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They love to be in love but with each other? Hard-match! Taurus-Libra love compatibility is, thus, a so-so one as both Venusians do know the meaning of love but find it hard to seek in each other. Considering Taurus, it is sensual and down-to-earth love, while for Libra, it is a high and moral love. Thus, a Taurus and Libra couple is less likely an “Ideal Match” and more of a “Versus Match.” On one side, both are foodies, love romanticism, and appreciate the luxuries around and with them. While on the other hand, unrealistic expectations regarding each other make them clash more often. It is a sensual Bull meeting an Intellectual scale making the odds feel all uneasy between them.


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The sexual connection between a Taurus and Libra couple has an unusual zest but represents totally different features. While Taurus loves to be comfy and feels deeply every damn touch of their partner, Libra shall need everything reliable to their sight and pretty as heaven. But, on the other hand, because of their exalting planets, they might find their exact opposites adorable. For bull-powered Taurus, physical intimacy would be a slow-motion thing, while for the balanced Libras, it has to be a perfect equilibrium between good sex and best timing. Therefore, it might become hard for them to maintain a great tuning regarding the same. Long story short, Taurus and Libra sexual compatibility shall be of average in bed kind.


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Taurus and Libra friends are like two total opposites put together. Despite both ruled by the same planet, they differ so much in numerous ways. Where the Taurus is a silent and salient folk, their Libra friend would be a blabbermouth. The former would use their senses to run things, and the latter would guide themselves with their logic. Taurus and Libra friendship compatibility is more of an N-N or S-S pole made to hang out together, forever repelling and giving anti-viewpoints! Away from their behavioural differences, they still enjoy having meals together at fine dining, all luxury they can possess, and all sorts of art forms. Plus, discussing the glams, gleams and music can become a way of the two getting along in the same way.


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The two might drive each other lunatic when it comes to opening up a conversation. On one side, there is Taurus, who is unchangeable and never moving, while on the other hand, Libra is indecisive and always unsure of what they need. There is no chance they will catch up with each other and not have a wrestle of choice. Thus, Taurus and Libra compatibility is more anti-compatible. The Taurus folk would be insecure most of the time because their Libran partner is not communicating but criticizing, and the Libra mate would presume that their Taurean half are too critical and dipped into trips of their own. Even if it is not said aloud yet, Taurus-Libra communication is an unbalanced dualism with nothing but too many issues.


Where do these kinds of zodiacs go together? If, don’t make rightful changes, then away from each other. Thus, for the betterment of Taurus-Libra compatibility, Taurus mates need to be careful that they rightfully check on their guilt trips and their Libran partner helps them blossom. On the other hand, Libra folks require to understand that hiding fear shall make you more bagged up. And thus, Librans, you need to release that bag to your Taurean mate and let them get the best of you for once! They also have to keep in mind, the only way that this Taurus and Libra compatibility could shine is if they embrace what they never want to look to in their self-world. Tada! Venus shall then be complete in all manners to glow together.

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