Best to Worst Speakers According to Zodiac Signs

Best to Worst Speakers According to Zodiac Signs

Speaking is always considered to be an essential trait for a human being. Let it be in professional or personal environments. This is because it is a mode of communication. Speaking is the way by which we communicate with our loved ones too. In essence, not everyone is a public speaker. Sometimes, the ability of a person to speak came surprisingly to be based on his / her Zodiac Sign. So, let’s take a ranking of the Zodiac Signs from the Best Speakers to the Worst.

1. Leo:

Leos feel very comfortable and “be themselves” in the presence of an audience. They enjoy and love the moment. This makes them excellent public speakers. Leos tend to feel ‘alive’ when they can present themselves to the crowd. They are lions, natural leaders. So they have their purpose in mind why they are speaking in the first place. They are prepared to give a speech and always have the confidence to give one at any time.

2. Gemini:

Geminis are the kind of people who are regarded as examples. They are exemplary in speaking of any kind or manner. They have the ability to relate to anything and everything, anyone, and everyone. Geminis are never hesitant to indulge in any discussions. Their expertise spans over a broad spectrum of fields and is very knowledgeable. They always tend to come across as open and honest. Because of their excellent communication skills, they can apply it to various places. Geminis are the kind of people who talk with everyone. They are the ones who you find talking to everyone in the street. People find Geminis to be very relatable and kind.

3. Libra:

Libras are the kind of people who put their humor sense to their speech. They put forth their point wrapped in humor and comes off as very kind. Libras can form a real connection with others, because of their honesty. Unlike the above signs, they give a chance for others to speak also. This is because they understand that even others have their opinions. They make it look so easy to communicate and speak up. This is, in fact, sometimes inspirational for the other signs to involve in speaking up.

4. Scorpio:

The reason why Scorpios are seen as good speakers is due to the fact that they are very passionate about what they speak. They are very interested in the topic of their speech. So, they naturally tend to understand the ins and outs of that topic. Consequently, they know what others want to know. They never blabber.

They always craft their words in order for it to be of maximum efficiency. Scorpios are the ones who have the courage to speak out things that others are hesitant about. They are very straightforward in their message. They are also very interesting people and constantly surprise people with their unanticipated ways of communication.

5. Aquarius:

Aquarians tend to be innovative than other signs. This takes form in their speeches too. They tend to include audio-visual cues to have the crowd engaged. They always speak up in order to get the peoples’ attention towards something of dire importance. It may be anything from climate change to global economic problems. They take their messages seriously, making them passionate about their topic. They also innately know how to get their message across.

6. Aries:

Aries are never afraid to lose and fight until the end. Even when they commit a mistake, they rectify and learn and improve from it. They are very bold and impetuous. Sometimes, their improvised speeches tend to be better than their that they planned before.

7. Sagittarius:

Sags are the people who will chatter on for hours on end. Let it be anything from their favorite topics to the subjects they hate. They get excited and enthusiastic when they are about to meet new people and do things that they haven’t done before. They are very enthusiastic and lively people. People belonging to Sagittarius are known as the ‘Motor Mouths’.

8. Taurus:

Taurus borns are the people who live in the moment. They don’t click pictures of the moment or be talking at the moment. Instead, they remain silent and experience the sweetness of the moment.

9. Cancer:

Cancers respect and like their privacy a little too much. So they naturally don’t speak up that much. Also, they are careful about what comes out of their mouth.

10. Capricorn:

Capricorns are not much of speakers. They are more writers than they are speakers. They take time to craft their words. The result is that they are more persuasive too.

11. Virgo:

Virgo-born people are unrivaled in their valuable feedback, but they don’t open up that often. They are more of the “advisor” type people you will have seen in the movies. They give you excellent advice, just not share much about themselves.

12. Pisces:

Pisces are the people who are very hesitant to speak at first. They are very reluctant in opening up, initially. But, once they get comfortable with you, they seem to be completely different people. Pisceans, once comfortable will seem like they just won’t shut up.

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