Which Dog Breed You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Which Dog Breed You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

I am no astrologer but I really like reading what’s on my horoscope. Moreover, being in lockdown during this pandemic made me do a little more research on this astrology thing. Also, I love animals unless they scare me to death. By animals I meant, I love dogs, especially. So, I thought let just do a quick search on which dog breed corresponds to my zodiac sign.

So, according to astrology, each zodiac sign has a particular breed of dog which defines them perfectly. To know what dog breed you are rendering your zodiac sign just keep reading on…..


They are often misunderstood because of their fierce, scary, and aggressive nature. yet, they seek affection and love from people around them. Moreover, they hate being alone. they are loyal, loving, and protective. They can show their evil side only if pushed the wrong way. All these qualities related to Rottweiler– childish nature but nasty if not treated and trained well.


Taurus are people who can make a good bond even with strangers. they build-up good compatibility with everyone around them. the dog breed that corresponds to this zodiac sign is a Golden retriever. they are known as the perfect family dog because of how well mannered and humble they are. retrievers are childlike but not really a kid. they are mature enough and focus on making their relationship with family and friends an unbreakable one.


They are like a beast and tend to play secretively so that no one can knock them out. For Gemini, the dog breed which is a perfect fit is Lhasa apso. This breed of dog is very cunning and quick-witted so its hard to pin them down. Though they are slow learners and their energies are scattered, but once someone helps them to channelize their scattered energies in the right thing, they are ready to set fire on the stage.


Dog Breed

This zodiac sign corresponds to the dog breed which is Great Dane. They are tough to break and cold. Yet, they are very sensitive and emotional from the inside. Cancerians, just like the great and, need cuddles from their loved ones. They are gentle in real life.


Leo is a fire sign that perfectly matches this zodiac sign- lion. They are exceptionally intelligent and are great listeners. Leos think highly of themselves and boast about their achievements. These traits correspond to the dog breed- German Shepherd. Being intelligent and having the ability to follow their owners’ command is what makes these german shepherds a K-9 officer of the police department.


The breed of for this zodiac sign is – Pomeranian. they look cute in terms of looks but actually they don’t like being around people who have personalities the same as them. They like to be with people who are different from them so they can be seen in the crowd as they crave to put themselves up and visible in the crowd. They are tiny and cute but sometimes can be extremely anti-social.


Bichon frise is the dog breed for Libras. These dogs, like Libras, are very gentle and playful. They are easily approachable. Bichons are very cute to look and are very affectionate. They don’t like to get scolding but will do better next time if made understand with gentleness. This dog breed likes to go out and play with their humans.


Capricorns are very imaginative and deep just as their air sign says. moreover, they are exceptionally calm and alert just like a Poodle. They are defined as outgoing and easygoing. They are always ready to entertain people, like Capricorn, that’s why this dog breed is the best for a purebred dog show.


The most favorable dog breed for this sign is- Pitbull. Scorpios are known for their bad deeds widely. Because of their sarcastic nature towards people, they are misunderstood for being mean, as Pitbulls are misunderstood for being scary. But deep inside they are very lovable and sensitive. Moreover, they get just come out in totally a fierce way when treated badly or taken for granted.



They crave exploring new things and getting to know new people. Sags trust people easily, even strangers. The dog breed apt for sags is Labrador. They are friendly and enthusiastic. Labradors are very wise and great at identifying things just by sniffing them. These dogs, just like sags, are very curious and smart.


Aquarians seek attention and if ignored, can come out as the moodiest one. They rule their own life just like the dog breed- Italian greyhound known for their beauty and dignity. just like Aquarians they’re unpredictable.


The aptest breed of dog for this sign is Bernese Mountain dog known for having immense energy and thinking innovative ideas. They love to play outdoors. This is because in their preceding lives they were used to pull sleds. That is why these dogs are hardworking just like Pisces.

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