List Of All Shubh Muhurat In October 2021

Shubh Muhurat 2021

If you are planning to begin something new, starting it as per the Shubh muhurat has its own benefits. Shubh Muhurat is nothing but a name for the most auspicious time of the day. During this time of the day, the planets are aligned to ensure you have the right energies influencing you and anything that you are trying to accomplish. Thus, astrologers at AstroTalk ensure they study these celestial movements and come up with Shubh muhurat in October 2021 and for other such months. 

So whether you are buying a vehicle, or planning a Griha pravesh, make sure you take a scoop of these Shubh muhurats in October 2021 and do your planning accordingly. 

Shubh muhurat for marriage in October 2021 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that there are no marriage shubh muhurat in October 2021. As per astrology, the month of October is prohibited solar month and thus unfit for any kind of marriage ritual. However, in case of urgency, you can opt for court marriage. This will make sure you are legally married as of now. Thereafter, you can solemnise the wedding as per the Shaadi muhurat, most probably in November 2021. 

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Meanwhile, there are also some dates in the year when you can get married without consulting an astrologer. For example, Basant Panchami, Phulera Dooj, Ram Navami, Sita Navami, Peepal Purnima, Ganga Dussehra, Bhadlya Navami, Devuthani Ekadashi are auspicious marriage days. To know more about the date of marriage, you can connect with our astrologers. 

  • There are no shubh muhurat for marriage in October 2021

Griha pravesh muhurat in October 2021

If you seek to have that feeling of getting into your new house, you may have to wait for a while. Just like marriage, October is not the best month for a Griha Pravesh pooja too. And hence, there are no shubh muhurat for griha Pravesh in October 2021. However, some astrologers consider different types of months like Kharmas, Chaturmas, Shradh, etc. to come up with a Griha Pravesh muhurat date. So if you are desperate, you can talk to an astrologer online.

  • There are no shubh muhurat for griha pravesh in October 2021

Muhurat for buying vehicle in October 2021

Finally, we have something that one can do in October 2021. As the festive season is close, many of you might be planning to buy numerous things. And if that thing is any kind of vehicle, then you must make sure you buy a vehicle as per the shubh mahurat. The one who buys a vehicle as per the shubh muhurat is saved from the bad effects or incidents. Also, if you are buying a vehicle on EMI, abiding by the shubh muhurat ensure you are able to pay it back without must hustle. 

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  • 8 October 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 10:48 AM to 06:59 PM; Nakshatra: Swati; Tithi: Tritiya
  • 10 October 2021, Sunday: Muhurat: 06:19 AM to 02:44 PM; Nakshatra: Anuradha; Tithi: Panchami
  • 14 October 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 06:52 PM to 06:22 AM, Oct 15; Nakshatra: Shravana; Tithi: Dashami
  • 15 October 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 06:22 AM to 06:22 AM, Oct 16; Nakshatra: Shravana, Dhanishtha; Tithi: Dashami, Ekadashi
  • 20 October 2021, Wednesday: Muhurat: 06:25 AM to 02:02 PM; Nakshatra: Revati; Tithi: Purnima
  • 25 October 2021, Monday: Muhurat: 06:28 AM to 04:11 AM, Oct 26; Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha; Tithi: Panchami
  • 28 October 2021, Thursday: Muhurat: 12:49 PM to 06:31 AM, Oct 29; Nakshatra: Pushya; Tithi: Ashtami
  • 29 October 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 06:31 AM to 11:39 AM; Nakshatra: Pushya; Tithi: Ashtami

Buying property muhurat in October 2021 

Buying any sort of property has to be a wise decision. And thus, when making any such decision, apart from the financial aspects, astrological aspects like Shubh Muhurat and Shubh Nakshatras must also be looked at. Buying property as per the shubh muhurat ensures you have the blessings of God when you are to start something new on the same land. Especially if you are buying a house or flat, shubh muhurat for buying property must be checked. With that being said, there are two auspicious muhurat for buying land or property in October 2021. 

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  • 8 October 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 06:59 PM to 06:18 AM, Oct 09; Nakshatra: Vishakha; Tithi: Tritiya
  • 29 October 2021, Friday: Muhurat: 11:39 AM to 06:32 AM, Oct 30; Nakshatra: Ashlesha; Tithi: Ashtami, Navami

Namkaran muhurat in October 2021

October 2021 is one of the best months for Namkaran of the child. There are so many baby naming muhurat in October 2021.

  • Friday, 01 October: 06:13:16 to 26:57:55
  • Wednesday, 06 October: 16:37:19 to 30:15:58
  • Thursday, 07 October: 06:16:30 to 30:16:29
  • Friday, 08 October: 06:17:04 to 18:59:55
  • Sunday, 10 October: 06:18:11 to 14:44:31
  • Wednesday, 13 October: 10:19:34 to 20:09:56
  • Thursday, 14 October: 18:54:40 to 30:20:30
  • Monday, 18 October: 10:50:13 to 18:09:56
  • Wednesday, 20 October: 06:24:08 to 30:24:08
  • Thursday, 21 October: 06:24:46 to 16:17:46
  • Monday, 25 October: 06:27:23 to 28:11:09
  • Thursday, 28 October: 28: 09:41:35 to 30:29:24
  • Friday, 29 October: 06:30:06 to 11:38:47

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