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Taurus & Aquarius


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For Taurus-Aquarius love to last, there would be several sacrifices. Taurus shall need to shift their focus from traditionalism towards experimentation. Aquarius, on the other hand, shall have to give away their cravings for self-freedom. When working together, Taurus and Aquarius love compatibility can show positive vibes. Only when Taurus and Aquarius couple foreplays, rightfully, they could create an admirable balance and be a unique pair. The Taurean folk must become a well-grounded “doer,” while their Aquarian half must stay a dreamy bee. In other words, they need to set boundaries for themselves as well as for each other. But like oil and water, they too have pretty few chances of meeting each other’s love expectations.


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The tender and slow Bull would feel ridiculed by the unusual and changeable Aquarius. Usually, they barely get attracted to each other and mostly think sexual encounters are not for them. Taurus and Aquarius sexual compatibility is weak and more of an image that perhaps has fewer chances of becoming true. Taurus would feel like having unbreakable, secure compatibility, and Aquarius wishes to be free and away from all sorts of attachments and over-emotional relationships. If they pull themselves into intimacy, they shall be looking at two different ends, to begin with. Imagine a sexual life with a couple who are two totally outcasts stuck with each other. Sounds ugh!


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Taurus and Aquarius friends don’t have much of common topics to speak about as they are entirely different zones people. Taurus cares a lot about things and constantly wishes for attention, validation, and affection, while Aquarius can’t stop thinking about what others think of them. Both of them badly desire to be distinctive. Taurus and Aquarius friendship compatibility might be a fragile one. Aquarians would search for an intellectual friend while the Taureans crave an emotional one. Moreover, they would hardly be interested in communicating with each other because of their self-esteem matters and cold and harshness towards each other.


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When the conversation runs smooth, they both agree on things and could be chirping birds for hours. But, if they get opinionated about something, then goodbye isn’t away. Taurus and Aquarius communication compatibility is wow if they show equal intellectuality to each other. But, it could go fuzzy when they clash badly in thoughts. Taurus would hold on to some opinion for life and shall refuse to let go no matter what. When Aquarians notice their stubborn mindset, they feel a push from them and choose to leave as soon as they could. The chase could be long-lasting if the disagreement is hefty enough!


Taurus-Aquarius couple is two different people running in anti-parallel worlds. They can be a bit hard on each other from the start, but once they get along and know what to look upon, their needs can set up beautiful Taurus-Aquarius compatibility. Taurus must acknowledge the fact that opening up to fresh ideas and accepting changes is no out-of-the-box thing. On the other side, Aquarius must understand and appreciate whatever amount of submission they are getting from their Taurus partner. More so, Taurus-Aquarius love needs enough liberty, especially emotionally. Therefore, over possessiveness requires killing from both sides. When flipping sides, real commitment can make them marvellous partners so, giving their all-in can make them one of the most valuable couples in the zodiacs.

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