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One can say that when Virgo and Scorpio come together in a Virgo-Scorpio love match, the universe starts to pay close attention. Virgo and Scorpio are earth and water signs respectively. They can both oppose and complement each other simultaneously. The Virgo and Scorpio compatibility might not seem to be strong at first glance. However, they both value loyalty and mutual respect which is the key element in a Virgo and Scorpio couple. Virgo, being ruled by Mercury, is a conscientious individual who values order and perfection. On the other hand, the Mars-ruled Scorpio has a passion which blossoms in a Virgo and Scorpio love match. Both of these are also intellectually sound signs which is why they will enjoy their conversations but, it is also possible that they might end up in a loop where they point out each other’s faults all the time.


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These two make one hell of a steamy couple when it comes to Virgo and Scorpio sexual compatibility. Scorpio, despite being extremely assertive, is a highly emotional sign. This is crucial among a Virgo and Scorpio couple because Virgos crave emotional connection to an extreme level. This connection is what make sexual activities between the two incredibly steamy. The caveat in their sex life is, however, their incompatibility in terms of personality. Their values are perfectly aligned, but not their nature. Virgos tend to be shy and likes to take their time whereas Scorpio is the embodiment of a dominating partner in bed. Scorpio’s roughness can become overbearing for Virgo if they are not careful, which might strain a Virgo-Scorpio love life.


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We sincerely believe that Virgo and Scorpio friends can battle out every storm that comes their way. The reason behind our conviction is that these two signs share almost all the intrinsic qualities which are crucial for a successful friendship. Virgo is an earth sign who is attentive and likes to lend their ear when their loved ones need them. While Scorpio is a water sign who likes to explore and therefore bring new things to their friendship. Further, Virgo-Scorpio friendship thrives because they both seek a deep understanding in partnerships. Their mutual need for emotional security is what makes them extremely loyal to one another in the long run, making them very dependable. Virgo and Scorpio friendship compatibility is extremely strong because one offers pragmatism and the other devotion.


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Communication compatibility is a funny thing. It is often said that you are the most comfortable with someone not when you can talk all day, but when you can enjoy the silence together. Virgo and Scorpio communication compatibility is exactly based on that. Virgo, who is ruled by Mercury can be exceptionally talkative at times but also incredibly silent at other times. This switch is often sudden but seamless. Scorpio is also another sign whose water element gives them a deep silent demeanour. Further, when a Virgo and Scorpio couple or, Virgo and Scorpio friends decide to talk to each other, they burst into a conversational spectacle of deep, intellectual and thought-provoking discussions. These are also very emotional signs which is why they can read the room and say exactly what the other needs to hear after a bad day.


A Virgo-Scorpio friendship or relationship is often a boon to both individuals. However, things can go south if they start taking things for granted. For starters, both of them can be exceptionally challenging when they are in a bad mood. Virgo tends to be too controlling due to their perfectionist nature and Scorpio doesn’t like to back down when confronted. Both of them likely tries to control each other too much in some ways. Therefore, to maintain a good relationship, it is imperative that one partner tries to remain as calm and composed as possible, so as to steer the conversation in the right direction. They should embrace themselves and stop criticising each other every time the other makes a mistake. Along with emotional understanding, gratitude and forgiveness will take you a long way.

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