The World


The World Tarot Card Meaning

Key Meanings (Upright): Achievement, fulfilment, possibilities, successful conclusions

Key Meanings (Reversed): Delayed success, failed plans, lack of completion, stagnation

The World Tarot Card Description

Unclothed and dancing inside a huge laurel wreath, the World Major Arcana tarot card depicts a lady. While her body is moving ahead toward the future, she is looking backward at the past. Two wands or batons, similar to the one The Magician carries, are in her hands. It is a sign that what began to materialise with The Magician has since been finished with The World. Because the woman is finishing one phase while almost immediately beginning another as she passes through the wreath, the wreath's circular shape represents a never-ending cycle of satisfactory implementation and fresh beginnings.

Four images (a lion, bull, cherub, and eagle) that resemble those on the Wheel of Fortune surround the wreath. The cyclical nature of your existence and how you go through its cycles are both addressed by The World and the Wheel of Fortune. Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio are the four permanent signs of the zodiac that are represented by the four figures. They represent the four seasons, the four corners of the universe, the four Tarot suits, the four compass points, the four elements, and more. They help you transition from one stage to the next while providing harmony and balance to your trip.

This Major Arcana card often denotes having the entire world at your disposal! Given that it is one of the travel cards and might be taken literally. It can signify that new horizons are opening up for you, and the people you meet abroad will likely be kind. The globe might also suggest that you will have the entire world at your disposal in another sense, i.e., that you will succeed and that the opportunities that are currently open to you are limitless. You have experienced the hardships and teachings of the other Major Arcana, weathered the difficulties, and are now about to enjoy the benefits.

The World (Upright)

Upright The World tarot card meaning
The World

Getting The World (upright) in your tarot card reading, you are beaming with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. You are currently savouring the sensation of completion and success after a lengthy project, study time, romantic connection, or professional endeavour has reached its conclusion. This card could signify completing school, getting married, having a kid, or realising a long-held ambition. Finally, you've fulfilled your intention or mission. The pieces are all in place, you're doing what needs to be done to accomplish your goals, and everything is in its proper position. You have a sense of completeness.

The World card now urges you to consider your path, celebrate your successes, and pay attention to your spiritual teachings. Celebrate your accomplishments and take pleasure in realising your goals. You are the strong, wise, and more experienced professional you are today due to all the victories and challenges you overcame along the way. Thank the Creator for everything that you have produced and harvested. Finally, be careful not to go right into the next large endeavour; taking time to celebrate your progress will help you succeed when it's time to take on your next task.

Even if you haven't finished, you are extremely close to doing so. To advance to a greater level and achieve true success, you might still require a greater degree of comprehension. Consider your earlier experiences and be proud of how far you've gone and what you've discovered along the road. You might be surprised when you look at your achievements and your growth. This introspection can also be precisely what you require to complete your project.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

If you are in a romance and receive a love tarot reading, The World may represent achieving a dream you have had. That can involve being married, having kids, or simply being in a relationship where you feel very content, safe, loved, and dedicated. You and your spouse have worked hard to build this connection, so take advantage of the new opportunities that are coming up. Moreover, it denotes that you have a wide range of possibilities if you're single. It implies that you have put a lot of effort into overcoming your obstacles to the point that you are content with who you are and where you fit in the world. As like attracts like, this can only be a good thing for you romantically. You will attract someone incredible into your life when you are at ease with who you are, joyful, and open to the potential this world has to offer.

It may also be a sign that you'll run into somebody new while vacationing or that they frequently travel for work. It also implies that people will find you appealing and in demand. You currently feel incredibly grateful and deeply fulfilled by your partnership. The World (upright) in romance denotes a sense of satisfaction and joy. This card may occasionally even propose taking your relationship to the next level by getting married or beginning a family. You are considering your next moves as one phase in your life comes to an end. You two could be making plans or even important decisions.

Finances (Upright)

The World suggests that wealth should be directed toward you in a financial environment. However, this is neither a recommendation to gamble nor undertake speculative investments; rather, it is a promise that your efforts will be rewarded. Maybe you'll get a surprise but well-deserved bonus, maybe you'll get a major contract that will offer you financial stability, or maybe you'll just get to the point where, after a lot of saving and scrounging, you feel safe financially. Your financial situation will seem fantastic with The World in your Tarot reading, whatever it may be. You now have the opportunity to think about your resources in new ways, giving you the potential to make improvements.

