Best Astrological Remedies for Hair fall

Best Astrological Remedies for Hair fall

Hair adds a singular grace to a personality. Often referred to as the crown of glory, hair signifies the persona of an individual. Goof hair is so damn important. After all, it is a significant style statement and USP of every person. It is natural to have a desire to get hair better with time. However, the problem of hair fall is quite common these days. It is not very serious if you have been experiencing hair fall. Now if you’re working on the process to regrow your lost hair, you must’ve been thinking about remedies for hair fall.

In Vedic Astrology, every planet including the Moon and the Sun reflects the will of celestials with the impact of their presence in our horoscope. Similarly, they symbolize unique energy flow and interference. Thus, besides the dirt and pollution, like every aspect of our life, planets have a major role in the health and appearance of hair.

Planets that Cause Hair fall

  • The messenger god Mercury and Venus, the symbol of love & beauty associate and govern how we come across others. For instance, our habits, gesture, and personality are ruled by these planets and the Sun and Moon. However, particularly, they govern our hair. Also, the length and health of our hair fall under the rule of these planets.
  • Weak Venus and Mercury in the horoscope cause hair fall. Also, the malefic effect of these planets results in hair fall and other hair related issues.
  • Additionally, a person with a malefic Saturn or Jupiter can also suffer from such problems. These individuals experience immense anger and anxiety resulting in a hot head and scalp issues.

Astrological Remedies for Hair fall

Our health expert recommends to treat hair problems by keeping a balanced diet, daily hair washes with yogurt post proper massage with coconut oil. In addition, Astrology allows you to understand the core reason behind your hair problem and offers ways to cope.

Astrological Remedies for Hair fall

– Baldness

  • Reason for Baldness- When a person has weak Mercury and Sun, then, significantly it affects their hair growth. In such a case, only a strong position of Jupiter in Horoscope would trim the above-mentioned effect. However, if that’s not the case, then it’s recommended that the person should offer water to the Sun at sunrise. Also, expert Astrologers suggest them to avoid alcohol & meat. It helps pleasing and making Mercury & Sun strong.
  • Remedy for Baldness- Grind the coriander seeds and blend a tablespoon of turmeric with water into a paste shape. Further, apply this paste to your hair. For the best impact, leave it overnight and rinse in the morning afterward. It is one of the best remedies for hair fall, doing this twice a week will definitely help the treatment of baldness.

– Thin Hair

  • Reason for Hair Thinning- In Vedic Astrology, conjunction of weak Moon and Venus cause hair thinning. Our expert astrologers advise such a person to offer milk to Lord Shiva in temples. Also, add more of the dairy products in their diet.
  • Remedy for Hair Thinning- Whenever you are to wash hair, add a mixture of lime juice to yogurt and apply it on your hair before the wash. Also, prefer washing it only after sunset. In addition, avoid eating acidic food or fruit, as it weakens planet Venus.

– Hair Fall

  • Reason for Hair Fall- Hair fall is one of the major issues of the modern world. A weak Venus induces stress, anxiety, and tension. Further, it results in hair fall problem. It is recommended that the emphasis be solely on strengthening Venus by donating milk and rice to temples and the poor.
  • Remedy for Hair Fall- Take some curd in a copper bowl and leave it hung for 3 days. Later, apply this curd to your scalp at least 1 hour before you wash your hair. It will strengthen your hair.

– Dandruff

  • Reason for Dandruff- When planet Mercury is weak, it causes the issue of dandruff. According to health experts, dandruff is more of a skin disease.
  • Remedy for Dandruff- Try to mix vinegar in the water as much as you can before using it to wash your hair. In addition, rub your scalp daily with olive oil only.

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