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Cancer people enjoy cooking and eating, so you'd probably consider taking care of yourself when they prepare you dinner. Cancer is governed by the planet Moon and contains a Water component in addition to the grabbing claws. Because they never lose out of love, people born under the sign of Cancer understand how to win their love partner’s hearts. Like the other zodiac signs, these individuals possess compatibility extremes at both ends.

Be it friendship or a relationship, a Cancer person will make sure you become its centre of attention as you are their important person. Cancer men and women are independent and never reveal their true identities. According to astrology and Cancer zodiac compatibility with other zodiac signs indicates that these people prefer being into stability and protection. Does this suggest they have a better chance of finding a committed relationship? No, you need to have a high matching score for it on the basis of your zodiac sign. Look up the relationship of other zodiac signs with Cancer.

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