Watch Out! Never Keep These Things In Purse

Watch Out! Never Keep These Things In Purse

As a tech-dependent generation, there are a few necessary things that one can’t go out without. For example, mobile. Often, we keep many other important things in our purse when we go out. Such a watch, we sometimes forget to tie the watch thus, we mostly keep it in our purse.

Similarly, it has become necessary to keep ATM cards and other things in the purse as they can be needed anytime. However, keeping some things in purse often causes damage. These are extremely inauspicious and can cause you a constant lack of money. The things we keep inside it, influence our financial situation. So, read here what are the things you should not keep in your purse. Here is a complete list-

Things You Should Keep In Purse

Always keep some money in the purse which you do not intend to spend. According to Vastu, an empty purse never attracts any further profit. Thus, you must always keep some extra money in the purse and which you never spend.

Religious Books

You should always keep holy and religious things in your purse. You can also use Rudraksha. Religious things are extremely auspicious and they attract wealth & prosperity. You should also keep religious books like Hanuman Chalisa and Bhagavad Gita. It averts negative energies.

Picture of Goddess Lakshmi

Devi Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and fortune. She governs and signifies all kinds of monetary gain in your life. You can also take great advantage by keeping a photo of Gods and Goddesses in your purse. However, keeping the photo of Goddess Lakshmi in your purse can have significant benefits related to money. Also, you can get rid of financial problems. With this solution, you will never suffer a lack of money at the time of need.

Red Envelope

Keeping a red envelope in the purse with your wishes written on it makes all your wishes come true. Along with this, you will start getting financial benefits.


To make money related benefits, a pinch of rice should be kept in the purse. By this measure, the habit of spending more money can be curbed. Also, you start making profits.

Peepal Leaves

Peepal leaves are a part of all the religious occurring. Thus, keeping these leaves brings blessings of the Peepal tree. It makes you both healthy and prosperous.


Seashells have enormous energy. It consists of all the auspicious energies of the world. Thus, it brings you a good intellect, wise decision making, and wealth. Keeping this in your makes you acquire a good social and financial status.

Gomti Chakra

Gomti Chakra is a magnet to good health and fortune. According to Hindu Mythology, it pleases Goddess Lakshmi, the emblem of wealth and money. Thus, keeping it in your bag attracts good energy. It makes you happy, healthy, and prosperous.

Things You Should Not Keep In Purse

Things You Should Not Keep In Purse

Here are the things that you must not keep in your bag-

Credit Card

You should not keep a credit card in the purse, instead, you can keep a debit card. Credit cardholders are a symbol of debt, thus you must not carry it along every time.

Old Bills

Be it a bill for anything, whether it is spent on food or drink, or electricity of your home and office, do not move it in your pocket. This bill attracts negative energy and creates a crisis over your financial life.

Provocative Pictures

Do not keep pictures in which express the feeling of anger, jealousy, aggression. Also, you should not keep these pictures at home. Do not bring them indoors also. They develop negative energy around us.

Uneven Notes

The tidiness of notes attracts wealth and fortune. Thus, you should not keep uneven notes in your wallet. Uneven and improperly kept notes do not bring richness.


You should not keep tobacco or gutka etc. in your wallet. Keeping these things never let the money stay in your life.

Sharp Weapons

Sharp weapons only signify arrogance. Keeping them amplifies anger issues and aggressive spending habits. Thus, you must avoid keeping any sharp weapon like knife and cutter in your purse.

Scribbled Notes

You must avoid keeping scribbled notes. Along with it, you should not keep old business cards, unnecessary papers, and expired membership card. These things bring bad luck and debts.

Snacks and Torn Wallet

You should not keep snacks in your bag as it reflects a lazy personality. It further radiates only slow and undesirable energies. Also, you should not keep a torn wallet. As a torn wallet signifies poverty, it only attracts debts and a lack of money.

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