Effects of Moon in different houses

Effects of Moon in different houses

Moon/chandra/ soma in Vedic astrology stands for emotions, feminine qualities, motherly figure, the person nourishes you, gives you all the love, takes care of you. Moon is a satvik planet meaning pure and transparent. It represents the white colour, purity, anything that’s white, pearls, diamond, milk, and is actually the significance of face. Read on to learn about the effects of Moon in each house.

Beauty is seen through the moon. However, when the mind gets cluttered by any kind of negative energy, it may even cause mental illness. Illnesses like split personality, schizophrenia, bipolar-ism and mood swings etc.

Queen, royalty, state government, local government are depicted by Moon. Besides that, Moon is the mind, hard drives, where all the things are stored. Moon is holding all your thought, all your images from your past life, your purpose of life, your destiny.

You can use our Free Kundli Maker to check it’s placement in your birth chart. Let’s get into details of how it affects each house. 

Effects of Moon in First House

  • First house or ascendant is your physical self. it shows your physical personality, your vitality, your health and sets out the map of your entire life. Moon, however, is your emotional connection or emotional response to your surroundings.
  • So, when the moon is in the first house, it makes to native a really health-conscious person. Moon gives a beautiful appearance and fair complexion to people, these people have a very youthful appearance throughout their life. The face would be round and a little chubby.
  • These people have motherly and feminine qualities like they are very much caretaker of their spouses and people around them. They are nurses type of people. They like to take the emotional burden of people.
  • Debilitated moon in the ascendant makes the person very very emotional, they take things to the heart just like that. Mother for these people becomes the driving force in their life.
  • Somebody who leads you, who guides you, has a big influence in your life. You can’t get away with your mother’s influence whether its positive influence or negative.
Moon in 1st House

Effects of Moon in Second House

  • The second house is related to family, your accumulated wealth, and basically the material possessions with the native. The second house is feelings, emotions and younger siblings.
  • Moon is like the tides of the sea which represents fluctuations meaning this placement indicates ups and downs in the financial conditions. However, the native will belong to a good and wealthy family.
  • The native will be very much attached to his money and possessions. He would like to safeguard his belongings all his life. Such people are also mild, delicate and emotional regarding their family’s well being.
  • Nonetheless, they always love the creative side of life because they express their creativity through what they have learned through their family. Moon in the second house is also related to the vocal talent of the native.
  • They make great songwriters and singers. This position, however, could give the native some issues related to the eyes.

Effects of Moon in Third House

  • It represents sibling, friends, neighbours, close relative. It’s the house of your courage, writing, skills of your hands, communication, media.
  • When the Moon is in the 3rd house, it represents that the native share a deep emotional bond with their siblings and close neighbours.
  • One needs an eccentric mind in order to communicate one’s ideas, to articulate the thoughts, to be a writer, which the native is blessed with.
  • Natives build for media, sales and advertising. why? Because they are curious to learn, to lead, to gather the crowd. They always want to know what’s going around them. These people look for somebody who they can learn from, somebody who can provide them with wisdom, knowledge and philosophy.
  • They are the people who love to travel around the world and expand their mind.
Moon in Third House

Effects of Moon in Fourth House

  • 4th house represents the mother’s nourishment, mother’s love, family, domestic life, real estate, lands, vehicles, childhood, childhood memories and your homeland. This is actually moon’s original house.
  • Here moon’s quite emotionally balanced and comfortable. Moon in this house indicates that the native’s very attached to his mother, and their entire life’s principles and beliefs are based on their mother’s teachings.
  • Their ties with their native place or the homeland are quite strong. They are always trying to improve the conditions of their home both physically and emotionally.
  • Native is very calm and subtle in nature and they show their true emotions for example if they are helping somebody, they genuinely help them and forget everything else than helping that person and nourishing that person.

Effects of Moon in Fifth House

  • 5th house signifies creativity, playfulness, joy, romance and pleasure. Gains, love, lovers, income and investments are also represented by this house. Moon in this house intensifies the emotions and it’s the most favourable position for love matters.
  • This placement often produces creative individuals, creative in the different fields like, in art, writing poetry, scripts, acting, painting, entertainment and sports because the emotional balance in the native comes through creativity here.
  • Your emotional balance happens through creativity when you’re learning something, as in academic learning or educating with the knowledge of something hidden or some sort of art. They also have a special interest in speculations and occult.
  • Your attachment tends to be very emotional with your children and their kids would be a great source of happiness and satisfaction for them.
Moon in Fifth House

Effects of Moon in Sixth House

  • The sixth house is simply obstacles, conflicts, illness, long term diseases, debt, legal battles, enemies. It also represents small animals, professions like medicine, military or laws.
  • This is one of the most difficult places for the moon. This placement generally causes an unpleasant relationship with your mother, as the mindset of you and your mother doesn’t get along very well.
  • However, it’s an excellent positioning for the advocates because their mind all throughout life is forced to deal with the conflicts and after a while, they get used to of it.
  • Although this is a difficult position for the moon, Moon can provide great service through those hardships that it has learned.
  • Careers that suit the native the most are Services like healing ( in medicine fields), protective service (through military) or resolving conflicts as Lawyer.

