Moon in the First house as per Astrology

Moon in the First house as per Astrology

The first house of your birth chart is a representation of temperament and personality. Moon governs fame, wealth, and love in your life. It indicates silver elements and ornaments. Gemstones associated with the moon are pearl and moonstone. The balance of our mind and soul is determined by the moon, hence making it a crucial part to lead a peaceful life.

Our emotions rule what day we will experience ahead, people tend to have mood swings, bipolar disorder, etc. Everything related to our mood and emotion is associated with the effect of the moon in our life.

Moon in the First House of Birth Chart

The first house of your birth chart belongs to Mars and Sun. The presence of the moon makes it a combination of Moon, Sun, and Mars. The person with this combination is treated with elderly requests. The person specifically needs to maintain a good relationship with his mother.

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General effects of Moon in the First House

The impact of the moon in the first house of birth chart varies from person to person. But there are still some general impacts.

The presence of the moon in the first house makes a person a traveler. That person will always be fond of traveling and exploring new places. The person will experience high and low emotions ride in his daily life. The person will grow his status and fame constantly with dignity and respect. Also, the person will be financially satisfied and will reach heights of success and his career will flourish.

Apart from this person will be highly emotional and will get easily dependant on others to stay happy. Moon governs our mind and peace, so the person will be on the constant ride of his emotional balances. There will be this attractive charm in his personality.

Effects on Love

The presence of the moon makes a person adamant believer in love. The person gets emotional and physically invested in a relationship very easily. This nature makes them suffer a lot emotionally and they tend to depend on others to be emotionally healthy. They might experience cheating a few times in their life

Moon in the First House- Effects on Marriage

The person with Moon in the first house tends to marry at an early age ie.24-25. Physical attraction will always be satisfied. Their life partner will be beautiful and will have a charming personality. Many health issues might be faced if health is not taken care of properly. Also, this placement makes the person a bit fat. Blood pressure issues will disturb frequently.

Moon in the first house- Effect on Career

The presence of the moon in the first house is a sign of having a healthy career life. He will always be awarded for his good work and will experience success in the early phase of his life itself. They attract respect from their colleagues about their hard work and intelligence.

They are known to make the work environment much more enjoyable by pressurizing less work and enjoying what they do. Promotion, rewards, incentives, respect are easily achievable with their attitude towards the work.

They are financially happy and tend to have more than one source of income. They hate getting and taking commands so they try to work under no one and will always be their own boss. A career like politics, sports, and art industry is very fruitful for them because of their nature and type of interest in work. They can make a good artist that may include painter as well as lyricist, music director, etc.

They get emotionally attached to their work and this is one of the reasons why they receive success. This might be the cause of hurt sometimes. They are not able to differentiate between their professional and personal life.

Remedies For Ill-effects of Moon

  • Try not to marry at the early age of your life ie 24-28age. Marrying after 27-28 will help you gain stability in your married life.
  • Frequently pour water to the roots of the Banyan tree.
  • Place the copper nail on each corner of your bed.
  • Try to have silver utensils especially Thali in your house.
  • Avoid affording house of your own earning between the age of 24-27.
  • Avoid the use of glassware and replace the usage of glass with silver glasses.

The presence of the moon in the first house of the birth chart is bliss and the person gets very successful in his life. He should have constant blessings and trust in his mother to have better results. Moody nature of the person can be a hindrance but that can be balanced with the above-mentioned remedies.

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