International Cream Tea Day: Know the special tea for each zodiac

International Cream Tea Day Know the special tea for each zodiac

If you belong to an Indian household, then the first drink you might be aware of will surely be tea no matter what religion or which zodiac you belong to. Ah!! In India, nothing could be like it. Not only is it delicious but it has many health benefits as well.

Moreover, talking in astrological terms, Tea represents the Saturn planet and is hence very beneficial for the people who have positive Saturn in the horoscope. Moreover, if the planet Saturn is having malefic effects in your horoscope then it is good to offer tea to friends, beggars, or acquaintances. This minimizes the negative effect of Saturn in life.

Also, You can keep tea in a bag a day before and donate it in any temple to receive the blessings of Lord Shani. Drinking tea in a specific manner daily increases the power of Saturn planet. Moreover, if Saturn is good in one’s horoscope and if it is placed in the master of income place or profit place, then the person can even earn a handsome amount from the tea business.

Tasseography involves reading tea leaves to divine fortunes. This practice began in the seventeenth century. It involves asking a person to choose a loose-leaf tea, a cup with a handle, and a saucer. After adding hot water and sipping it, the tea leaves left in a cup forms a definite symbol. Those symbols are interpreted and the future can be predicted through them.

Well, leaving all that aside there is a certain type of tea that matches the characteristics of each zodiac. So, what are you waiting for? Find out yours.

Aries – The perfect Indian Chai

Aries is powerful and fearless. The alluring and daring behavior of the Aries perfectly matches with the spicy aroma and the taste of chai. Stubborn and bold as Aries, chai is known for offering various health benefits. It aids digestion and boosts heart health.

Taurus zodiac -Chamomile Tea

This zodiac is a serious thinker. They are stalwart and seek serenity. Thus the chamomile along with its blends of lavender, peppermint and vanilla and perfect to give a little peace to their restless minds. Also, chamomile tea, blended with lavender is ideal for sleep-deprived Taurus.

Gemini zodiac- Rosehip Tea

Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They are quite energetic. Hence, rosehip tea is a perfect one for them. It is delicious and at the same time boosts the immune system as well. Hence, it will take care that no hurdle comes in Gemini’s social life.

Cancer-Peppermint Tea

Cancers are known for their loyal nature and for being sensitive. They are a storehouse of people’s secrets. Well, keeping this fact in mind peppermint tea is the best for them. It will add to their powers of digesting secrets and will protect the top-secret information for a longer time.

Leo zodiac-The ginger tea

Having the ruler as a lion, this zodiac deserves a tea that is bold. Therefore, ginger tea is there for them. It holds the same characteristics as that of Leo. Though it has overall health benefits it is a terrific digestive aid.

Virgo-Green Tea

Virgos are calm and composed. They are the perfectionist and their success makes the noise. Moreover, this zodiac helps others and prioritize them at last. Hence, offering optimal health and energy, Green tea is a great pick for Virgo. Also, it gives them mental relaxation.

Libra-Jasmine Tea

Libra is the admirer of beauty. Moreover, they seek peace and harmony. Therefore, jasmine tea is a perfect one for libra as its little aroma balances with the delicious flavor.

Scorpio-Oolong tea

Scorpios are focused and intense. They are always on the path to finding their next challenge. Oolong tea is a perfect match for them. It boosts up metabolism, reduces inflammation, and helps Scorpio in relieving stress.

Sagittarius-Black Tea

They are born adventurers. Being fearless and ambitious, they are often busy chasing their dreams. Therefore they demand tea that keeps them up. The fruit-infused black tea is the best for Sagittarius. It provides them powerful energy and enhances their stamina.

Capricon-Passionflower tea

They love everything planned. However, it can be a serious challenge for their brain if things don’t work accordingly. Passionflower tea helps them ease anxiety, focus, and mental agility. It is a great way for them to refresh their mind and think about what could be done further.

Aquarius zodiac-Fruity Tea

Aquarius are the ones that keep everyone united or bonded. Hence, fruity tea is a perfect treat for Aquarius. This provides them relief from the tiring task and its refreshing aroma is full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Pisces-Vanilla Black Tea

This zodiac is the healer. They find peace and calmness in the areas that surround them. Vanilla black tea is a superb choice for Pisces.even the aroma of this tea can refresh and ease the mind of the stalwart Pisces.

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