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When Scorpio and Pisces couple makes a love match, theirs is a splendid union of much respect and understanding. These mates share the same Element — Water — and thus have keen insight into one another’s minds and hearts. Scorpio is very profound and covert, often caught up in their own secret plans, while Pisces is idealistic and looks for the nuances of a situation. However, Pisces also has a tendency to withdraw into their own mind and can forgive Scorpio for being mysterious or withdrawn at times. Pisces and Scorpio pairings become a deep and committed relationship quick. Scorpio won’t have it any other way. But Pisces will have to remain true. Betraying a Scorpio is never a good thing. They take it harder than most others. Once the initial shock fades, the real hurting begins. Scorpio has a jealous streak a mile long. Betrayal fuels its fires. Ever hear the saying, “Vengeance is mine?” That’s Scorpio talking the moment jealousy kicks in, and they find their partner has been in the arms of another.


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Scorpio-Pisces duo can’t keep their hands off each other in public or in private and the relationship may ruin sex for them with anyone else. Scorpio takes Pisces down the rabbit hole with their dark, wanton desires – Pisces must be careful not to lose themselves in the push for edgier and more dangerous activities or their mental health will implode. If creative Pisces focuses on the sensual side of things – massages, titillating stories and burlesque disrobing, Scorpio might discover there’s enough beauty in the envelope without constantly having to push it further and further. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that is the most sexual of all signs. Pisces is all about fantasy and ecstatic experiences. The mix can’t be better than that! Experimentation is oh so on the menu for this couple. They are apt to push the boundaries of physical flexibility between the sheets. They push the boundaries of endurance without question. The only issue that might arise is that in the heat of the moment Scorpio is more about the physical act of sex. Emotions go right to the back burner. Scorpio can’t help themselves. It is their sensual nature. They are all about the “feel good at the moment.”


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These two Water Signs are terrific friends. Protective Scorpio loves caring for vulnerable Pisces. The whimsical Fish enjoys lifting Scorpio's spirits. They're highly creative people who love collaborating on writing, music, and design projects. When they're not working, they have fun trading books, watching movies and going to concerts together. These two Scorpio Pisces friends are intense souls who often form friendships within a fringe group – think Skater-punks and Metalheads. Scorpio, in particular, likes to look down on mere mortals and frightens people off with their menacing demeanour and sometimes, eyeliner and multiple piercings. Pisces is fashionably depressive enough for fringe dwelling but recognizes much of Scorpio’s schtick is self-preservation – they soothe the scorpion beast with creativity and off-beat spirituality. Scorpio understands Pisces chaotic mind and teaches them how to focus on one idea before moving onto the next.


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In terms of communication, Scorpio and Pisces pair will work well. Both will not set too many expectations for one another. Scorpio is intuitive enough to know what their Pisces wants despite their double personas, whereas Pisces will know their limitations, trying never to cross Scorpio's line. The emotional and sensitive nature of Pisces and Scorpio makes them gentle souls. They love privacy and seclusion. They share many secrets with each other once they open to one another. Still, they both run deep with emotion. Neither partner ever reveals their most intimate selves. Scorpio doesn’t see a reason to reveal every aspect of their innermost self. Pisces is too fearful to expose themselves to that degree. It takes years of trusting before Pisces and Scorpio love match really get to know one another with intensity.


The relationship between Scorpio and Pisces can be rated as a seven or an eight because of the similar traits they share. Scorpio and Pisces duo are both in tune with their emotions making their relationship bound with a strong connection. However, there are a few aspects both needs to work out. For instance, Scorpio has the tendencies to be too possessive and intense, whereas Pisces does their best to avoid confrontations and issues between them. What this relationship needs is a dose of compromise. Scorpio should understand that Pisces' love for freedom is one of their priorities. Pisces needs to go with the flow, be diverse, and be open to new possibilities. However, with Scorpio's many restrictions, Pisces may always be at their boiling point with Scorpio. Therefore, Scorpio must learn to disregard their suspicions and distrust and, instead, focus their attention towards boosting Pisces' confidence and securing their relationship on a positive note. On the flip side, Pisces becomes too detached from the reality around them, making it hard for Scorpio to talk about issues revolving around them because if they do, they are afraid to break Pisces' delusional world. If both will not tame down these sides of their persona, the relationship that can have a beautiful start may never flourish for the long haul.

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