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Taurus & Cancer


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When Taurus and Cancer are zodiacs close together in a loveable relationship, they depict an endless flux of love because of sharing deep Karmic ties. Where Taurus is the ineradicable type, Cancer nurtures everything emotionally. In the Taurus-Cancer love match, the former will love to mitigate in a way that makes sense, while the latter would sometimes respond in a sulking manner to their partner. A Taurus and Cancer couple will be like “Peaceful Warriors” as it is earthy Venus and calm Moon getting together, making it a secure and comfortable duo and a blissful Taurus and Cancer love compatibility. They shall never get into intense fights but may try to deal with each other with emotional blackmailing.


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For Taurian folk, physical relationships are all about satisfaction, while for a Cancerian, all it needs is a closeness and satisfied approach. Thus, Taurus and Cancer sexual compatibility work awesomely. On one side, Taurus demands physical intimacy while, on the other hand, Cancer is all about ultimate seduction. They are more like, “We would love to take it slow and with all the satisfaction in the world.” Teaching the flair of slow lovemaking, Cancer mostly lacks initiation. Contrarily, Taurus possesses just the right touch, being the initiator among the two. Without giving physical intimacy priority, they usually are the Make-out Mates more than Physical Partners. In all, the Taurus and Cancer couple sexually accept all aspects of improving their sexual compatibility, keeping in mind each other’s comfort.


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Friends with ever helping benefits? Yes! That’s what they are, Just like Hermoine and Harry! Where one gets stuck, and the other comes up with a solution almost every time. None of them is fearful or less initiator and share a beautiful array of mutual interests. Thus, Taurus and Cancer friendship compatibility is exceptional and admirable in all. With being so clear cut throat to each other, Taurus-Cancer friendship is so great that they can get along with each other in no time effortlessly. When the Crab bears self-doubts, the strong Bull pops in at the right time with motivation. On the other hand, when the Taurus searches for new accessions, their Cancer friend bursts in with kosher bargains.


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Taurus and Cancer communication compatibility depends on a great connection. If they were comfy with each other, they would have any conversation openly. But, if situations go wrong, it won’t take long for the Bull to get into a Battle of Words with their Cancerian mates. Both the signs are usually the mute personalities and let their eyes do the talking. While Taurus can turn stubborn if triggered wrong on their true convictions, their Cancer partner would sigh expressing a simple phrase, Oh Crabs! Both of them are sensitive and easily carried away freaks when discussing or acknowledging one another and can also get into discussions where both share mutual understanding.


Taurus and Cancer is a match made in heaven. With thinking of things around them with almost similar wavelengths, they possess mutual interests as well. Taurus-Cancer compatibility is so high that it would take a lot to separate the two. What this bonding need is to analyze from time to time how they are going with each other. Cancer must synchronize with the stubborn bull behaviour of Taurus, while Taurus must understand the vulnerability and sensitivity of their Cancer partner. If the two meltdowns themselves to their “Mutual Understanding” zones, believe it or not, they are just inseparable. Thus, consider this Taurus-Cancer compatibility, among the best ones in all zodiacs.

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