The Hierophant


The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Key Meanings (Upright): Religion, belief, commitment, traditional institutions, conformity, traditional values, knowledge sharing, marriage, spiritual wisdom, social groups, education, safety, teamwork

Key Meanings (Reversed): Freedom, personal belief, reversed roles, challenging traditions, unconventional lifestyle, ignorance, new methods, unconventional relationships, rebellion, non-conformity, peer pressure

The Hierophant Tarot Card Description

In the deck of Major Arcana tarot cards, The Hierophant is the masculine or male counterpart of The High Priestess. Recognized by the name teacher or Pope, it is generally ruled by the Taurus zodiac sign. The card depicts a masculine religious figure settled between two pillars of a shrine. However, if you would see it clearly, this temple looks way different from the one on The High Priestess card.

He has three robes in three separate colors— red, blue, and white. Moreover, you can notice a three-tiered crown on his head. Both the accessories signify three different worlds that he governs— the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. Ahead, you can also notice that in his left hand he has a Papal Cross, which illustrates his religious status. Looking to his right hand, you shall see that it is up in order to provide blessings. Two of his fingers are pointing up (towards Heaven) and two down (towards Earth).

You can also notice that two followers are kneeling in front of him. And being a religious deity, the task of the Hierophant is to give and spread his spiritual knowledge to his followers and direct them towards church so they can begin with their roles and responsibilities there. Basically, this Major Arcana tarot card represents a clear passage to enter the next level of life— spirituality. Also, the crossed keys near the Hierophant’s feet signify the proper equilibrium between the subconscious and conscious mind and other mysterious facts and truths of life, which only he can teach or explain to the people.

The Hierophant (Upright)

Upright The Hierophant tarot card meaning
The Hierophant

Getting The Hierophant (upright) card in the tarot reading session indicates the welcome of conventional thoughts and ideas. It suggests that you wish to get into a procedure that is already well established. However, as much as you want to become a part of the ongoing, you want to stay within certain traditional limits and boundaries— following orthodox ideas and approaches. So, what do you do to become a part of the existential world? First, you try to adapt to the already existing thoughts and ideologies.

This upright tarot card indicates that you feel better performing what others are doing instead of being innovative or breaking the orthodox approach towards a certain thing in your life. Hinting more towards the spiritual ceremonies or traditional rituals, you become a part of such values and get trapped without considering that it could be wrong. So when this card appears in a reading, it signals institutions and their typical methods and values. And for you, it indicates a non-thinking phase, wherein you would do what exists and not think through the rules and situations from your viewpoint.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

When you take a tarot card reading for love and relationship questions, The Hierophant upright card indicates commitment and marriage for the couples. So, for the people already in a relationship or planning to take their bond to the next level, getting The Hierophant card is a positive indication. Your connection with your partner will turn well, and some of you can also have new beginnings with your other half. Also, it signals the fact that near about times, you and your partner would be on the same page and shall have almost similar thoughts towards each other and your connection.

However, if you are single, this Major Arcana tarot card represents that someone special will soon enter your life. And the relationship you will have shall be full of commitment and understanding. There will be security, undivided attention, and tendencies to help each other grow in life with fewer misunderstandings and more support. The Hierophant tarot card for singles also indicates a keen draw towards a partner who respects traditional values, is respected by the community and is safe for your future plans. As for you, it signals a feeling of respect for them and a deep thought process that will help you treat them better and properly.

Finance (Upright)

Getting The Hierophant tarot card (upright) indicates the involvement of money in traditional practices and works. You might feel safe keeping them in conventional institutions rather than anywhere. Furthermore, you will believe in making money with noble methods— no cheating, no shortcuts! Even if it makes you hustle and work extra hard, you will get the good money in your pockets. Moreover, this Major Arcana card (upright) says that spending money will never be your thing. You will save more than spending. Therefore, there would be a sense of value towards earning methods and ways.

However, on the other hand, you may struggle in adapting to the new finance gaining processes. All the new wealth-increasing methods like— investments in the stock market, making some side money, or buying assets for later might look problematic to you. In all, you will struggle in understanding these ways, which would keep you a mediocre earning being. You might be satisfied or feel good the way things are. However, sooner or later, you will feel the need to develop or change. But, the chances of making an effort to change will still be low.

Career (Upright)

In career, The Hierophant tarot card indicates success, but in teams or groups. It basically draws you towards doing teamwork and working solo less. Obviously, you can perform well alone, but the card indicates you do not hustle so much and go with the flow. Though after a certain point, you will become adaptable to the “teamwork system,” and it will be hard to get out of it, you will still choose to be safe and play balanced instead of hitting the boat with a rock. The same will help your career grow and make you successful in the longer run.

Furthermore, getting The Hierophant tarot card in your reading illustrates that professional people and natives who work or stay under the guidance of someone— in business, internships, or even students; will get help from their seniors. They will aid your career growth and help you improve your life. As the card also represents education, therefore, for students or people planning to pursue any learning activities in life, it acts as a positive sign and shows a hurdle-free way to achieve the same. Moreover, The Hierophant (upright) card in a career promotes knowledge sharing. Thus, you must not miss any chance to help someone with their queries and issues.

Health (Upright)

If you have been struggling hard with any health problems, getting The Hierophant tarot card upright in a reading signals that traditional treatments and cures would work best for you. Your health condition might become non-handleable if you opt for some conventional ways of getting better. Hustle or rush will also act badly in your situation, especially if the problem is more physical than internal. Moreover, getting this Major Arcana tarot card indicates strictness to follow what is advised by the doctor.

