Sandalwood: Health and Beauty benefits

Sandalwood Health and Beauty benefits

Ayurveda suggests Sandalwood as an excellent beauty as well as health benefits that are reliable, effective, and most importantly, is natural. Also, in Indian traditions, Chandan tilak has great significance. Moreover, it cools one’s body, improves concentration, and increases focus.

The benefits of Sandalwood is not only limited to traditions. This magical element is also very very effective in beautification. Be it acne, pimple, or skin-related diseases, Sandalwood has the cure for all.

Improves focus and concentration

We all are aware that the region on our forehead between our eyebrows is the place of the third eye. Moreover, the third eye is often associated with alertness and awareness. Applying sandalwood tilak on one’s forehead can help one increase his focusing power and stimulate one’s attention. The sandalwood, being a coolant, also has an important effect on one’s body and mind.

Relieves headache

The Chinese acupressure sciences state the area between the eyebrows is a converging point of nerves. Also, massaging this area gets one rid of headaches. Applying Chandan or sandalwood tilak helps in cooling the nerves and relieves the headache caused due to exposure to the Sun.

Positive attitude

The third eye, present in this region as stated above, represents one’s subconscious mind and various thought processes. Also, the negative energy enters one’s body in the form of negative thoughts through this chakra present in this region. By applying Chandan tilak, the negative vibes get blocked and one is surrounded by positivity.

Relieves stress and insomnia

The major reason for insomnia is the overactive mind, fatigue, and mental stress. Ayurvedic experts also believe that massaging this spot with Chandan tilak gives relief in stress.

Cooling effect

Sandalwood is a magic element and is therefore popularly known for its cooling effect. It is not only good for skin but also cools the nerves. In a hot tropic country like ours, applying Chandan tilak can help cool your entire body.

Helps in removing tan

Sandalwood helps one in saving from the harmful rays of the Sun. There are natural oils present in Chandan that also gets one rid of the sun tanning. Also, it is very effective for sunburns and the redness caused due to it.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Sandalwood also has a lot of anti-inflammatory practices that give relief in any kind of burning sensation like acne or sunburn. Moreover, Sandalwood oil is also effective in treating insect bites or other skin related problems.

An effective antiseptic

The magical sandalwood also has antiseptic properties. Therefore, it is helpful in preventing pimples, sores, and acne from developing. Nowadays, bacterial growth on the skin due to dust and dirt are very common. Applying sandalwood paste on the affected area is quite useful in such a situation.

Skin softening

By applying sandalwood essential oil on one’s face is effective in skin softening. After applying, massage gently and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Removal of dark spots

Mixing one tablespoon of Chandan powder with coconut oil is quite effective in removing dark spots from the skin. Sandalwood has magical properties and after overnight use, it removes the dark spots.

Oily Skin

Sandalwood is a wonderful ingredient. Mixing sandalwood powder with rose water and applying it on the face gets one rid of the oily skin.

Used as an astringent

Chandan or Sandalwood causes coagulation of proteins present in the skin thus protecting one’s skin from breakouts, abrasions, or allergies. In addition, it is also useful in tightening the pores. Hence, it is used as a primary ingredient in many face packs as well.

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