The Sun


The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

Key Meanings (Upright): Enlightenment, joy, marriage, material happiness, success, vitality

Key Meanings (Reversed): False impressions, lack of clarity, low vitality, sadness

The Sun Tarot Card Description

The Sun exudes happiness and optimism. The sky is lit up by a huge, brilliant sun, which stands for the origin of all life present on Earth. Underneath, four sunflowers that stand for the Minor Arcana's four suits and the four elements rise over a brick wall. A small youngster who is completely nude is perched on top of a serene white horse in the foreground. The child is a representation of the happiness that comes from connecting with your inner soul, and his nakedness shows that he has nothing whatsoever to hide and is pure and innocent like a young child. Additionally, a symbol of power and purity is the white horse.

An optimistic and contented mood is depicted by this Major Arcana tarot card. The morning that follows the longest, darkest night is symbolised by this card. All life on Earth derives from the Sun, which also serves as a metaphor for life's vital force. The image on the card shows a little youngster playing happily in the foreground. It reflects the joy that comes from being in harmony with your actual self and is a representation of our innocence. The fact that the toddler is nude shows that he has nothing to conceal. The card also shows the pure purity and innocence of children. This is especially highlighted by the white horse the youngster is astride. Here, the horse is also a representation of power and majesty.

Given that this card also signifies success and passion, things should have been going well for you. People will gravitate toward the joy and good feelings you are radiating, and you will spread happiness and sunshine to everyone and anything you meet and interact with. You'll have a carefree, uninhibited, and secure sensation. Given that it is also the card of truth, if you've been the sufferer of lies or dishonesty, The Sun Major Arcana card will arrive to expose the lies and their perpetrators. In the Tarot, the upright Sun card also represents luck. The comfort this card gives will make any issues you've been having vanish.

The Sun (Upright)

Upright The Sun tarot card meaning
The Sun

The Sun (upright) stands for achievement, brilliance, and plenty. The Sun offers you courage and assures you that your dazzling, upbeat energy will accompany you everywhere you go and bring you pleasure and joy no matter what you do. You attract others because you always keep a positive attitude and provide so much warmth to their life. What will help you achieve and get you through difficult times is this lovely, loving energy. Additionally, you are in a position to share with people your best traits and accomplishments. Radiate your identity and your values; shine your affection on the people you care about.

Ahead, as per the predictions, The Sun tarot card sends you the promise you have been expecting if you've been going through a challenging time: things will get much, much better! You learned about yourself and your purpose for being here by overcoming the obstacles in your way. You are now energised and zealous for the future, and you can already see success and wealth coming your way. You are overflowing with confidence since you are certain that everything will turn out just fine. The wonderful life!

Moreover, this tarot card links you to your source of power, which is the rich inner energy that is already shining through you rather than the egotistical, fear-based power. It will call you to honestly express who you are and to be completely aware of the world around you. You'll feel it in your Solar Plexus chakra. You are being urged to give the world a powerful outpouring of your energy and abilities because you have what people desire. To express your power constructively, tap into it and employ your Divine will.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

If you are in a romance, The Sun in a relationship tarot card reading denotes immense delight and contentment. It can signal a time when your relationship is positive, passionate, and entertaining. In addition, the Sun's upright position sheds light on everything in its path, including relationships, thus it may also portend that any troubles in your relationship that are concealed will come to light. The Sun will bring an end to any problems it has brought to light for your overall good. The relationship could become more honest and open as a result, or it can dissolve altogether so that you might find a better one. For confirmation, check the supported cards. Whatever happens, The Sun will bring something wonderful and positive into your romantic life.

A celebration, such as a proposal or wedding, can also be predicted by The Sun. If you're single, The Sun suggests that a wonderful relationship may be in your future. It can also mean that you'll be enjoying the enjoyable features of being single and feeling carefree. One of the major Tarot deck pregnancy signs, regardless of whether you are dating or not, is The Sun. Take the necessary safeguards if you’re not prepared to have kids.

Finances (Upright)

In finance matters, The Sun (upright) is for abundance, therefore if it appears in your reading, you ought to be performing extremely well financially. All of your business endeavours, financial investments, and other money-making projects ought to be successful. Remember to set aside part of your riches to pay off any secret debts you may have as they may also arise now. Your financial condition may be favourable and cosy right now. The Sun denotes a state of thankfulness, plenty, and joy, and a monetary tarot reading is no exception to this rule. Additionally, the sun sheds light on objects, illuminating them and bringing them into the open. Any financial-related elements that have been kept a secret can now be disclosed.

