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Don’t you want to see how you would turn out down the road? If you could fast forward five or even ten years just to see how you’re doing, wouldn’t you want at least a peek?
Well, you can do that, my friend. How? Astrology. Yes! Vedic astrology has all the answers to your questions. And it’s not some rocket science. So, chill!
We are here to help you learn Vedic astrology and clarifying some basic concepts to prepare the ground for advanced studies. Without further ado, let’s start.

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

In the contemporary world of science and technology with our unconventional and unorthodox conceptions, how significant is Astrology? It’s an ancient concept and holds equal importance as any other aspect of our lives. Astrology is a probabilistic knowledge of the future happening and it helps us to mentally prepare for the good and the bad in the future. These Learn Vedic Astrology lessons will further help you in revealing hidden traits in a person’s personality and can offer remedies for some doomed situations.

From forecasting the weather to letting you know what kind of energy you’ll meet when you get out of bed in the morning it can tell anything about any aspect of your life. It’s a language of energy, cycles, and growth. But most of all, Astrology creates a relationship between the Geometry of the Heavens and Life here on Earth. by our learn Vedic astrology lessons you can grasp information on how to read your birth chart can give you insight into yourself.

Meaning and Basics of Vedic Astrology

The word “Astrology “ comes from two Greek words: ‘Astra’ which means star and ‘Logos’ which means logic or reason. It is the study of the movement of the planets and the stars and how they influence us in our daily lives. In astrology, it is understood that at any point in time, nature is governed by the planet and the position of that planet determines how the native will feel and behave.

In this section, we are going to discuss a few things you should know beforehand in order to learn Vedic astrology and be able to read your birth chart.

What is my Zodiac Sign

We all have questioned that at least once in our life. it’s easy. But the biggest trouble arises when we are asked about the difference between a moon sign and sun sign? So, in astrological language, Sun sign is your zodiac sign, determined by your date of birth and it indicated the position of the sun at the time of your birth.
Moon sign, on the other hand, is determined by the exact time and date of birth of a person and generally, these two vary from one another. At the time of your birth, the position of the moon is taken into account and position becomes your moon sign.

Plus, in case you don’t know already, There are physical attributes that each zodiac sign has and they are oftentimes quite authentic and reliable. 
Click here, if you wish to read what physical attributes match with your Zodiac sign.

Planets in Astrology

The very basis of Learn Vedic Astrology lessons are the 9 planets naming Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. In order to be able to read your birth chart/Kundali, you need to know what each of them represents and how it affects you and your life, you may click here for your first lesson which is about planets.

You’ll be able to learn all the information about astrology and how each planet affects and shapes our lives.

Houses In Vedic Astrology

Houses in Vedic Astrology

Next up we have to incorporate the houses. In the image, you can see the basic layout of a birth chart. The chart is divided into 12 portions known as houses. These houses in Vedic astrology defines and divides the exact areas of your life depending on your horoscope which is found out on the basis of your accurate time and location and date of birth. Different houses govern different areas of life which you will find out about in your second lesson.

Sun in different houses- 

Sun has a great significance in Vedic Astrology. According to which, Sun represents the Soul, the life-giving energy, will power, immunity power i.e., the ability to fight with diseases and stay healthy in general. Besides, It’s the illustration of your outer persona, of how you express yourself to the world. It stands for Authority, father figure and endows natives with the ability to lead, to rule the world and make a mark. Sun additionally represents the government, ego, self-esteem. It is your image out in the world, your soul… Read More in Lesson 3

Moon in different houses- 

Moon in Vedic astrology stands for emotions, feminine qualities, motherly figure, the person nourishes you, gives you all the love, takes care of you. Queen, royalty, state government, local government are depicted by Moon. Besides that, Moon is the mind, hard drives, where all the things are stored. Moon is holding all your thought, all your images from your past life, your purpose of life, your destiny. Direction-wise, the moon represents north-east…Read More in Lesson 4

Mars in different houses- 

Mars is also referred to as the Red Planet because of its reddish appearance from the earth. Represented by fire, action and raw energy, this planet is associated with the native’s courage, leadership, and dominance. It’s a hot and heated planet which mainly represents the violence of fire, all the destruction caused by fire. Given that, Vedic astrology describes Mars as a fiery, aggressive, symbol of male gender or masculinity, a warrior, passionate, and much more. Mars is also the commander in chief of celestial energies…Read More in Lesson 5

Mercury in different houses- 

Mercury is also known as Buddha meaning analytical intelligence in Vedic astrology. Likewise, It represents a quick wit, intellect, and humor of the native. Mercury represents wisdom, education, books, learning and capacity to grasp. Mercury is also your younger sibling. Being the significator of the second house, mercury is the planet of communication. People who are born with strong mercury are blessed with sharp thinking and analytical skills…Read More in Lesson 6

Jupiter in different houses- 

Jupiter is the fifth planet to the Sun and the largest in the Solar system. According to the Vedic astrology, this gigantic planet has a major role to play in the lives of human beings. It is mainly concerned with spirituality and education. Along with that, it contributes a lot in making a person rich, wise, commanding and generous…Read More in Lesson 7

Venus in different houses- 

Venus in Vedic astrology is considered a feminine planet. Its a significant representative of bright glamorous things, beauty, glamour, and parties, etc. and rules over the creative aspects of an individual like romance, love, sex, music, dance, happiness and pleasure activities…Read More in Lesson 8

Saturn in different houses- 

Saturn represents discipline, order, law, mature and older things. It is the most feared planet of all, that too for more than one reason. Saturn is a slow-moving planet which further indicates that Saturn takes a good time in order to complete a task. Bringing hardships and providing teachings to the native is its nature but not to make the life destructive…Read More in Lesson 9

Rahu in different houses- 

Rahu is a shadow planet in the north node of the moon and it holds a very significant in Vedic astrology meaning because it shows a person’s past life obsession and goals left unachieved and they are here now to complete those goals in this life. In order to see that, you have to see what sign and degree and house Rahu is in. Rahu represents taboo-breaking…Read More in Lesson 10

Ketu in different houses- 

Ketu just like Rahu is also a shadow planet but in the south node of the moon. It signifies isolation, seclusion, introvertedness, solitary confinement and so on. Ketu is headless which makes him not see the world the way other planets see it. For him, the darkness is the light. It represents all the things that the native has …Read More in Lesson 11

We hope that by now you must have understood the basics of Vedic Astrology. You can use our Free Kundli Maker in order to study your own chart and use it as a reference for understanding yourself, in relation to the world.


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