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The Cancer sign individuals, as per astrology, are said to be very caring. These people are very family-oriented and are attracted to their domestic environment. Also, Cancerians are very sensitive beings and can get a bit (read - ‘a lot’) extra possessive at times. Meanwhile, the Aries sign is said to be the controlling ones; who enjoy the luck of immense courage. The outgoing nature of Aries and the shyness of Gemini rarely match, and even if it does, the Cancerian in the relationship might find themselves being controlled by the Aries. The two signs have many dissimilarities but if they work to understand each other, these differences won't be an issue and brew a Aries and Cancer compatibility.


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Though the Aries like to dominate in love, the Cancer, on the other hand, is more into the sweet and savoury kind of love (kisses and cuddles to be specific). Though the Cancer won’t stop Aries with their domination work (because they too like it very much) but they might struggle at showing the likeness for it on their face. And this blank expression of Cancer could make the Aries think that the former is not interested in the act. In such cases, starting a love affair on the bed by initiating a dirty chatter and not directly jumping on the act can do much good to enhance the Aries and Cancer sexual compatibility.


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The friendship between the Aries and the Cancer is the union of opposites. However, that is not a bad thing especially, if the Aries is male and Cancer a female. The Aries is usually very attracted towards the sensitivity of the Cancer and gets protective of them. Aries in astrology is ruled by Mars and Cancer by the Moon. Aries owns an honest nature and expresses their emotions expressively, which is something that Cancer admires. The Aries and Cancer sign also makes a great match when it comes to trusting each other as they can do it effortlessly.


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When it comes to communication, it can really end wars. But only if you let the sentence finish. And that's something not happening when Aries and Cancer are in the room. Both Aries and Cancer have this impulse to cut each other's conversation short and push their point towards acceptance. The Aries and Cancer interest differ so much that even when they are trying to have a fruitful conversation, in the back of their mind, the battle is to keep the attention on their respective subject or thought. Well, that self-centred approach makes the conversation tough between these two signs.


Though the fire sign Aries and water sign Cancer, when it comes to love (and usually in everything else), are poles apart, but that shouldn’t stop you both from trying to give your love a chance to bloom. The Aries sense of understanding can help the Cancer during their high and lows, and likewise, the calm and naive nature of the Gemini works to rein the impatience and short-tempered Aries. Even though these approaches to their emotions seem different, they understand each other’s depth and in most cases.

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