When upright The Sun appears, your financial status should be secure, which is fantastic news. If the sun emerges, you might anticipate receiving a financial reward for your dedication to and enthusiasm for your work. If you work for yourself, it may occasionally be advised that you get a promotion or start a new business. Financial independence may be something you're progressively acquiring if you've been wise with your money. When you succeed, you may remember how difficult circumstances were back in the past. Self-congratulate yourself and let those thoughts motivate you.

Career (Upright)

In career and work, this Major Arcana tarot card denotes tremendous success in your job. Your outlook will be positive, and you'll be excited about the new changes that are heading your way. You'll be equipped and prepared to go right in and finish any assignment. The Sun is a good career indication even if you are not thinking about changing jobs since it signifies the achievement of objectives and success, so when it appears, things should be going smoothly at work. You could grow into a skilled or an authority in your field or reach a specific level of skill in your line of work. If you are presently enrolled in school, it can entail getting a college scholarship or other forms of financial help.

Wherever it shines, the Sun brings happiness, success, and success in your professional life. You may be now going through a time of intense excitement, motivation, and satisfaction for your profession. You could feel fulfilled in your profession on a material and spiritual level. Your joy and optimism may radiate right now, and it can foster a beautiful environment among your friends, family, and coworkers. Your persistent optimism will help you achieve your work objectives, whether you're searching for a new position or a promotion right now.

Health (Upright)

As the card of energy, the Sun should make you feel full of life, equilibrium, optimism, and wellness when it occurs in your tarot session. The Sun is a sign of good health if you have recently been unwell. By being aware of your welfare and the needs of your health, you are showing excellent self-control. As a consequence, you should feel better than before, both physically and mentally. The Sun signifies that your dedication to your spiritual path is fostering the growth of your inner wisdom. If you've been working on developing your spiritual abilities, you may have noticed that your previous spiritual growth efforts are starting to pay off as you get better at managing your talents. The Sun upright, one of the major pregnancy cards, is also a positive sign if you're attempting to get pregnant.

The Sun Major Arcana card illustrates finding the pleasure that a path to enlightenment has to offer in a spiritual atmosphere. It represents enlightenment. You have finally arrived at a position of real knowledge, enlightenment, and satisfaction after all the difficulties, hardships, and afflictions the Major Arcana has hurled at you. You are aware of your journey and content to let events take their course within their own time since you fully trust the universe's compassion for you and the direction it is taking.

The Sun (Reversed)

Reversed The Sun tarot card meaning
The Sun

Your inner kid is beckoning you to let go when you get The Sun (reversed) tarot card during the tarot card session. Adults often lose sight of having pleasure because of the daily commotion. However, if you spend even a little amount of time watching a child play, you will quickly come to understand how delightful and wonderful life can be if you decide to surrender to all cares and fears. When The Sun Reversed appears in a Tarot reading, consider it a green light to take a break from your obligations and duties, even if it's just for a little period.

Let your soul and your heart soar free as you dance and sing without anybody else there. You may be finding it difficult to see the positive side of life if the sun is reversed. You could have encountered failures that diminished your zeal and optimism and possibly made you wonder if you could accomplish what you started to accomplish. You can feel down or excluded and stop enjoying the task at hand. Your future course and direction can seem hazy or skewed. However, The Sun is rarely a bad card, therefore this is merely a short-term situation.

If you set your mind to it, you can quickly erase the impediments you observe. It could simply require a little bit more work than normal. On the other hand, you could be too optimistic or self-assured. Although you are self-assured, you could have allowed your confidence to make you egocentric and blind to your potential. Do you speak the truth to others and yourself? Or are you attempting to sell yourself short by talking yourself up? Ask for criticism and a bit of perspective from others if this strikes a chord with you.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

If you are in a romantic connection, The Sun reversed might suggest that you feel abandoned by your significant other. The relationship may have lost some of its fire or flame. It can suggest a failed relationship or a postponed wedding. It can mean that you are struggling to imagine a future for both you and your spouse. It may also be an indication of rivalry or a desire to gain an advantage over one another. Spend quality time with your partner, try to emphasise the good aspects of your relationship, and keep in mind the reasons you started dating initially in the first instance. If you're currently single, The Sun reversed may be a sign that your egotism has grown to the point that you are scaring away possible companions. In reality, impressing a prospective spouse could backfire since it might appear like you are always bragging. Just turn it down a little. If you let go of your ego and simply be yourself, they will react to you far better!

Even though there may be clouds in the sky right now, this card shines Even if everything in your relationship is going well, you could still be bored. Are you assuming too much about your relationship? Have your everyday routines and monotonous duties caused you and your spouse to drift apart? Additional time spent together may be necessary for the two of you to reignite your passion. The Sun is usually a good card, whether it is upright or reversed, but when it is, it typically indicates that something is keeping you from realising all the lovely things you already have. Why did you find yourself in love with your partner? What aspects of your relationship might you be grateful for?

