The Empress


The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

Key Meanings (Upright): Sensuality, feminism, divine figures, nurture, creation, motherhood, pregnancy, beauty, feminine energy, beauty, connection with nature, grow in abundance, success, harmony, peaceful, secure, safe, serene

Key Meanings (Reversed): Insecurity, infertility, lack of confidence or growth, overbearing tendencies, a rupture in peace, disharmony, disrupting the serenity, negligence, no progress, smothering, not moving forward, lack of family support

The Empress Tarot card description

Also known as the mother of all cards, the image of The Empress shows a powerful and beautiful-looking queen sitting on a throne. The queen looks like she is in peaceful surroundings and she has a serene looking facial expression which by looking at her gives us the feeling of peace and tranquillity. The environment that she is surrounded by looks to be a peaceful and harmonious one, in which the queen is feeling comfortable and safe. The aura around her is that of a safe and peaceful place. She is also wearing a beautiful and ethereal crown around her head. The crown that adorns her head is decorated with twelve stars and these stars are an indication of her spiritual connection with the divine realm and the cycle of nature.

The cycle of nature is specifically the twelve months and the twelve planets. Her robe has a pomegranate pattern all over it and they are the representation of fertility and motherhood. The throne on which she is sitting has pillows and cushions and one of these cushions can be seen to have the pattern of the venus sign. It is a known fact that the venus is the symbol of love, harmony, creativity, and beauty. The queen is surrounded by abundant nature with growth and fertility of nature and this is the connection between the empress and Mother Earth and life itself. The growth of the field and the wheat which are golden in colour gives us the idea that The Empress is a symbol of harvesting and abundance in growth and resources. This shows us that as The Empress comes up in a reading, it is indicating good fortune in terms of growth and vitality.

The Empress (Upright)

Upright The Empress tarot card meaning
The Empress

When The Empress comes up in the upright position, it is an indication of your feminine side. Now, femininity is not specified to females or women and it is not only valid for women. Femininity is indeed present in every human being as it represents sensuality, elegance, creativity, beauty, and fertility. Every human needs both femininity and masculinity to create a balance within nature. As The Empress comes up, it is calling you to connect with your feminine side and energy. This card is a signifier of vitality and growth and it is telling you to put the creativity that you were born with, to use. Become creative to create beauty in the world using your senses like touch, smell, or taste because right now, your senses are heightened. Bring yourself closer to these senses as they long to connect with you. Now is the time to draw pleasure from these heightened senses. Consider treating yourself with a spa day, learn body massage, or spend a lot of quality time with your partner and explore different and adventurous ways of expressing yourself.

The Empress in general represents vitality and abundance. As this card appears upright, it is indicating that right now you are in a place of comfort and pleasure, where you are enjoying everything life has to offer to the fullest. You have a life full of pleasurable things and right now you are in a comfortable place where you are not deprived of anything. Right now you are reaping the benefits of the hard work and patience and efforts you have put into your work and life is giving you back in abundance. Whatever you were wishing for is now in your hand and all the favours that you ever did are returning back to you, making your life beautiful and comfortable. As The Empress upright appears, it is indicating a time of growing success and achievements and as you are surrounded by the vast fruits of your hard work and helpful nature, you should not forget to offer your gratitude to nature and the divine energy which led everything to fall in your favour.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

In a love tarot reading, The Empress in the upright position derives its message from the elements of the earth. This means that you will be grounded and secure in your life and connect with nature on a deeper level. Just like the queen in the card, you are someone who knows how to give and receive love and is a loving and caring person in general. You are connected with your inner soul and you realise what your heart truly desires because of which you do not fear demanding the love and support from your loved ones. This card represents someone who is not afraid of showing their emotions and as you have this nurturing personality, you are always ready to provide your partner with the love and support which helps them to grow.

The Empress is also indicating someone who is financially secure and does not face financial or professional problems very often which makes them a great partner for a comfortable and healthy relationship. You are someone who is spiritually connected with nature and knows how to appreciate the wonders and gifts of nature completely. The Empress upright also points to a relationship built on the connection between work and personal life. So you can consider relationship building with one of your co-workers who shares the same interests as you or someone working in the same work sphere as you, someone who has recently joined. There is also a chance of a potential partnership with someone related to a very fresh business project that you have recently started working on. As The Empress represents nurture and motherhood, you can expect news of pregnancy or motherhood. This card in a relationship tarot reading represents a healthy and stable relationship and partnership.

