Rahu in Horoscope- Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

Vedic Astrology Rahu

Rahu is a shadow planet with no sort of physicality. Alongside Ketu, this planet has some significant effects on one’s life. Many expert astrologers assume that in Vedic astrology Rahu is the most important planet. This planet is the indicator of the effects of past life. This malevolent planet has some immense astrological meaning. In astrology, Rahu-Ketu is planets which are not lord of any zodiac sign. However, they still impart tremendous effects in everyone’s life. You can find out what are the effects of Rahu on your life based on the position of Rahu in Horoscope.

In this article, we will give you information about the facts that reveal either Rahu is auspicious or inauspicious in your Kundali. So let’s know what effect Rahu has on your life, auspicious or inauspicious –

Auspicious Rahu in Horoscope

  • People who have auspicious Rahu in their horoscope get success in politics. They have spectacularly sharp vision and speech. Such people also earn name & fame abroad and succeed in jobs which are related to abroad.
  • With the auspicious effect of Rahu, the person does not have any problem in doing physical work. They are energetic and quick. Also, they do not feel tired even after working for many hours.
  • Auspicious Rahu also gives spiritual strength to a person. Such people do not get upset even in the most difficult situation. Regardless of difficulties and hindrances, they conquer every situation their strength.
  • The positive influence of Rahu gives a person the ability to keep talk very well. Such people can turn their greatest enemies into friends charmingly. They can simply tell from the body language of the other person about what they want to see or listen to.
  • A strong Rahu gives the person an influencing voice that affects everyone. Such people, despite having little knowledge, have the ability to cut every corner.

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Inauspicious Rahu in Horoscope

  • People who have an inauspicious Rahu in their horoscope, they are expert in deceit. Such people make ideas about earning money through wrong ways and they have no problem in moving onto this path.
  • Due to inauspicious Rahu there is fear inside the person. Such a person lives in imaginary world and is read to argue unnecessarily.
  • A person also has to face uproar when Rahu is afflicted in horoscope. Many times, a person gets stigma even for such things which they have not done or the work which they not done intentionally.
  • Such people also avoid moral responsibilities. Along with this, they have a cruel tongue. Thus, due to harsh speech they are never able to get good status at the social level
  • Due to afflicted Rahu, a person may also suffer many types of diseases. Such people are troubled by the problem of constipation and insomnia.

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Rahu Shanti Puja

  • Those people who have inauspicious Rahu in their horoscope should recite Rahu Mantra to avoid the wrath of Rahu.
  • They may donate mustard oil, jaggery, black clothes, etc for positive results.
  • Worshiping Lord Bhairav ​​is also considered auspicious for such people.
  • If you cannot find a job due to malefic Rahu, then worshiping Lord Ganesha is considered auspicious.

Vedic Poojas obviously are considered to be very powerful. Your horoscope is all about planets in your universe, and their energies. Many positions and energies are often not conducive to your life. Fortunately, in Vedic astrology, there are many remedies that may help to address issues. In such a situation, Pooja can help channel positive energies to your planetary positions.

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