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When Gemini and Cancer come together in a love affair, it may be a rather curious relationship. Cancer is the sign of home and hearth, while Gemini is the thinker which is a good match when discussing Gemini-Cancer love compatibility. Gemini can easily slip into the role of Cancer’s knight in shining armour; Cancer returns that favour with their characteristic urge to protect the ones they love. Quality of home life is important to Cancer, and Gemini will be spoiled by their Cancer lover’s hearty home cooking, soft bed and other creature comforts. If Gemini just reassures Cancer that they’re loved and cherished, all will go smoothly for the Gemini-Cancer couple.


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When it comes to sexual experiences, the Gemini-Cancer sexual compatibility may be at odds. This could be because both the signs crave something very contrasting. The Gemini might prefer to have a rather adventurous and kinky experience while Crab prefers to stay in its shell and only open up to its partner in their own comfortable time. Their sex life may involve a lot of communication from Gemini to reassure Cancer and build intimacy over time. Sex for the Gemini-Cancer couple can be an intoxicating experience. Because when Gemini stays home to surprise their mate, fireworks are sure to occur. The crab is sensual where Gemini is unpredictable. However, this mix can clash, but when they get in sync, it can be an extraordinary time for the Cancer and the twins. Gemini has to let Cancer get their feelings out when they have something on their mind before they will be ready for intimacy. Cancer has to learn how to have a little fun by letting go of the daily responsibilities and bills for a change.


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Friendship between the Deer and the Crab doesn't come naturally, but it can be very rewarding. Gemini is highly intellectual, while Cancer is extremely emotional. The two friends have radically different reactions to life, which is a good thing. Gemini can help Cancer realize that while feelings are important, they can be controlled. Cancer will show Gemini the value in forming lasting, heartfelt relationships. The Twins don't understand the Moon Child's obsession with economic stability. Conversely, Cancer doesn't get why Gemini can't sit still for two minutes. Mostly, they laugh at each other's quirks. Gemini and Cancer do not run in the same circles. They often find each other because of a mutual friend. The Cancer-Gemini pair can form a lifelong relationship that provides them both with the support they need.


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Gemini is a sign that tends to have an excellent communication statistic with almost every sign. Cancer on the other hand can be a little shy in the beginning but really get in their groove as things progress and they build trust with the person. The Gemini-Cancer communication compatibility can click and clash at times. The Crab also values trust and makes sure that their partner values trust as well. This is because the Crab is not as extrovert a sign as Gemini and when it does divulge, it goes all in. If the Gemini-Cancer communication is made fluid and honest, it will put both the signs at, albeit it will require quite a bit of work.


The Cancer-Gemini relationship may seem to be an unlikely pair at first, but as both make a few compromises and adjustments, it can become a stable, long-term relationship. For Cancer, they should be more open to new possibilities and change with Gemini. Gemini needs to be more expressive of their feelings. These changes would probably be the start of deeper understanding and flexibility between them. Cancer must understand that because of Gemini's split personality, they can be impulsive and indecisive, and this about them they simply have to learn to love. Likewise, Gemini should understand that Cancer is not as sociable and open-minded as they are, so they must give their Cancer enough leeway to adjust to their ways. If these two learn to give and take, the Deer-Crab relationship will excel incredibly and they can share would be full of satisfaction, love, and joy.

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