What is Your Special Personality Trait? Find the Stars Speak to You

What is Your Special Personality Trait? Find the Stars Speak to You

Most of us either engage in astrology to obtain our share of joy from it. Nonetheless, many of us devotedly believe the stars have gigantic-plans stored for all of us. Well, this is the fun of Astrology. Either you ignore it or you indulge in it & take deep dive.

In general, in Vedic Astrology, the Birth Chart of a person refects their core and their in-depth life incidents according to the planetary position. Every planet has its significant feature and each planet rule over one Zodiac Sign. Under the rule of different planets, people tend to attain a unique personality trait, appearance, opinion, habits, and even dressing style. Have you ever wondered how your zodiac sign influences your day-to-day habits, personality trait, attitude, and skill directly? Well, at point or another, we all wonder about it.

In one of the most common terms, we’re all different and hold unique personality traits. So, what is Your Special Personality Trait according to your Zodiac Sign? Dive below to find out-

Aries (21st March to 19th April)

Aries is the courageous Ram who loves to be at number one. Not that you love limelight but you cannot digest defeat either in social or in the personal frame.

Under the rule of bold, red, valiant, and heroic planet Mars, you detain strong mental force. Enthusiasm, determination, sweet-bluntness, sweet sarcasm are your favorite terms. In addition, you embrace these like a boss in your attitude. You have questions for all the situations, you ask reasons and enquire before & after any stint.

For this reason, you land in situations where people misunderstand you easily. However, your amiable charm doesn’t spare people from liking you for what you are and for how you flaunt your spunk. Your independence, high-standards, and actions both scare and inspire people around you.

You wish to be pioneering at whatever you are participating in. They have a highly devotional disposition even if not religious and make great efforts to do good to others. Your dedicated personality trait makes you an attractive lover and a dependable friend.

Taurus (20th April to 20th May)

Sensual, enticing, infallible, responsible, possessive, and yet alluring Taurus Bulls often see through people to be happy go lucky. You are over-sensitive.

Under the joyful, pleasurable, & gleaming ruling planet Venus, You are a delightful and gratifying individual. People love your company and enjoy your generous enchantment. At your very core, you are intense, raging, fierce, deep, vivid, and passionate. Your accountable and dependable personality trait make you strong enough to not fear sudden circumstances, high & lows. Usually, you are strong-strung and your nerves are typically overwhelmed.

Similar to your guarding celestial, you are relaxing, adoring, erotic, and illuminating.

Gemini (21st May to 20th June)

You are more like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. To define you in words is one incredible and impossible assignment. Like any episode of Sherlock, you never disappoint to give twists one after another. What is the reason behind this special feature? Well, for now, you can thank your ruling planet Mercury for all the curiosity as well as generosity.

You are smooth, loving, gentle, curious, flexible, constantly learning and love sharing ideas. Things like travel, research, history, money matters, technical gadgets hold the most of your interest. Not just this but books and learning are close to you. Often, you wish you could clone yourself to execute all plans. After all, you’re mostly busy and yet you can’t say no to people.

You are a candid person. When you are happy, sad, anxious, hurt, and excited people around you would know.

Cancer (21st June to 22nd July)

You are CLUMSY. Not just physically but emotionally. You forget & forgive easily. Well, you are in charge, either it is your strength or weakness. Your emotions shape you a robust & soft person altogether.

CancerPersonality Trait

With unusually strong willpower and great intransigence of action, you naturally resent any criticism, and by quite rationale, argument or justification, the only way to offset it within themselves. You don’t pass judgments. Nonetheless, you embrace a flawless energy detector. One negativity in the room and you’ll know it.

Once you decide, there is no turning back. You’re fiercely independent as well as lovable which makes you a dangerous amalgamation. Nonetheless, you don’t sympathy. However, you have an undying hunger for affection more than anything else. Under the rule of the bright planet Moon, you are sparkling, happy and believe in keeping people happy. Moreover, you are stubborn, imaginative and persuasive. Nevertheless, your sense and attachment with art offer you an exit door from the material world.

Leo (23rd July to 22nd August)

The red carpet rolls themselves right before Leos arrives. You are humorous, creative, attractive and center of the stage lover. Along with an impressionable as well as impressive personality, your stiff-necked attitude has a separate fan base.

With the pride, warming, energetic, and playful planet Sun you are bestowed with its features. In addition, you embrace them like a master. You are always curious to learn and find out the reasons behind everything that occurs. It doesn’t hurt your high ego to learn even the smallest detail from any person. Nonetheless, you don’t like sharing the limelight, domination, and power. When something is yours, it is YOURS ONLY.