Finance (Upright)

One can get a hint about what The Empress has in store for you in a financial reading as it is very apparent by the main description of the card that it represents wealth and growth in abundance. In terms of your finances, there will hardly come a time when you will suffer due to your finances and you will mostly be in a financially comfortable situation. You will also have an abundance of creativity which you can easily use to grow your fortune to a higher level, securing your life for a long time. You are secure within your sphere and will not require support from external sources which is a positive change right now as you know the struggles that come when one is suffering from crisis and shortage. But now is not the time to worry about all those things as you have secured yourself to the point where you will not have to ask for help from anyone. Now, you are comfortable enough to spend money on your loved ones and provide for everyone that has ever supported you in your struggles.

Career (Upright)

All the positive aspects of The Empress upright apply to your career as well as you may have already felt the positive changes in your professional life. This is exactly what this card indicates when it appears in the upright position. There will be a boost in your career and right now, there are high chances of you growing considerably. You are feeling a boost in your creativity and knowledge and as you put your ideas to reality, you are met with success and appreciation from people associated with your project. Right now you are feeling the urge to be passionate about your profession and focus your energy on building your business and taking it to the next level. Now is also the right time to start a new project depending on an idea that you have been playing around with for a while as fortune is the only thing that you will come across if you execute the plan properly. The Empress is also a card representing nurturing and nourishment and this applies to your work environment as you are feeling these nurturing emotions towards your workspace as well. You are feeling more generous towards your colleagues, creating a harmonious and friendly environment in your office which is also uplifting your mood and those working with you.

Health (Upright)

The Empress being the card of fertility and vitality, as it appears in the upright position, you can take it as a strong indication of pregnancy and motherhood. If you have been trying for a long time to grow your family and are wishing for a child in your life, this card is indicating that all your wishes are about to be fulfilled and soon you or your partner will get pregnant. As a sign of high fertility, you should also take it as a warning if you are not necessarily trying for a child and feel like you are not even close to being ready for responsibility for a new life because the chance of unwanted pregnancy is high right now. Take this card as a warning and maintain strict precautionary measures if you are sexually active or are in a relationship. If pregnancy is not necessarily a concern for you right now, this card is indicating that you should nurture yourself and take care of those you love and care about.

The Empress (Reversed)

Reversed The Empress tarot card meaning
The Empress

In the reversed position, the empress is indicating that you have let yourself be in the background of your own life for too long, and the time to prioritise self-love and self-care has come. You have a loving nature in general, and for a long time, you have been giving your personal power by putting too much importance on someone else's emotions. You are letting the feelings and emotions of the other person rule all your decisions and actions. But as you focus too much on this person's material and emotional needs, you are neglecting your own needs and wellbeing. You should realise that there is a limit to how much you can give, and finally, the time comes when giving away is taking too much away from you, leaving nothing for yourself. The Empress reversed is an indication of the time to focus on yourself and your mental health and growth. You can plan a weekend of vacation with your close ones or family, or you can go for a solo adventure, where the only focus is on you and your needs and wants. Start on a creative project which is just for your own sake and don't let anyone else get involved in it or tell you what to do. It is vital that you take care of yourself and your mind to stay in the right headspace to be able to serve someone else.

This card also suggests that you might be feeling a different kind of connection with nature and having the urge to connect with your environment. You might be in a place where it is sufficient for you to go out and explore nature like going on a walk in the garden, park, or a beach and enjoying the pleasures that nature provides for us. Explore a new place hidden from the rest of the world, bring a book, and read it while you are out. This way you can enjoy nature with things that you already like. Take in the energy from your surroundings and let it put you in a peaceful state of mind.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

When The Empress is in the reversed position in a love tarot reading, it is an indication of the person in a relationship who has become too controlling and manipulating over time. It may be talking about your partner with whom you've been in a relationship for a really long time, and during the early years, the relationship was going strong. But as time went on, you are realising the shortcomings of your relationship and how you've been feeling as if your wishes are being kept aside for too long. You are giving your best in the relationship, trying everything you can to please your partner and make him happy, but the demanding nature of your partner has started to overpower every decision in your life, sweeping your dreams under the rug. It's been too long for you to remember the last time you did something for your own sake only, something that did not serve one way or the other for your partner. This is something that has been occupying your thoughts, keeping you from performing your best in your work. The relationship with your partner has also become the centre of your world, and all the other relationships you have, like the ones with your family and friends, have become distant memories.

