Valentines Day 2020 – A Day Of Love

Valentine's Day 2020

Love is the most beautiful thing one would ever have in their life. We have seen couples who look so good together irrespective of what community or religion they belong to, it’s just a connection of hearts. A connections which bound you to stay together and enjoy every moment of your life.

Likewise, we celebrate many special days every year, there is also a day which is only meant for lovers. A day on which couples make promises, exchanges gifts and share their feelings with each other. This day is called as Valentine’s day.

So, in this context lets talk about Valentines Day 2020|A Day Of Love. How is it celebrated? When is it Celebrated? and What is the Significance of this day?

Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s day also called St Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year all across the world. The original St. Valentine was just a celebration of one of the early saints of West named Valentinus. However, later it converted into a day a romance and today we call it as Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Day gifts

It is the day to celebrate love, affection, and romance. Lovers across the world exchange gifts to enhance the sweetness and passion in their bond. However, Valentine’s Day 2020 is going to have much significance as it is the first Valentine Day of a new decade and lovers will try to make it special in every possible way.

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This Day somehow marks the beginning of a new pledge for the people who are in love. People who are in relationship usually try to make their bond stronger by giving a fresh start to their love life. While as the people who are single usually try to find their perfect match and start their journey of love.

Valentines Week 2020

If you are thinking it’s just a single of Love then you might not have heard about the Valentines week. Valentine Week is celebrated from 7th February to 13th February every year. Its a chain of love events where people chance to express their feelings every day with a new theme. Interesting isn’t it! So, let’s talk about the special days which comes under the Valentines week 2020:

Valentine Week 2020
DateValentine’s week listDay
7th FebRose dayFriday
8th FebPropose Day Saturday
9th FebChocolate daySunday
10th FebTeddy DayMonday
11th FebPromise DayTuesday
12 th FebHug DayWednesday
13th FebKiss DayThursday
14th FebValentine’s DayFriday

Each day is dedicated to a new face of love and people either start a new journey of love or make their existing love life more stronger. However, personalized gifts such as flowers, greeting cards, soft toys and other such gifts top the charts during this time of the year.

Best Valentine Gifts

No doubt, Valentine’s Day is a day of Love where people share their feelings and express their love. However, you can also call it as a romantic festival or festival of gifts where you exchange different gifts with each other with a feeling of love. Now, let’s talk about the special gifts that you can give to your love to make your Valentines Day 2020 more memorable.

Gifts for Boyfriend

Valentine Gifts for boys

A gift is always presented with a feeling of love, it has no language. However, according to the nature of boys, a girl will try to present something that he is fond of or that can be used in his day to day life.

  • An Elegant Watch
  • A Heart-Shaped Mug
  • Sleeveless Jacket
  • Headphones
  • GPS Bracelet
  • A Jar of messages
  • Perfume
  • Wallet
  • Valentine Boxers
  • Cowboy Men’s Tshirt

Gifts for Girlfriend

Girls are sweet, they love surprises and will any type of gift from their love. However, if you really want to make her happy focus on small things rather than presenting big brands and luxury items. The best Valentine gifts for Girlfriend are:

  • A Big Teddybear
  • Chocolate Rose Bouquet
  • I Love you Mug
  • Valentine Cushion
  • A Jar of Love messages
  • A Heart Shaped Necklace
  • Chocolate Truffle Cake
  • A Romantic Date
  • Scrapbook
  • Love You, Greeting Card

These were some of the major details regarding Valentine’s Day 2020. Also, you may like to read about: Mercury Retrograde 2020-Effect On Zodiac Signs

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