Effects of Moon in Seventh House

  • 7th house denotes legal partnerships, both in business and in life. It also represents travel, sexual relationships and the other people in one’s life.
  • The feminine energy of the Moon makes the native drawn to relationships . They always seek the emotional support and fulfillment in their life from their other half. Your emotional balance happens when you are in a harmonious relationship with your partner.
  • Moon in this house indicates that you will get a devoted and beautiful spouse (as Moon brings beauty into life), who would be a master in handling domestic and family-related matters.
  • However, in case of afflicted Moon, you may have to face issues regarding your marriage and other legal partnerships. As far as your career is concerned, you want to involve in partnership and prefer to work in teams than alone.
Moon in Seventh House

Effects of Moon in Eighth House

  • 8th house represents longevity, sudden events, dramatic events. The occult, things hidden underneath the ground, deaths, government secrets, taxes, surgeries and accidents, spouse’s assets, in-laws family and things like lotteries etc.
  • When Moon comes into this house, it shows somebody who goes through lots of ups and downs in their life because here moon experiences sudden swings through their mind and it really has an impact on them.
  • These people love taking others emotional burden upon them which can lead them towards the healing field such as being occultist, nurses, doctors, mystics. These people usually after sudden emotional turmoils, surround themselves with spirituality.
  • Moon’s placement in the eighth house also suggests sudden and unexpected gains in wealth or income. However, If Moon is debilitated your joint assets can suffer sudden ups and downs.

Effects of Moon in Ninth House

  • 9th house is the house of your beliefs, rituals, cultural deeds. Its the house of long journeys like a pilgrimage for spiritual reasons. It represents the teachings of your guru and your father.
  • When the moon is in the 9th house, the native develops high spiritual and moral values.
  • They are steady learners and no matter how much they discover, there’s always a feeling of being consummated. This placement gifts the native with a highly sensitive and acceptive mind.
  • However, because of the fluctuating nature moon provides, the native might frequently change his mind and philosophies or have plenty of hobbies which they switch oftentimes.
Moon in ninth House

Effects of Moon in Tenth House

  • This house deals with the kind of work you do, the profession you are in, your prestige, reputation, position, status, karma and aspiration etc. This placement suggests that the native holds a crucial position in dealing with public, fame and change.
  • Since Moon is related to mother, your mother was a very career oriented woman, she was quite a professional person and you share a good bond with your mother but you knew that your mother has that authority in the house.
  • Nonetheless, a debilitated moon can bring hardships related to one’s career. Native may find difficulty in getting promotions in his regular job. Moon in this house gives the native with an unspoken kind of understanding and relation with his father. In addition to that, it’s a good placement and can bring fame and good public image in the life of the native.

Effects of Moon in Eleventh House

  • The 11th house is the house of your network circle, it represents gains of all kind, wealth, this is the strongest house regarding your hopes and wishes as in, how much of it will come true or not. Along with that, it is also the house of your elder siblings.
  • Moon in this house brings balance in the native’s life when surrounded by people of their network. The Moon feels balanced when the gains are coming in smoothly. Hence this is a very good spot for the moon to be in.
  • As it also represents elder siblings, the native gains through elder siblings and have a great attachment with them.
  • But, in case of the debilitated moon, the native may have to face emotional hardships from the elder siblings or emotional imbalance due to lack of gains, emotional instability due to social networks.
Moon in 11th House

Effects of Moon in Twelfth House

  • The 12th house represents all foreign things, foreign travel, foreign settlement, isolated places, jails, hospitals, asylums. It also represents losses.
  • This is the house of your imagination. Your subconscious mind, talents or secrets that are hidden from you that you must discover.
  • Natives may make success in the field of writing as the imagination is in favor. It represents a strong envision of the other dimension.
  • When Moon comes into this house, it shows somebody who’s mind is always into some other realm, some other universe away from where they live. These people are always trying to run away from reality which also represents a very introverted and isolated personality.
  • Very secluded and private people belong to this house. Natives are likely to choose any career or work-related field that requires them to be away from public life. They feel balanced when they go to some foreign land away from their troubles when they’re in isolation.
  • As far as isolation and spirituality are concerned, Moon in this house is always inclined towards the mystical side of life. Natives from this house are driven towards the psychic world.

This is just a little portion of the whole picture, to learn more about your horoscope you also need to see the positions of the other planets. For instance, Sun strongly influences your personality and fills you with passion and positivity. Read more about the Sun’s positive and negative influence in your birth chart and get to know yourself better.

If you fancy reading about astrology and want to learn more about how to read a birth chart in order to make predictions. Click here.


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