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When two Scorpions make a love match, it is a fierce tempest of intense passion. Both are obsessed with one another, and they move forward in love, sex and romance at an accelerated — some would say foolish — way. Personal relations are positively steamy but, to the equal and opposite extreme, disputes will also be frenetically powerful. Scorpios are a possessive pairing. Despite the unethical double life Scorpios sometimes live, they still take care of responsibilities. They go into the relationship with the best of intentions. If the spark fades, then they go outside the relationship for satisfaction. This couple will spend as much time as possible in the house they share. They prefer to keep the world outside. It lets them keep their secrets. It also lets them protect their relationship from outside interference. This closeness seems wonderful at the beginning of the relationship. But, the absence of autonomy promises resentment and boredom down the road.


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Scorpio-Scorpio duo is 50 shades of everything – they like toys, dresses, aphrodisiacs, naked twister, ropes, paddles – you name it, they’ll give it a go! Being fringe dwellers, they’ve spent a lifetime watching from the outside which is reflected in their sexual habits – Scorpio enjoys watching all sorts of raunchy stuff. It’s a good thing Scorpios are secretive souls. They aren’t ones for public displays of affection. You won’t find two Scorpios turning up the heat in a risky public place either. When they turn up the heat, it’s in the privacy of a locked bedroom. They draw down the shades tight. Hopefully, the walls are soundproof too. When securing in a secret place all their own, two Scorpios go wild. This couple sheds their inhibitions as fast as their clothes! The downside to such lusty libidos is Scorpios are prone to having secret affairs. Even worse, they are not forgiving of such affairs if their partner cheats. Since one Scorpio knows another so well, there’s a good chance one or both partners will get jealous at some point. The jealousy may arise over a real transgression or one perceived in error. A playful and flirty conversation with someone outside the relationship is bad news. It is enough to set off sparks of fury!


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The duo Scorpios are highly psychic signs and have great instincts about who can support them. That's why so many Scorpions have at least one fellow member of their sign in their social circle. Scorpio knows they can rely on this pal to alert them to trouble, offer truthful feedback, and affirm their feelings. Duo-Scorpio friendships are intense. Forensic by nature they appreciate each other’s sharp focus – whether it’s a school project or a business set-up – hours are spent fine-tuning and ensuring the end product is as near perfect as possible. Emotional creatures, there’s a tendency to become possessive about the friendship Scorpio finds it hard to believe that anyone else could provide the same level of comfort and stimulation.


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Scorpio and Scorpio communication compatibility is exceptional if this duo plays fair. They bond well on an intellectual level. Both parties find it easy to talk to one another, but they are still prone to secrecy. At least each party knows it is just Scorpio’s way. They need their secrecy to feel secure. Brewing underneath Scorpio’s sexy confidence is a well of uncertainty. No one understands that truth better than another Scorpio personality. Scorpios are on the moody side. When they are going through extreme mood swings, they understand what they need. It’s obvious there is a need for personal space. But, one Scorpio can serve as an anchor for another. But, problems will arise if they are both in a down mood at the same time. The depression they feel can turn into a vicious circle. It extends the mood swing beyond its normal period and their emotional suffering. This is why it’s so important for Scorpios in love to remain in touch with the world outside their connection.


The relationship between two Scorpios if to be rated merits a perfect score because both know and understand each other's ways and mishaps. As water elements, both are highly attuned to their emotional and spiritual side, making the relationship full of security and satisfaction. The only thing that would probably hinder their growth is when two Scorpios prefer to keep silent about how they feel and would rather hold a grudge towards each other. By avoiding issues that need to be addressed in the first place, two Scorpios will soon create a huge wall between them that can sooner or later destroy their relationship. More so, the intensity they give in their relationship can lead them to being suspicious, jealous, and controlling. What this relationship need is complete understanding and learning how to open up. The duo Scorpios are so fixed with their points and views that they tend not to listen to what other people say, even with their loved ones or their partner. They are so engulfed with their own negativity that it gets harder for them to face whatever conflicts they have for each other. The key to their relationship's success is if two Scorpios learn to communicate with each other in a calmer but honest tone.

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