It's possible that you put in a lot of effort to achieve your financial objectives, and that now is the perfect moment to reap the rewards. You could have paid off certain debts, acquired financial security via savings, or completed a significant purchase that you had been saving for. Be satisfied with what you've achieved and give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back. It may be appropriate to consider other long-term objectives right now. Consider how your funds fit into the bigger context of your life since the World also stands for a sense of wholeness.

Career (Upright)

The World might stand in for achieving your professional objectives in a career environment. If you started your own business, this indicates finally making it to the point where it is successful and you can exhale with relief after all the anxiety and apprehension of the start-up period when you weren't sure it would succeed. Enjoy the results of your labour; you deserve them. Also, don't forget to thank those who assisted you along the road by sharing your achievement with them. If you work with somebody else, it can mean that you've finally landed the job you've always wanted or that you've finished a noteworthy project that will earn you respect. In a career, The World Major Arcana card may also signify business trips.

You should feel good about yourself since you accomplished your career goals. There's a lot to celebrate right now, whether that is locating a position that makes you feel content both monetarily and spiritually, completing a particularly difficult assignment, or starting your own business. Enjoy everything you've earned by taking the time you have now. You're probably already considering what will happen next because this is how things usually go. Enjoy the present right now.

Health (Upright)

The World is a great card to have if you are currently dealing with an illness or accident since it symbolises overcoming difficulty. It is highly promising for healing. In general, if The World occurs in a Tarot spread for health, your health should be improving. This card is a sign that all your hopes are about to come true and that you or your companion will soon become pregnant when you have been trying to have a family for a while and are hoping for a kid in your life. If you are not necessarily trying for a kid and believe you are nowhere close to being prepared for the burden of a new life, it is also a symptom of high fertility.

You should get this card from the Major Arcana deck as a warning since the likelihood of an unexpected pregnancy is good right now. The World denotes in a spiritual sense that you have completed and drawn lessons from your karmic experiences. You now have a better understanding of who you are, your journey, and your place in the world. You are experiencing the feeling of inner accomplishment you have been seeking thanks to this. You'll discover that you're incredibly attuned to spirit and that new dimensions are becoming accessible to you. You could feel driven to spread your wisdom and expertise to other people.

The World (Reversed)

Reversed The World tarot card meaning
The World

The World reversed implies that you want to put a personal matter to rest. You may desire to move on but are still emotionally linked to a previous relationship. You could also imagine fitting into your previous slim pants one day but suddenly realise that 10 years have passed and your physiology and body type have changed. Deep down, you are aware that moving past the past and accepting where you are in the present requires letting go of the past. Finding closure could be a very solitary path that you navigate with the help of writing, visualisation, energy work, and counselling.

It might indicate that you have huge goals you want to achieve or enormous projects you want to finish, but you're not taking the required measures to get there. You could choose the simplest or quickest route to get your objective, but it won't have the desired effect. Even if the endpoint is the same, ascending a peak from the base is a very different experience than taking a helicopter to the top. To develop and learn, you must go through the ups and downs along the path. And once you do accomplish your objective, you will feel such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Set stretch objectives for yourself; even if they require overcoming difficulties or obstacles along the road, doing so will make the accomplishment all the more satisfying. Moreover, it also represents a situation in which you are almost done with a task or objective but, for whatever reason, lose concentration and procrastinate right up to the very end. Why quit now when you still have a short distance to go? Recharge your energy and remind yourself of how lovely life will be after you achieve your long-term goal.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

Possessing The World card (reversed) may suggest that your partnership has reached a dead end. You and your spouse may need to put more work into your relationship and have honest, open conversations to get back on course if you've let things drift. However, if you have been working on your relationship seriously but it doesn't appear to be improving, you may want to think about whether this is the correct relationship for you. If you're single, you could think that your romantic prospects have dimmed, but consider if you've put enough effort into getting out there and meeting the proper individuals. Prince or Princess charming won't just come to your door and make you feel like a princess. You must get out and socialise. Don't be scared to make an effort. It might also mean that you are finding it difficult to walk on from a romance that abruptly ended.

