Coronavirus Vaccine- Is there a cure for the Pandemic?

Coronavirus Vaccine trial

As WHO declared Coronavirus as a pandemic the whole world got anxious. There’s no cure to this highly contagious disease. The last resort in self-isolation that everyone is flowing across the globe. Only one thing can end the rapid pace of the pandemic and that is a Coronavirus vaccine.

There have been many deaths and there are more than a million patients. Most of the countries are now following the policy of a nationwide lockdown.

Scientists from several nations have started researching and also have come up with some options. All eyes are on a vaccine that can help us get over the pandemic. Though the vaccine trials are being carried out on animals there is yet to be human trials. Let’s have a look at the progress of the novel coronavirus treatment.

What is the progress in the Coronavirus Vaccine?

  • According to experts even after a successful human trial of the vaccine to will take 12 to 18 months for it to be available for the people.
  • The first human trial was announced by UN scientist in Seattle in the month of March
  • Reports suggest that India’s Zydus Cadila, Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech are among the top-notch firms that are currently working on the COVID 19 vaccine.
  • WHO says that there are 60 candidates already in the pre-clinical trial stage. The trial will comprise of various stages before making its entrance into the market.
  • Australian scientists have begun testing two potential drugs of coronavirus on ferrets. After which human trials will begin by the end of April.
  • Moreover, CanSino Biological Inc had developed the Ebola virus vaccine in 2017. Now they have begun their human trials to combat SARS-CoV-2 as well.

Why does it take so long to develop a vaccine?

There are various reasons for a vaccine especially for a pandemic to develop late. Firstly, the outbreak of a virus or flu is not known. So to kill a completely new virus it takes a lot of testing and research before ensuring its efficiency.

Further, any vaccine is created in four essential stages. After crossing the testing stages which requires a considerable amount of time the government approves of the drug to be available in the market. However, for Coronavirus, the crisis is massive so the task of developing a medicine is fast. RNA and DNA samples are being used to discover the vaccine as its more reliable and quick.

What to do until there’s no vaccine for Coronavirus?

If you are infected by Coronavirus then you should definitely avoid coming in contact with other humans. Self isolates and take paracetamol and drink fluids. But if the case is severe then you should get help from a hospital.

Other than that make sure to wear masks and practice health habits lie washing hands for at least 20 seconds. Avoid touching your eyes and nose with your hands. Maintain social distance and stay home and safe. Practice self-quarantine before the virus bids us farewell.

I hope the above information was of help to you.

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