Best Astrological Tips For Glowing Skin

Astrological Tips For Glowing Skin

Your skin is the reflection of your personality. In today’s world your skin, personality, looks play a very important role in deciding your future. If you have a fair complexion, you will get applauded in every sphere of life. On the other hand, a person with dark looks or complexion lacks at every step of his life. However, it’s completely wrong to judge a person by his looks or colour but unfortunately, its the reality of the modern world.

Everybody wants a fair and glowing skin but looking at the modern lifestyle which is full of stress, tension it becomes quite difficult to maintain a proper glowing skin. Factors like irregular eating habits, not eating enough natural foods, drugs, lack of proper exercise, pollution etc are some of the main causes of unhealthy skin.

In this article, I will tell you about some of the secret Astrological tips by which you can get happy glowing skin and that too without any harmful effects.

Effects of Planets

We all are created by God and it doesn’t matter if we have beautiful skin or not, we are all the same in front of him. Being beautiful or lacking beauty is not our mistake, but its an effect of our planets. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Rahu are the main planets that affect the skin of a person depending upon their placement in the native’s Horoscope.

Each planet shows different skin colours such as Venus shows light colours. Saturn and Rahu represent dark colours. Jupiter represents yellow and golden colour while Mars shows shades or dark red. However, all these planets affect the facial textures, features and reaction of a person’s skin.

If the person’s Horoscope shows the dominance of Jupiter, it means the skin is golden or yellow in colour. While the dominance of the Moon represents the round face with fair glowing skin. Whereas positive Venus gives fair complexion and attractive personality. However, with the influence of Mercury, the person looks younger than his actual age.

Planets Responsible for Skin Problems

According to Medical Astrology, skin problems are common in women due to the excess usage of cosmetic and skin items. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are the main planets that cause skin problems. These planets also affect hormonal balance, increase the bile in the stomach and give rise to stress.

Moon: Moon increases stress in mind and makes the skin dry. Placement of the moon in the malefic house increases the chances of having dull and dry skin, especially among the women.

Jupiter: Jupiter increases bile in the stomach, creates more gas and ultimately leads to allergic skin, rashes and other skin disorders.

Venus: If your venus is weak you are going to face some serious skin disorders. It affects your hormones and makes skin moist and dry and you will feel more tired and much concerned towards your skin.

Mercury: Mercury is the main planet related to all your skin problems. Placement of Mercury in the 5th house is very inauspicious which gives rise to skin problems certainly. However, the placement of mercury in the second house with the moon also affects your skin. It indicates skin infections, dry scalp and irregular change in the skin tone.

Rahu: According to Health Astrology, Rahu represents unusual diseases such as skin cancer, decreasing of blood platelets etc. Placement of Rahu in the 2nd house represents a face, it gives rise pimples on the face, unusual marks on the face and mixture of dark and light shades.

Glowing Skin

Astrological Tips for Glowing Skin

Till now, we have discussed skin, effects of light and dull skin, effects of planets and planets responsible for skin problems. Now let’s talk about Astrological remedies or tips that can help you to get rid of all the skin problem and have healthy and glowing skin.

For Moon:

  • Perform the Navgrhas Puja, Homam or Abhishek. It helps to remove the bad effects of moon and makes your overall personality look attractive.
  • Drink more and more water all through the day
  • Avoid sleeping in the day, it increases dryness in the skin
  • Eat more juicy fruits such as Mango, Orange, Lemon etc
  • Wearing a silver ring also helps to remove the malefic effects of Moon
  • Avoid taking too much of stress

For Venus:

  • According to Medical Astrology, Venus is friends with planet Sun. So, in order to get glowing skin, you must chant the Mantra of Surya every morning. OM GHRINI SURYAY NAMAH.
  • Donate milk or other white coloured products such as sweets, white cloth, rice to the needy women especially unmarried girls
  • Venus increases physical beauty and fulfils your sensual desires
  • Avoid eating spicy vegetables.

For Mercury:

  • Weak Mercury changes your skin colour on leg. For this apply a mixture of warm water and turmeric at least 2 times in a day
  • Donate flour, sugar, honey, jaggery to the needy
  • Try to keep yourself away from constipation.
  • Do not wear too dark or too light clothes
  • Reduce the intake of sugar.

Other Remedies or Tips

  • Apply Kumkumadi oil, made from 25 herbs of Ayurveda on the face, massage it gently and get fair complexion.
  • Apply a mixture of Multani Mitti with rose water on your face once in a week
  • Mix lemon with tomato and apply on your skin every morning before eating anything.
  • Regular intake of mint juice prevents face stains
  • Make a paste of raw carrots and apply it on your face. You will see the results within a week.
  • Wash the face properly before sleeping.
  • Apply orange juice for smooth and healthy glowing skin.

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