Maybe your ex abruptly ended things without warning or didn't give you the space you needed to process the breakup of your relationship. Given that you haven't had a chance to find closure, this might be quite tough to handle. Don't waste your life wishing they would return. You may never be able to gain closure from your ex, so you need to concentrate on finding another method to accept what happened. Keep your eyes open for chances to heal and ask the universe for assistance in this. It will take a lot of intentional work on your side, so concentrate your attention there. You are going to overcome it in due time.

Finances (Reversed)

When you get this tarot card (reversed) in your readings, it might suggest stagnating finances in a financial spread. You can always take action to assist yourself. Avoid trying to increase your financial balance by taking shortcuts, making dangerous bets, or participating in getting-rich-fast scams. To put yourself in a comfortable financial situation, you need to work hard, be consistent, and be determined. Even if you're in a stable financial situation, you could feel content with what you possess yet stagnate. Your attachment to material possessions perhaps has to be reevaluated in light of The World (reversed) card.

If you've discovered that you've failed to live up to your financial objectives, now is not the moment to wallow in emotions of disappointment since you are almost where you want to be. Instead, keep up your consistency and you will find consolation. Even though your financial condition is excellent, you are nonetheless concerned about money and always worry that you may soon experience a lack. There may be a variety of causes for these sentiments to persist. It's possible that you grew up in poverty or that your parents struggled with money constantly during your youth. Your subconscious mind has stored those experiences as trauma, which prevents you from having financial confidence. There can be further factors. The best course of action in this circumstance is to consider every conceivable facet of your money and life as a whole.

Career (Reversed)

Have you just attained a significant career objective that you had been working on for a while, only to discover that the benefits aren't nearly as sweet as you had anticipated? Or have your efforts fallen just short of your goals? The World (reversed) denotes that you are getting close to completion but may still be lacking a few crucial components. Achieving this objective may have been easy because your aims were too strictly focused on what other people considered to be a success or because you had your standards too low. The moment has come to review your objectives and make any required modifications.

The World Reversed might be seen as a career indicator that you have not met your career objectives. It can also mean that you are not reaching your full potential. What is stopping you, you could ask? Have you made the necessary effort? Are you frightened of failing if you want to be the best version of yourself? Are you trapped in a job that makes you unhappy? Keep in mind that you are in control of your future. It's okay to make errors since that's how we learn. And if it's what you want to do, don't be scared to think outside of the box or follow an alternative professional path.

Health (Reversed)

Reversed The World might be interpreted in a medical sense as a warning to reconsider your course of therapy if you have been unwell. Also, it advises attempting something new if you have repeatedly tried the same things and they have not worked. This does not imply that you should disregard your doctor's recommendations, but you can consider combining your existing therapies with a comprehensive strategy that will support them and improve your health. The World Reversed advises you to quit attempting to take shortcuts and complete what you've begun if you have been not completing treatments like a session of medicine or complete an exercise regime if you want to fix your health concerns.

Moreover, in a tarot card reading, it suggests you believe your spiritual connection has stalled and that you are either unable or unwilling to move forward. Sometimes it is necessary to attempt a new strategy when this occurs. Why not give something a try that you haven't done before? Try something intriguing and novel to rekindle your enthusiasm. It also advises you to be truthful with yourself if you haven't been working hard in your spiritual endeavours. Your spiritual journey has no quick cuts. You must be motivated to make the effort and travel the journey.

The World Card: One card Pull

One card pull is performed when you want to have straight-to-the-point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers, in the form of Yes or No. So, if you are going through any tough situation or are stuck in a dilemma. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull-in The World tarot card are:

Upright Position: If you get the pulled card in the upright position, it indicates Yes as an answer.

Reversed Position: If you get the pulled card in the reversed position, it indicates No as an answer.

The World Card for Timing

Many factors affect when you will get it, including the timing. But to be more precise, if you have drawn The World to find out when an event will occur and whenever your wish will materialise, you can anticipate the time to be between October 20 and January 21. Your knowledge and sentiments will be put to use, enabling you to accomplish your goals, according to the World tarot card.

In the upcoming days or weeks, this occurrence may occur. No matter what day it is, this Major Arcana card assures you that all you've been yearning for will happen very soon. The World depicts a variety of celebrations and gatherings merging together for everyone else's ultimate good. The good news may come in the fall or within the upcoming month or two.

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