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When Cancer and Aquarius make a love match, it can be a case of opposites attracting. Cancer takes an emotional approach to life, Aquarius, an offbeat, unconventional approach. While Cancer often retreats into its shell, Aquarius takes every opportunity to be the extrovert, the organizer and party animal. They love to find themselves amongst friends; social settings are simply their thing! If a Cancer and an Aquarius can find a way to combine these qualities in a positive way, they can go anywhere together. Aquarius personas tend to be honest, in a brutal sense. It is not due to a non-caring attitude. Rather, it is their light-hearted approach to life. The Aquarian personality sees no reason to be so serious. This can make the Cancer personality wonder if the Aquarius partner will ever be serious. So how can this combination ever work? Cancer needs to take a breath and calm their inner emotional storms. If the relationship is to work, it will come together of its own accord. No forcing the issue will make it happen. Patience is the key to the Cancer personality. Acceptance of Cancer’s emotional mentality will make things easier on Aquarius. If they achieve a balance, it increases Aquarius and Cancer compatibility.


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The Cancer Aquarius sexual encounter could be quite a passionate affair – neither are into casual sex but if Cancer trusts and Aquarius’ emotions are unlocked then sex is deep and meaningful. It’s also a sacred place where they won’t compete for ideas. Cancer brings romance and sensory delight – complete with a Barry White soundtrack and Egyptian cotton sheets and Aquarius injects imagination – it’s not unusual for these two to be caught playing Princess Lei and Hans solo behind closed doors. Sex for the Aquarius is about the physical act. It’s about the touch and pleasure of the act. For Cancer, the act of sex is about making an emotional and lasting connection. If each partner allows for an open mind, they can learn how to multiply their pleasure. Cancer can teach Aquarius how emotion adds a unique and desirable intensity to sex. Aquarius can teach Cancer that sex doesn’t have to be all about following the rules. The Aquarius and Cancer relationship has some unusual sexual dynamics. Cancer has rigid boundaries when it comes to sexual encounters. If Cancer starts whipping out rules for what happens in bed, it surprises Aquarius. Free-spirited Aquarian has the motto of “Experimentation is right, and nothing is taboo.” The rule Cancer proposes might invoke a moment of silence. Aquarius might even take a step or two, or three (or twelve) backwards to revaluate conditions. The minute the line in the sand appears, it’s a turn off to the erotic experimental senses of the Aquarian partner.


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Cancer and Aquarius duo are a pair of odd ducks. The Moon Child has an offbeat sense of humour, while the Water Bearer has an unorthodox view of life. They might view each other as weirdoes, which is often the launching pad to their friendship. Cancer looks to the past for their values and beliefs whilst Aquarius rockets ship ahead to the future, playing with Parallel universes and Robot implants. At times, both can get a tad fanatical – Cancer may dabble in fundamentalist religion whilst Aquarius embraces Anarchy and discarding of old conventions – extremism drives a temporary wedge in their friendship – or lands one of them in prison. When they inevitably come back – moderating their beliefs – the friendship is resumed. These signs admire each other’s intelligence – opinions are researched – sometimes they are swayed a little by thoroughly articulated evidence


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Aquarius and Cancer pair have exceptional communication skills. They come up with imaginative ideas and can discuss, with ease, how to bring a project to life. The only problem is they might not see each other enough to converse as much as they would like. Aquarius people are smart speakers who have a trickster’s personality. An Aquarius can say something in light jest. The Cancer personality might not see the connotation. Worse is when the Cancer understands what Aquarius means, but finds no humour in it. Cancer can be broody and moody. It will hinder the power of humour in this pairing. Aquarius needs to keep a level of sensitivity when communicating. Cancer will do well to mellow out a bit.


This Cancer-Aquarius relationship needs more than understanding for it to work despite the set differences they have. Both must learn how to lengthen their patience and give leeway to each other's needs. Cancer must learn how to stimulate their inventive and creative Aquarian's minds, while Aquarius must open up to their Cancer's emotions and feelings. And if Cancer asks for more within the relationship, Aquarius must not pull away. This relationship also needs ample energy, especially for the Cancer to be able to catch up with their quick and imaginative Aquarian's mind. Likewise, Aquarius must keep their Cancer's interest in them by showing them a different perspective of the world, but not as adventurous and extreme as Aquarius would want it to be.

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