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Prediction by- Expert Astrologer Manchanda Karan and Expert Tarot Card Reader Preeti Sanjay
Horoscope For SCORPIO
[ DOB - October 23 – November 21 ]


2020 will be an auspicious outcome for you. You're going to show a lot of understanding and not confuse tough situations with harsh words.


In 2020, your luck will give mixed results. In the first 6 months, you will control your anger, erase the bad memories of the past from your mind and move towards progress. In the last 6 months you will get a treasure of happiness. Also, by crossing the circumstances you will share your success and happiness with your family.


If you are having a problem of depression, then you should go to Reiki Healing for that it will benefit you more. People may not accept it in the beginning; however, a person crafts their future themselves. Thus, listen to the need of your heart and body. You will receive the finest guidance for your health condition. This year, you must pay a little more attention to your phobias and health related issues. Also, do not consider going to a cheap doctor. Remember, health is wealth.


For you, 2020 is all about auspicious results and happy news. Decisions taken after deep thinking about money transactions and investments will lead you to success. Very quickly you will take a decision with full confidence, from which you will also start getting benefits soon. This 1 year is very good for the money; you will get a good profit, good savings. You will benefit from the deal you make with a new company or new people, and have a good experience.

Business / Workplace

If you are waiting for good growth and income in the workplace, then the wait will come to an end this year. Also, in terms of work, going to abroad will be fine choice in 2020. In business, you will start work on your dream project, for this, you will take some risks by listening to your own voice, not listening to the advice of others. The risks will give you more benefits than your previous projects, but your anxiety and stress level will also increase greatly. Thus, try to maintain your calm.

Family & Love

The family will take every possible step in understanding the condition of your heart, thus you will experience love. You may receive advice of an elderly middle class person in solving the links and issues. This year, your family can also go for traveling abroad and will happily participate in every part of your life.

In personal life, take every possible step to maintain the strength of your relationship, also, when it comes to family, do not compromise. In personal life you will keep creating some new positive energy and good environment. It will make the relationship stronger.

Our Advice

Our advice to you is that you may start reading books, especially, books that show us the importance of life and connect us with devotion. If you are fond of writing, then give wings to your thoughts. You can also do some work related to books which will give you good benefits.