International Yoga Day 2020- How Yoga is related to body and mind

International Yoga Day 2020- How Yoga is related to body and mind

Yoga is progressively spreading throughout the world. This is the science through which a person can maintain a healthy body as well as mind. Not only this but by resorting to yoga a person gets liberation from the process of birth and death. As International Yoga Day 2020 is almost here, today we’ll talk about how yoga contributes to body and mind.

Body and Mind

According to our ancient sages, mind and body are not separate elements. Although we consider these two as distinct. In the language of yoga, the gross form of the mind is called the body and the subtle form of the body is called the mind. By doing yoga-meditation, we try to balance between them. Through yoga, the mind is balanced, so that the body also gets strength.

Requirement of Asana

Calming the mind is one of the most difficult tasks in this world. Living in the midst of the world, many kinds of evil tend to go home in the brain of the person, as well as many kinds of anomalies occur in the body. Therefore, the use of yoga asanas removes the dust on the brain and the stability of the body. When the body becomes healthy with rugs, it also affects the person’s mind. A healthy body and mind leads the person on the spiritual path and provides peace.

Do not Consider Yoga as an Exercise

Many people also consider yoga as an exercise. There is a lot of difference between yoga and exercise, exercise does not rise above your body, while yoga as well as making your body, mind healthy, gives you spiritual happiness. Exercise makes your body firm while yoga relieves your muscle relaxation, increases your concentration. Asanas have a positive effect on your glands and your nervous system as well. Therefore, it is wrong to consider yoga and exercise as one.

Some rules of yoga to bring balance

If you do yoga then you must follow some rules by following these rules you can bring balance in mind and body.

– Breath

Breathing is considered very important in yoga. A student of Yoga should always inhale through his nose. Before performing any asana, know about it and understand how it will be inhaled. If you do not do the breathing process properly then there may be damage. If you are learning yoga under the supervision of a guru, follow his advice.

– Alertness

Yoga teaches you to be alert. Not only asanas, other yoga exercises also have the same purpose. This purifies you and your emotions etc., so it is important that you be alert during yoga. Respiratory function should be your full attention.

– Daily routine

You must take special care of the routine to take full advantage of Yoga. If you do yoga asanas at the same time every day, then you will surely have many pleasant experiences.

– Set one place of practice

If you do yoga at home, then you should choose a place. Choose a place where there is not much movement of people. You can chant mantras before starting the asana, this will bring positivity in that place.

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