Dog Astrology: Train your dog according to its zodiac

Dog astrology according to zodiac signs

Surprised to see the title? Well, don’t be shocked or spellbound. As the zodiac applies to humans, the same way it is applicable to dogs as well. After all, they too are nature’s children. If you have a dog as a pet, you are lucky enough to have a twenty-four hours companion with you. However, in this article, you will read how to train and understand your little pet’s need though its zodiac.

Aries dog

This sign is the baby of zodiac. Aries dogs like to be active. It is very important to play and run with these dogs so that they remain out of trouble. These dogs are very cheerful to be around. Don’t worry, they will always follow you with passion. However, this sign has a tendency to always push them to the first. Likewise, if you have other pets, your naughty dog won’t let them fetch the toys and dine first. While buying accessories for an Aries dog, pick out in the shades of red. These dogs have great compatibility with Leo and Sagittarius.

Taurus doggy

Taurus dogs are very stubborn and love comfort. However, they are not a fan of change and cannot easily get used to it. Once a Taurus dog has made its mind for something, you cannot change it. Build a comfy home for Taurus dog and keep different items in it to please their taste buds. Taurus dogs like shades of green. Use this color while picking up dog accessories. Moreover, it is compatible with Capricorn and Virgo.

Gemini dog

Strange fact, but do you know these dogs love to listen to their own voice? Try talking to this dog and you will find the will patiently listen to you. The Gemini dog loves meeting new people and making friends. Digging for things is their favorite timepass. The shades of blue are the color of Gemini. Buy the accessories of this color. Moreover, these dogs have great compatibility with Aquarius and Libra.

Cancer doggy

These dogs love their family. Make sure that you have placed a cushion or any other toy that they could hug when you are not there. Also, Cancer dogs love water activities. This dog will always be there for a sick family member. Cancer dog will also love accessories in the shades of blue. So, buy it in this color. Talking about compatibility, these dogs are compatible with Pisces and Scorpio.

Leo dog

If you like dressing up your let’s then buy a Leo one. It will perfectly suit your home. Leo dogs love to be adored and praised. They are the dominating ones. They do understand that they are looking pretty and then watch how they will wag their tail. The shades of gold are the color of Leo. Buy accessories of this color however, Aries and Sagittarius are best compatible.

Virgo doggy

The virgin dogs are the perfectionists. They appreciate the cleanliness and will never get their paws dirty willingly. They can’t sit ideal and are happiest when they feel they are doing something productive. For Virgo, the color is earth tones. Moreover, these dogs are best compatible with Taurus and Capricorn.

Libra dog

Libra is Romeo of Zodiac. These dogs are great lovers. They are masters in balancing and lives tasks like jumping fences, etc. Moreover, they love comfort. Do make sure to build a comfy home for them.  They love the shades of green so buy accessories of this color. However, their compatibility can be best seen with Aquarius and Gemini.

Scorpio doggy

It is the intense zodiac of all. These dogs are pretty tricky and secretive. They are the ones making spots to hide their bones or a toy. Also, they make great police dogs as they follow the scent until the last fragrance. These are also great travel companions. In addition, the shades of red are the color of Scorpio and they are best compatible with Pisces and cancer.

Sagittarius dog

It would not be wrong to term them as the clown of the zodiac. They are performers and entertainers. In addition, they are quite intelligent and extremely friendly as well. They love the shades of dark blue and are compatible with Aries and Leo

Capricorn doggy

These dogs are the wisest among all. They are the ones sitting in the corner and watch other dogs playing but are too shy to join them. Calm by nature, they have a take it or leave it kind of attitude. Moreover, they are quick learners and born leaders. The shades of black are the shades of Capricorn. And, they are highly compatible with Taurus and Virgo.

Aquarius dog

These dogs are known for their intellect and their grasping power. Also, they are curious and always thirsty for knowledge. These dogs are so loyal and focused and have enough courage to risk their lives to save a person from a burning building. They live the shades of gold and are compatible with Libra and Gemini.

Pisces doggy

These are the sensitive babies of zodiac. Pisces dogs love humans and become sad when humans are not around. They might not be the bravest one but for sure are the loving ones. They may get upset when you shout at them but will come back to you soon again. They love the shades of green and ate compatible with Scorpio and cancer.

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