Vasuki and Shiva- What is the Real Story?


Historic tales of Hindu Traditions have added to it layers of significance, taking into account different sections of the population passing on to them such a large number of significant and bits of information, from layman to exceptionally qualified researcher.

Numerous accounts have profound mysterious significance inserted within it. They passed these accounts from age to age experiencing numerous turns and turns. Rather they shrewdly exhibited it in various manners.

The human body is the most elevated structure in the World. This convention consistently demanded that man is the microcosm of the Universe. Universe or the world in that capacity only cosmos of the human body.

A significant number of old Temples of Hinduism will positively have a snake in it. In Yoga, it is the imagery of the kundalini Sakthi that is available generally as torpid nature in each individual.

In Yoga, the Spiritual voyage starts from the least chakra Muladhara to Saharahar the topmost chakra.

The most generally observed picture of Lord Shiva is with Snake winding at the neck. There are likewise different pictures where the Snake is looping at the head.

In former times they utilized workmanship as a medium to impart certain inconspicuous ideas.

Hindu God Lord Shiva Pictures with snake looping at neck area symbolizes that the Yogis Kundalini Shakti has arrived at the Visuddhi chakra.

Hindu God Lord Shiva pictures with snake curling at head locale symbolizes that the Yogis Kundalini Shakti has arrived at the Sharashar chakra.

Who is Vasuki

Vasuki is accepted to be the ruler of the Sarpas as indicated by Puranas and the snake portrayed around the neck of Lord Shiva. He was conceived as the second child of Kashyapa and Kadru, the oldest being Adisesha. Vasuki discovers notice in our Puranas and one such notice guarantees that he turned into the string of the bow utilized by Lord Shiva to annihilate Tripuradahana or the 3 urban areas.

What is the story of Samudra Manthan

As indicated by the Puranas, during the agitating of the sea of milk (Samudra Manthan), the lethal toxin (halahala) turned out which Shiva needed to drink to spare the world. There were a few snakes in the water who drank it with him and Vasuki was one of them.

Vasuki Samudra manthan

Vasuki likewise filled in as the rope that was attached to Mandar mountain during the stirring of the sea of milk. Shiva was intrigued by this and henceforth acknowledged Vasuki (lord of sarpas) around his neck.

Vasuki and Shiva in Puranas

Matsya Purana states when portraying Lord Shiva, the Lord ought to be garlanded with snakes. Most pictures of Shiva in current just delineate a solitary snake around his neck. The five-headed snake framing a shade over Shivling is another basic portrayal.

Puranas and other heavenly sacred texts have various stories of partner snakes and Lord Shiva.

Snakes as ornaments

Since there is no composed direction in portraying Lord Shiva, craftsmen have utilized their broadest creative mind when delineating snakes alongside Lord Shiva.

Another significant angle is that Lord Shiva has a portrayal of snakes when he is in the Kailash (Himalaya). Snakes serve Lord Shiva as jewelry, armlets and show up in his garments. They likewise fill in as his bowstring.


Legend has it that every one of the snakes found on Lord Shiva’s body became decorations during his marriage with Parvati. It is likewise said that Shiva made decorations out toxic snakes and submitted it to Pravati as a blessing. Snakes, particularly cobras, are said to convey ‘mani’ (rubies) in their minds. It is said that these rubies fill in as light during the night to Parvati and Shiva.

Pashupati Nath

There is a story that when the snake species were in imperiled, they approach Lord Shiva for Shelter. Master Shiva gave them cover by giving them a chance to remain in Kailasa. Be that as it may, because of chilly climate, the snakes used to move toward Lord Shiva for the warmth of Body. In this way, He as a defender used to wore these snakes as trimming to give warmth.

He is known as Pasupathinath, which signifies “master everything being equal”, and that he controls every one of the creatures. Since the snake is dreaded by the vast majority of us, is that the explanation he wears them around his neck.

Defeater of Kaal

The snake represents all the insidiousness and demonical nature on the planet. By wearing the snake around his neck, Lord Siva gives us the confirmation that no detestable can contact us or annihilate us once we give up to him, look for his security and love him with profound dedication.

There are numerous accounts identified with “Shiva wearing snake as neckband”. Snakes are risky reptiles and are dread by numerous individuals. Master Shiva gives us that he controls dread and demise by wearing snake as trimming.

Past, present, and future

There is various imagery that has a connection to the snakes on Shiva. For some situations, the snake around his neck symbolizes the unending cycle of life and demise. The Snake around the neck: Lord Shiva regularly appears with a snake twisted multiple times around His neck and looking towards His correct side.


The three loops of the snake symbolize the past, present, and future – time in cycles. The snake looking the correct way of Lord Shiva connotes that the Lord’s unending laws of reason and equity protect characteristic request known to man.

The snake is the Vasuki Naga, a destructive cobra. The Lord wearing the destructive snake like a trimming connotes that He is free of time and passing. It likewise recommends the lethargic vitality, called Kundalini Shakti, that dwells inside him.

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The kundalini

The snake additionally represents the intensity of kundalini, which is jas a depiction of a curled snake lying lethargically in the Muladhara chakra of every single individual and plummets upwards when one beginnings ones otherworldly adventure and turns out to be progressively divine arranged.

The snake around the neck of Siva passes on the implying that in him the kundalini has emerged completely as well as effectively engaged with the heavenly action by watching out for every one of the lovers who approach Siva with their individual issues.

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