Finances (Reversed)

The Sun reversed in a business tarot card reading might be a poor sign. It's possible for investments to lose value or for you to briefly get into financial trouble. Consider your financial concerns seriously and consider whether there is something you might be doing to address them as The reversed Sun Tarot card typically represents problems that are your fault. Reversed, the Sun might imply that your worries regarding your financial position may only last a brief time and may not be as terrible as you initially thought. Alternately, make sure that the financial judgments you're making right now are well-thought-out and supported by strong reasoning.

Being extremely idealistic and unrealistic might be indicated by this card in the deck. Keep your hopes in check but temper your expectations. It can act as a warning to company owners that they shouldn't let their standards slip since it represents poor work, low quality, hurried labour, or poorly handled jobs, which can result in a bad reputation or lost sales. If you are presently working for a company, it warns you to focus because if you don't put out the appropriate effort, failed projects might incur a financial loss. On the other side, The Sun in reversed position might signify overextending oneself or being a workaholic. In that case, try to keep things balanced.

Career (Reversed)

The Sun reversed might represent feeling constrained or imprisoned by your profession in a career environment. There's a good chance that you can stop this persecution. For instance, you can be pulling too many hours and feeling exhausted, but you haven't requested the time away you require to recharge. Reversed, the Sun Tarot card can also mean that success is eluding you. Due to your lack of self-assurance and confidence, you may be passing up possibilities. Alternatively, it can mean that you have unrealistic job objectives or that you are relying solely on optimism to go where you want to go rather than taking the necessary practical measures.

Additionally, it can be a sign that you operate in a competitive atmosphere where being arrogant or competitive is seen favourably. Regardless of its position, it still portends good things, but they may be obscured by a person's incapacity to recognise and perceive what is there. The Sun advises that all you need to do to find pleasure is to just carefully remove the clouds and realize what you already have if you've been feeling down, sad, or pessimistic about your situation at work. Do you feel depleted and worn out? Your workplace may help you get the rest you require. Maybe you believe your pay is insufficient. You might be able to earn the promotion you deserve by bringing this to the attention of your superiors.

Health (Reversed)

The Sun (reversed) might suggest that your mindset or pessimism may be aggravating your health problems in a health reading. The Sun reversed indicates that healing is possible if you have become unwell, but you'll need to take charge of your rehabilitation and keep an optimistic mindset to improve your health. A difficult or unexpected pregnancy, a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or an abortion can also be predicted by the Sun in reverse. It can be an indication that you are overly concerned with your physique in ways that are detrimental to your health and happiness, such as restricting yourself or excessive bodybuilding. Alternatively, you might go the other direction and completely disregard your health and fitness through poor nutrition, inactivity, abusing alcohol or other drugs, or overeating. In any case, the Sun in reverse conveys the idea that you need to find a healthy equilibrium to advance your long-term well-being.

Reversed The Sun suggested that you could be finding it difficult to accept the pleasure that faith has to give. You can feel as though you are unable to glimpse your future and that the world no longer believes in its love for you. Because of the overpowering negative thoughts and emotions, you are unsure of where it is going and do not believe it is in a favourable direction. The Sun being in reverse might also mean that your prejudice is keeping you from relating to your genuine spiritual nature. You have to let things go if you want to reach enlightenment.

The Sun Card: One card Pull

It is performed when you want to have straight-to-the-point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers, in the form of Yes or No. So, if you are going through any tough situation or are stuck in a dilemma, getting a one-card pull is always helpful. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull-in The Sun tarot card are:

Upright Position: If you get the pulled card in the upright position, it indicates Yes as an answer.

Reversed Position: If you get the pulled card in the reversed position, it indicates No as an answer.

The Sun Card for Timing

When you ask The Sun about the time of an event, it tells you that it will start happening during the Aries season. Within the next four weeks, an unanticipated incident and a secret prophecy may both come true. The Sun says that everything you want or wonder about will develop gradually if you're unsure of when something will happen. The flood will however continue to increase since the card depicts a flowing action that is constant yet potent.

The Major Arcana tarot card also predicts that you will feel cherished, admired, supported, and in control of everything as a result of your pleasant occurrence. You will soon finish any relationship-related tasks in your life as this tarot card represents love. It also indicates probable connections. The length of time it takes for both occurrences to happen will thus appear to be a defect. So consider it an excellent card if you're raising concerns about the passage of time.

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