The Empress reversed is also a strong indication of a lack of self-worth and confidence. This means that you or your partner might be struggling with your identity and questioning your capabilities and qualities. You are wondering whether you deserve to be loved, deserve to be in this loving relationship. This can become a reason behind hindering the relationship. Because of your self-doubting tendencies, it is becoming too hard for you to maintain a healthy relationship. You can take this card as advice to spend some quality time together with your partner, which will help to bring the spark back into your relationship. Go on romantic dates or walk holding hands. If you are concerned about the controlling behaviour of your partner, talk to them openly and discuss everything that you've been feeling. Sometimes we act a certain way thinking that this is the right thing to do for our loved ones, not considering their feelings and emotions, or realising that our actions could be hurting them.

Finances (Reversed)

The Empress is a great sign of everything related to finance and money, and even in the reversed position, it is indicating good fortune and healthy financial condition. You will not have to worry about money right now because it seems that you have worked hard enough to overcome all the obstacles that were standing in your way and have brought yourself to a very stable ground in terms of your finances. You are in a place where you can happily spend money for your loved ones and on yourself, enjoying the fruits of your hard work. But in the reversed position, this card generally hints at insecurity and self-doubt, so that can apply here as well. Even if you are in a fantastic financial situation, you are still worried about your money and keep having the feeling that soon you'll have to suffer a shortage. There could be many reasons why these feelings keep rising up. It could be that you might have had a childhood where your parents always struggled financially, or you've grown up in poverty. Those experiences have settled in your subconscious mind as trauma, not letting you be confident with money. There could be other reasons as well. The best way to tackle this situation is to take into account every little aspect of your finances and life in general. Analyse everything and find out whether there is any chance of you losing money from any angle. Continue being responsible with your finances and the chances of financial struggles will not concern you at the least during this time.

Career (Reversed)

With The reverse Empress, insecurity and unfulfilling emotions are coming in even for your career and profession. You might be feeling as if your work is something that you are forcing yourself to do and there is no interest from within to do well and gain success. The job that you are currently doing has started to feel tedious and boring and every morning, you are dragging yourself out of the bed to get to work. The spark and excitement that you felt when you first started is nowhere in sight, and you are working just for the sake of working. There could be many reasons why you are feeling this way, like you are putting a lot of effort and energy into your profession, but no matter how hard you work, nothing seems to be working and you feel as if your hard work is going to waste. There is no progress in terms of developing your skills and abilities. The monotonous nature of your work is getting on your nerves and you feel as if there is nothing new left to learn from your current profession. And to top it off on your frustrations, those working with you are showing no appreciation or approval for all the hard work you are putting in, giving you the feeling that your creativity is going to waste. Your insecurity about your capabilities can be the reason behind you feeling unsure about your job. The right thing to do right now will be to take a considerable amount of time and think about everything that you are feeling. Analyse the reasons behind your insecurities and look for solutions for that specific problem.

Health (Reversed)

The Empress reversed is an indication that you have been sweeping your health under the rug for way too long for the sake of your profession. You are focusing too much energy and time to grow your business and as you do that, your health is becoming secondary to everything. This is an unhealthy habit that many fall prey to because they want to establish themselves faster. This card indicates that you are struggling with an imbalance in your emotions, which is also affecting your relationship with your work. Chances of lacking in your work because you are feeling lethargic or lazy due to your emotions are apparent with this card. You are falling victim to an unhealthy lifestyle, not exercising, and binge eating. All these things are causing you to become unhealthy. Now is the time to focus on your health and start following a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate an exercise regime and healthy food into your lifestyle. Try doing physical activities that you love and enjoy. The Empress reversed is also an indication of infertility or pregnancy issues such as unwanted pregnancy. You might have to look out for a miscarriage if you are expecting and take extra care of your health.

The Empress: One Card Pull

One card pull is done when you want to have straight to the point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers in the form of Yes or No. So, getting a one-card pull is always helpful if you are going through any challenging situation or are stuck in a dilemma. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull in The Empress card is:

Upright Position: If you have pulled The Empress in the upright position, the answer is Yes.

Reversed Position: If you have pulled The Empress in the reversed position, the answer is No.

The Empress for Timing

If someone is seeking the time in which something will happen, they should remain patient and wait for the signal from the universe. You will get hints as the time gets closer. The time also depends on someone else’s actions or divine energy.

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