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The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra serves as the bible for almost every vedic astrologer because it is the earliest text available on vedic astrology. The ‘Hora Shastra’ was written by Maharishi Parashara who was a Vedic Maharishi. He is also credited as the author of Vishnu Purana, Krishi Parasharam and Vrikshayurveda (one of the earliest texts on botany and traditional Indian medicine). 

As stated by scholars, the origin of ‘Hora Shastra’ is dated between 600 BC-800 BC i.e. Vedic Era. It includes several verses from the Rig Veda and Yajur Veda and its foundation lies in the Vedas. Vedas are sacred ancient texts which include astronomy, rituals, and sacrifices and describe the Vedic society and hence the 4 Vedas heavily influence astrology. 

The name ‘Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’ itself means ‘ The great book on horoscope by Parashara’ which was written by Parashara as advice for people who lived in the Vedic Society. These advices included horoscope reading along with remedial measures such as chanting mantras, fasting and wearing gemstones or different ornaments. How were these advices relevant?

Chanting mantras

This method uses one’s sense of hearing to rewire a thought process. In the Vedic society, women had equal opportunities for spiritual and intellectual growth. Hence everyone could read, recite and understand different mantras advised to them. The chants were first described in the Sama-veda and this book of Chants serves as the origin of Indian music.

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This method focuses on one’s sense of taste and focuses on their eating habits.

Offering water to the Sun and Moon

This method focuses on one’s sense of sight.

Gemstones and Ornaments

This method focuses on one’s sense of touch as well as sight. Gemstones are minerals and were first used in traditional Indian medicine. As minerals should not be consumed in large quantities these could not be included in our regular diet. The concept of wearing gemstones as ornaments has only recently developed in the 18th century.

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Burning incense or sage

This method focuses on one’s sense of smell.

Feeding animals and birds

The main occupation of Vedic people was the domestication of animals and agriculture. It made sense to feed those animals with a sense of love and maintain the ecological balance. 

This shows how these remedial measures were simple changes in a person’s daily routine. Our lifestyle and society has evolved to a great extent. So if you find it difficult to chant, sing instead. Say no to incense sticks and Hello Perfume!

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