Gomti Chakra- To Remove Evil Eye and Gain Financial Blessing

Gomti Chakra- To Remove Evil Eye and Gain Financial Blessing

The Gomti Chakra is a stone resembling oysters and is found in rivers. It is commonly used by people during worship. This stone resonates with incredible energies. Thus, apart from worship, many sages also use it in the approach of Tantra Mantra. It is said that if a person can get rid of all their problems with the help of Gomti Chakra if they use this stone properly.

Gomti Chakra is also called Sudarshan Chakra and is considered to be very powerful likewise the powerful weapon of Lord Krishna. According to expert astrologers, a house where people keep Gomti Chakra all the troubles stay afar from that house. It removes all the negativity, sickness, sadness, and bestows health and prosperity.

There are many more benefits of Gomti Chakra. Read ahead to know why you should keep it at your home-

Gomti Chakra for Financial Benefit

If you are surrounded by financial problems, then to overcome the issue, on the first Monday of any month, take 11 Abhimanti Gomti Chakras and tilak all of them with turmeric. Further, tie them in a yellow cloth while taking the name of Lord Shiva. Then take a round with them all over your house and afterward, gently throw them all in flowing water. By doing this you will get rid of financial problems after a few days. The financial crisis will leave your home.

To Gain Income

If you are suffering from excess expenditure and low gain, and your hard-earned money is spent very quickly, then doing the remedy of Gomti Chakra will be very beneficial for you.

To do this, take 11 Abhimantri Gomti Chakras in yellow cloth on the first Friday of any month. Now worship Goddess Lakshmi while remembering. The next day picks up 4 Gomti Chakras from that yellow cloth and lay them in all the four corners of your house.

Now take the 3 Gomti Chakras out of the remaining Chakras and tie them in a red-colored cloth and keep them in your locker. Further, take the remaining 4 Gomti Chakras, go to a temple, and put them in the temple while mentioning your problems. This remedy will not only give you financial benefits but also put an end to excessive spending.

Gomti Chakra for Evil Eye Removals

Gomti Chakra is exceedingly auspicious. Thus, the positive energy of this stone wards off the negativity. It keeps away the evil eye as well. However, if a person in your family constantly suffers from the evil eye, then Gomti Chakra can be very helpful to them.

Take three Gomti Chakras and go to a secluded place. Now remove these Gomti Chakra from above you and throw it backward. This remedy will remove the evil eye very soon and you will not see it ever again in your life. But keep in mind that when you throw the Gomti Chakras, do not look backward at all. You can do this remedy of evil eye removal for children because children are often more affected by the evil eye. To adopt the same remedy for it would be a powerful source to keep them safe.

Book evil eye removal from your home.

To Remove Unknown Fears

If your child is afraid of the unknown things, then this remedy of Gomti Chakra will give great benefit to you. This remedy should be done on the first Tuesday of any month. Take a modified Gomati Chakra and tilak it with vermilion from the right shoulder of Lord Hanuman. Then tie it in a red cloth and put it around the child’s neck. Wearing it will end your child’s fear.

Gomti Chakra for Diseases

Gomti Chakra keeps away all kinds of sickness. If any member in your family falls sick again and again, you can take the help of this stone. It is a very easy solution through which a person starts living a healthy life. It offers abundance and health. To do this remedy, tie a Silver Gomti Chakra under the bed of the respective person. It will cure the disease with energy. Gradually, you will start to notice their changes in health.

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