Ahead, The Hierophant card (upright) illustrates that it would be great for you if you do some regular exercises or meditation practices. Taking vitamins or sources of supplements that can help your immune system boost will be helpful for you. For healthy people, this tarot card represents a fit and fresh time, but with strict healthy eating habits and a focus on building up your well-being. Moreover, it strongly indicates to the children to keep an eye on their physical activities, as it would keep them away from all the lethargic feelings and refresh them in the best way possible.

The Hierophant (Reversed)

Reversed The Hierophant tarot card meaning
The Hierophant

Getting The Hierophant tarot card reversed in a tarot card reading strongly indicates rebellion. It says it is high time, and you must break all the rules formed by the system and bring changes to the world. All those traditional practices, methods, and ways need to be away. And, you must follow the conventional ways to perform the tasks in your life. Ahead, reversed The Hierophant tarot card wants you to get rid of the social norms that challenge the rules and regulations around you or which must not be followed just for the sake of adaptability. Basically, this card is more for introspecting yourself around the fact that whatever you have been into all this while, was that even worth following?

Ahead, The Hierophant (reversed) signals that you might have guilt or a feeling of embarrassment with the ways and methods you have been going on all through the course of your life. Clinging intensely to the traditional means of the world, you must change yourself and have an alternative lifestyle made with your own rules. You need to separate yourself from the society-shaming and follow what you think is appropriate. All these practices will help you learn authority, possess a vision of your own, and enjoy freedom.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

Getting reversed The Hierophant tarot card in a relationship reading indicates that no charm is present in your relationship. It may have become boring, uninteresting, or not good enough for you and your partner. Basically, with time, all the excitement and understanding have gone under sheets, and the couples would feel like they are dragging it with their partner. So, it kind of warns the natives already in a relationship to make constant efforts, share views, and make constant conversations. Even though it would indicate a future together, you shall not believe in the same. Chances of separation could be there too.

With nothing in alignment, The Hierophant (reversed) tarot card signifies that singles may have to become a dealbreaker and make compromises to get into a relationship that signals healthiness and fulfillment. Turning romantic around your partner, wooing them with sensual conversations, and trying to understand their expectations with the relationship, will help you strengthen your bond with them. For some people, this Major Arcana tarot card suggests patience and waiting for the right time to have the person in your life.

Finances (Reversed)

Restlessness would be the right for you in terms of finances when you get this Major Arcana tarot card in your reading. You will feel a rush to put money in investments and other places. It might lead you to some casualties and some losses because of the same. You will feel pleasure in taking risks with your money into unconventional and unconventional methods. Then again, there are high possibilities that you might lose your money because of such practices. Even if others would try to give you some advice, it will look stupid to you. Thus, working on your own intuitions will look like an easier task.

With The Hierophant (reversed) tarot card, you will also figure out ways to earn some side money. Chances are high that you will learn new investment methods— cryptocurrency, investing in real estate, getting some other assets, etc. You shall be more practical and realistic than following just what others are doing to make money. Moreover, you would be more responsible in handling the wealth you have. However, success might make you greedy in the longer run. You will be enthusiastic about learning conventional forms of earning wealth. But, on the other hand, you might go on a spending spree too.

Career (Reversed)

Bound in limits, you might feel stuck in your workplace. Moreover, there could be a block that might force you to get out of the traditional working methods and try something of your own. The Hierophant tarot card (reversed) in career represents restrictions. You will feel confined to a no-growth range, where situations would look not to work in your favor or will not benefit your professional growth. Thus, with this tarot card (reversed), you must make a move to think out of the box and give yourself a fresh start in your career.

For professional people, it acts as an indication to place your ideas too in the middle of others showing an alternative way of performing the same thing. But, remember, this card in a tarot reading never indicates being bossy or over-flaunting your skills and abilities. It simply asks you to be you and show the best opinions you got. For people facing issues in getting a job, try something new! Modify your resume and stop preparing or doing what others are already doing. Trust in yourself, a little rule breaker, and innovation is the prime motive of The Hierophant (reverse) tarot card.

Health (Reversed)

In case you are unwell, The Hierophant (reversed) tarot card signals that now is the most appropriate time to switch to alternative methods in your treatment. Try something that you haven’t, something holistic, as it would benefit you greatly. If you act harsh on yourself, it will impact your health way too much. Thus, you must take relaxation and life’s schedules hand in hand. Moreover, getting this tarot card in your tarot session, you should also remember that new ways of exercising and keeping yourself fit and fine will be the best you can do.

Along with it, The Hierophant (reversed) card wants you to shake things up. The card even wants you to step outside your comfort zone and make new progress in your health. Children should be playful and leave digital things as much as possible. Also, they must not come under peer pressure as it could degrade their wellness immensely. To have proper health, people getting this Major Arcana tarot card should remember that old facts and figures would only cause suffering. However, fixing it with new beginnings and goals will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Hierophant Card: One card Pull

One card pull is performed when you want to have straight to the point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers, in the form of Yes or No. So, if you are going through any tough situation or are stuck in a dilemma, getting a one-card pull is always helpful. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull in The Hierophant tarot card is:

Upright Position: If you get the pulled card in the upright position, it indicates Yes as an answer.

Reversed Position: If you get the pulled card in the reversed position, it indicates No as an answer.

The Hierophant Card for Timing

The Hierophant for timing indicates rapid possibility. So, when you have questions— when an event will occur in your life, this Major Arcana card foretells that a maximum of fifteen days would be the time limit for anything to happen in your life. However, sometimes it can extend to a month. The time after getting The Hierophant tarot card sometimes is unknown (depending on the situation). Thus, it can also mean that the card might take you by surprise and give you some unexpected results.

As this tarot card represents spirituality, any religious tasks in your life will soon be accomplished. Moreover, it also signifies education and marriage. Therefore, the time span for both things to happen will be like a shortcoming. So, consider it as a positive card when asking questions about timing. Not just this, if you are around the Taurus season, the possibilities of the same happening turn double.

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