays great role infertility because it has a direct relation with the menstruation cycle of women.

Regardless of the connection between lunar rhythms and menstrual commencement uncountable myths explain the correlation of both.

Things to do on a full moon night

Besides many things that are prohibited on the occasion, here is a list of 
things to do on full moon night by Acharya Raman Ji –

  • If you want to Siddh a mantra then you should initiate the recitation from this day.
  • You may watch the full moon with complete attention and think about the desires you want to be fulfilled in your life and it is believed that your willpower makes it come true because on this day the power of the mind is the fullest.
  • Offering prayers to the moon brings good luck, therefore, you may some milk, rice and offer it to the moon in the way you do a “tilak” to a person.
  • Reciting Gayatri Mantra fulfills the wishes, thus, on a full moon, you may name your wish before & after reciting the Mantra 108 times.
  • Alongside these, it is a good time to settle the dispute.
  • Also, performing Satya Narayan Katha brings the blessing of Lord Vishu.
  • According to Hindu Astrology, it is a great day to wear a pearl ring.
  • The light of the moon on Purnima is beneficial for health. Thus on this day, you may cook kheer and put it beneath the open sky and seek the light of the moon. Eating the kheer in the morning frees from many physical and mental problems.

Things to be avoided on this day

Here are a few things listed which a person should avoid on the day the full moon-

  • You should not have a hair cut on this day.
  • It is better to avoid intercourse on the day of the full moon with the purpose of progeny.
  • For one and all, it is important to avoid the initiation of any negative thing on this day. Also, performing any mantra for harm of anyone will give reverse results.

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How to Prevent Harmful effects?

Since the harms of the full moon come majorly due to spiritual reasons, spiritual remedies are the only help to them.

According to the best Astrologers of India, during the full moon, it is best to avoid decision making because negative energies may depict destruction. The spiritual practice and holy chanting are helpful in the promotion of a positive environment. It is beneficial to seek positivity to keep happy and healthy surroundings and prevent adverse effects during the full moon.

The next full moon is on Saturday, October 31.

These are some of the major details about the full moon and its effect. You may also like to read about the Effects of Moon in Each House.

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