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When two Cancerians come together in a love affair, a loving and yet very emotional domestic relationship ensues. A Cancer-Cancer match makes for a deeply devoted duo, endlessly loyal to one another. Both will learn the ins and outs of their partner, the best ways to heat each other up or, if necessary, to cool one another down. Both will also find great comfort and satisfaction in their underlying commitment to one another. Cancer in love is reticent, insecure and finally wholly absorbed. With a love match, each will try to show the other that they're home base—a safe zone in a world of meanies and players. Once trust is established, they'll enjoy going out, but also spend a lot of time at home, the start of lifelong nesting. Intimacy is sweet and sensual and bonds their hearts like superglue.


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In general, Cancers prefer having an emotional connection with their partner before getting physical. As long as both partners feel appreciated, the sparks between the sheets should remain fiery. On the plus side, Cancers are naturally intuitive signs. Two Cancers in bed will be in tune with each other’s needs and emotional states. They can read each other, so they know if something is going awry and can quickly soothe whatever is coming up. This ability to adapt quickly will help the duo Cancerian sexual compatibility. Sensory driven, the Crab mixes it up with candles, exotic scents, satin sheets, body chocolate and other exciting activities. They are not against producing a raunchy tape or two either – although end results might be far different to the visuals in their romantic brains. The whole weekend and sometimes weeks are spent lovemaking.


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Cancer has uncanny instincts about people. That's why they attract each other like magnets. Both share a weird sense of humour that few others understand. When two Moon Children get together, they start laughing like lunatics. The duo Cancerians understand one another’s rhythm – they don’t subscribe to pop psychology and the notion that every moment must be spent being happy. Before meeting each may have felt there was something wrong with themselves – for not being deliriously joyful all the time – that’s what makes the friendship special – like souls who believe in a range of emotions – including sentimentality and sadness. They both know how to make money and hold on to it. As a result, they often use their friendship as a launching pad to a successful business. At times, their extreme mood swings can cause them to snip at each other.


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Cancers are masters at communicating in methods beyond words. Cancers are the kings and queens of the emotional realm. Communication between them is few words, non-vocal, or mental. They have a profound connection that magnifies the understanding between one another. If they are in a healthy spot in their relationship, there’s little demand for a lot of talking. This duo benefits from learning how to verbalize some of their views more. The silent treatment seems to work in a pinch to voice frustration. But it can upset the emotive Cancer partner over a lengthier period. Being able to communicate one’s upset will help get over emotional hurdles faster. Adding the ability to verbalize one’s feelings improves Cancer and Cancer communication compatibility.


The relationship between two Cancers is a perfect match. Both mesh well mentally and emotionally. Crabs always strive hard to make a perfect relationship, making it easy for them to give their full commitment. What this relationship needs are spontaneity and a bit of compromise. Both must strive hard to be less possessive. No matter how compatible they may be, if one feels strangled, the relationship remains jeopardized. They must give each other enough leeway to explore beyond boundaries because there is no point in having any considering that Cancers are one of the most loyal signs. Likewise, bringing out past disagreements and arguments can only worsen heated arguments. If they would simply focus solely on fixing their current problem and stick to it, it will make their relationship stronger. The more they harp on the past, the more their relationship will cease to progress. If both follow these simple considerations, they will leave no room for insecurity and infidelity, pushing further to have a shot for a relationship that holds true.

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