Mythologies and Benefits of Pradosh Vrat

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Mythologies and Benefits of Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat comes twice every month and it falls on the 13th Day or Trayodashi date of every month. This time in December it is falling on the 9th. It will fall on a Monday, hence it will be called Som Pradosh. If it were on Tuesday, it would be Bhaum Pradosh and on Saturday it would be called Shani Pradosh.

Pradosh Vrat is auspicious if you want to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. On Pradosh Tithi, if you worship Lord Shiva through custom, you would even receive the blessings of remaining well and Bholenath will accomplish all your wishes. This time on 9 December, the auspicious time of worship is from 5.25 in the evening to 8.08 at night.

Pradosh Vrat and Worship

Pradosh Vrat and Worship

The day of Pradosh must begin with proper bathing and cleaning of the worship area. Further, you must observe fast during the day with honest behavior and meditate. Sit in the north or east in the prayer room and establish the idol of Lord Shiva or Shivling and offer Ganga Jal, red & yellow flowers, Akshata/rice, Dhatura, Sandalwood, cow’s milk, hemp, fruits, and incense, etc.

After this chant Om Namah Shivaya Mantra. If possible, also read Shiva Chalisa. After worshiping, perform aarti of Lord Shiva with ghee in earthen lamps and distribute the prasad/offering to everyone. On this day, you may meditate to attain peace in life. Open or break the fast only after bathing the next morning.

Beliefs of Pradesh Vrat

It is believed that at the time of Pradosh, Lord Shiva is in the Rajat Bhawan of Mount Kailash and is dancing. During this time the deity praises the existence of God.

Whosoever observes the fast get free of their sin and shame of past life. It is also believed that if this Vrat falls on Monday and whoever performs this fast, they accomplish everything they desire.

Beliefs of Pradesh Vrat

If this fast falls on Tuesday, then the fasting observer gets rid of diseases, if this fast falls on Wednesday then all kinds of observer’s wishes are fulfilled, if this fast is on Thursday then all the enemy of the observer is destroyed, if the Pradosh Vrata falls on Friday is called Bhruguwara Pradosh. This Pradosh Vrat enhances fortune in life. If this fast falls on Saturday then the person will always be healthy.

Benefits of Pradosh Vrat

Both Ekadashi and Pradosh dates are related to Chandra/Moon. A person who observes fast on one or both of the dates and consumes only fruits on these dates, their life gradually improves in many ways. They attain better health, social status, peace, and skills.

The position of the moon has an effect on every person. Pradosh Vrat improves the position of the moon in the horoscope. Also, it improves the mental health and lunar elements of the body.

It is believed that the position of Venus improves with the improvement of Moon and similarly the position of Mercury also improves by with Venus. In this way, three planets start giving auspicious results. The moon increases wealth and prosperity, Venus increases female happiness and prosperity, then Mercury brings benefits in jobs and business.

Not only the moon, but even these fasts can also reduce the impact of other cruel planets to a great extent. Venus and Mercury will improve, as well as Guru, Mars and Sun also give good effect.

Both fasts are related to the improvement of the moon and awakening the destiny. Thus, these two bring auspicious results when a person worships and devote during their fast.

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