You are generous, down to earth and extremely devoted. Any person in affection with you would never get a chance to fall out of your charm & love. You love freedom, travel, books, discoveries, and pleasures. And you can not compromise any of these.

Virgo (23rd August to 22nd September)

Virgo plenty of times regarded as the giver. You laugh at one side of nature and are therefore hostile and hate to the other side. You are psychologically quite rapid and sharp. Thus, you can incapacitate all their enemies in all matters where a subtle mentality is required.

Underneath the command of Mercury, you hold great learning capacity and memory power. Activities like reading, writing, painting, and music are close to your heart.

However, you are logical, practical, rational, grounded and generous. To be unfair or hurtful for someone is beyond your capacities. You have a grand fan base as well as an amazing enmity and you can thank your soft-spoken and diplomatic behavior for this.

Libra (23rd September to 22nd October)

Libra Personality Trait

Playful, joyous, sentimental and cheesy Librans are the heart of gold. You are the type of person who stands in the crowd and make people laugh & smile just by your existence. Your positive vibes, patient behavior, soft-tone, warm talks can melt the heart of stones as well. Beneath the governance of love and pleasure’s planet Venus, you are commonly busy in making lives better with all the love you hold in your heart.

People born in this era make excellent public servants. Whereas you are full of inconsistencies, you have profound domestic interests. However, you are impatient at the very same time.

A small discomfort caused by your action induces anxiety and sleeplessness to you. You are close to nature, music, entertainment, learning, and values. You are generally gifted with strong imaginations and often make writers, excellent artists, composers, and musicians.

Scorpio (23rd October to 21st November)

You fall under the rule of brave planet Mars which makes you extremely intrepid and gallant. Thus, you are one of the most misunderstood zodiacs. You have a high-standard and low-expression of love which makes you flaunt a robust personality. However, you envelop a warm heart and a generous attitude.

You seek to conquer humanity’s common population, you are naturally drawn to strong personalities in turn. Also, you will forgive the people they like for every wrongdoing, as soon as they have individuality and purpose. Deceit and disloyalty are the only things that can break your heart. It turns you cold and hurtful.

Sagittarius (22nd November to 21st December)

Sagittarius like a blazing arrow is always curious to find out unique things and learn. Adventure, history, travel, ideas, and diplomacy hold your prime interest.

Under the rule of the philosophical, spiritual, and prosperous planet Jupiter Sagittarius are commonly generous and tender. In addition, you hold great knowledge of geography, directions, adventures, and spirituality. You are far away from the thirst of material realm and its lure.

With the blessing of Jupiter, you encompass great judgment, harmony, and an excellent taste of movies, music, and art.

Capricorn (22nd December to 19th January)

Capricorn Personality Trait

Capricorn, mountain goat, Mr./Ms. Goat, you are always positive and decisive individual. You often speak things to save your fragile heart from getting hurt. In order to prevent heartache, you commonly end up creating them for yourself just like Cancerians.

Well, under the governance of Karmic planet Saturn, you put complete faith in hard work and Karma. Generally, in your first impression, people may find you a humorous and jolly person. However, your crazy & adventurous outer shell hides an extremely soft and moving heart.

You are the last air sign in cue and like all the reasoners, you look forward to the logic and justification. You are a fan of clarity, fairness, and wit. In a brawny-raging conversation, you can easily add up the taste of humor & lightness. Particularity, punctuality, perceptions are your principle and you break them for none. Well, to specific, it doesn’t cut the quota of laughter from your life.

Aquarius (20th January to 18th February)

Aquarians are a gifted form of humans. You are an intense, emotional old-soul. With the rule of slow & steady planet Saturn, you believe in winning races like the turtle from the story. You put your 100%, behold patience, and trust your efforts. Thus, there is no failing in your dictionary.

Versatility, smartness, quick adaption, and keen personality makes you one of the best at your workplace. The best part about your personality trait is your authenticity and vitality.

You are the last Air sign of Zodiac Signs. As for your water bearer sign, your core qualities include offering the best of your capacity. You are a humanitarian, independent and progressive individual that often inspires people around them.

Pisces (19th February to 20th March)

Pisceans have a tendency to execute fearlessly. You are flawless at undertakings tasks. With the blessings of fortunate ruling planet Jupiter, you receive a great amount of renounce as well as appreciation. Also, it gives you the shape of a magnanimous person.

Nonetheless, applying to be too rigid and too outspoken in expression, your criticism is often overshot and you make sworn enemies. You are a Mess and yet a Ravishing Mess.

Being the last of all the Zodiac Signs you encompass a little of all the good & bad from them. You live in your own water-world where things are transparent & reformable. Typically, you love music and art. You are empathic and could reframe the world in your favorite colors if it were possible.

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