Science of Five Elements- A Source of Healing

Science of Five Elements

Indian culture has tried to know every aspect of life with a scientific approach. Indian mystics, using yoga-meditation and many other types of experiments, concluded that the entire universe and human body is made up of five elements. These five elements are fire, water, air, earth, and ether. Today science also follows this theory because the human body is also made up of these five elements. Thus, if we want, we can improve our health by understanding the science of these elements.

Even in astrology, zodiac signs are separated according to the elements such that the native of Aries is the fire element while the native of Taurus is the earth element. Similarly, 12 zodiac signs have been separated according to different elements and these elements reveal a lot about these zodiac signs. Let us now know about the five elements.

Role of Five Elements

Fire element

This element has been considered the energy of human beings. Our body keeps on moving only due to the effect of the fire element. It is only with the effect of fire element that we are able to withstand extreme cold. Overall, Agni or Fire acts like fuel in the human body.

Water element

The amount of water in the human body is very high. According to scientists, the human body contains about 70% water. All the liquids in the human body are the form of water. It is a very important element for the human body.

Earth element

This element can be seen as the structure of our body, although this structure comes to life only when other elements are also present in it. Just as there are many types of elements on the earth, similarly many types of elements are present in the human body and all of them come under the earth element.

Air element

The life that is in our body is considered to be related to the element of air. If there is no air in the body, life cannot exist. All the living beings on earth are alive due to the air element. Therefore, this element is very important.

Ether Element

This element is considered the factor of the soul in our bodies. All other elements reside in the sky, air, earth, fire, and water are all in the sky element. It can also be seen as a human mind because just as the heavens are infinite, the limits of the human mind are also infinite.

Science of the Five Elements and Medication

These five elements are there in the body of every creature. However, the amount of elements in the body of different people are in different quantity. If the person moves forward by balancing the five elements, then they can avoid many health-related problems. Whenever the amount of an element in the body of a person becomes very low or high, then they attract some kind of disease.

For example, if there is a deficiency of a fire element in your body, then you may get diseases like cold, arthritis, etc. For this, you will have to increase the fire element in your body, which will restore your health again.

At the same time, due to the increase of fire elements, you may have troubles like boils on the body. It means to say that every element is seated in the human body, but if we walk by balancing it, then we can keep our body fit. The body itself gives information about which element is lacking and which element is in excess.

As we told you that due to the increase of fire element, boils in your body can cause pimples and to deal with this you should consume cold things or do such yoga which cools the body. In the same way, if the disturbance of the water element can give diseases like nightmares, diarrhea to a person. Therefore, if we understand the science of the five elements, then we can cure ourselves without a doctor.

Horoscope Analysis for Medication

In olden times, doctors would proffer medication with the help of horoscope analysis. It is believed that in olden times, doctors used to do look at the person’s horoscope as well before prescribing medicines. From this, they came to know which element is in excess inside the person and which element is lacking. Even today, if we analyze our horoscope and elements, then everyone can live a healthy life.

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