Rahu- Effects and Remedies to Combat it

Rahu effects and remedies

Rahu is the shadow planet without any physical form. This imaginary planet along with Ketu has some serious effects on one’s life. Many ancient astrologers believe that Rahu is the most powerful planet in Vedic astrology. However, the presence of this in the birth chart is an indication of past life results. This malefic planet has some huge significance in astrology. It also is related to laziness and obstacles in life. Further, we will discuss the Rahu effects and remedies to fight it.

Rahu has some positive effects as well, but mostly it has negative connotations. It is rebellious in nature and never gets along with the sun. Further creating problems in life. It also is responsible for various diseases like skin cancer and mental health. Today we will go through the effects of Rahu in our birth charts and the remedies to overcome it.

Rahu Effects and Remedies

First House

If Rahu is present in the ascendant house then it will lead to an unhappy married life, progress will remain stagnant.

Remedies– The color blue should be avoided at all costs and no carrying of electric equipment. Wearing silver ornaments and donating coconut in flowing water will protect from its negative effect.

Second House

Rahu in this house will cause health ailments and also family-related issues may occur. Major accidents are also in the cards if Rahu is present in the second house.

Remedies– Wearing saffron or yellow colour clothes is a solution. Moreover, carrying gold in pocket will prove beneficial too. Also, a happy nurturing relationship with the mother will help through.

Third House

The planet’s position in this house is a sign of luck. Prosperity and money will flow if Rahu is placed here. However, at the age of 22 one can face some setbacks.

Rahu effects and remedies 

Remedies- Keeping ivory is strongly condemned. One can wear silver for the positive effect of the planet to flourish. Dropping almond is water is also a solution.

Fourth House

This is the house where the moon resides and Rahu is an enemy of Moon. Further, if the moon is weak here then along with Rahu it will create a lot of disturbance.

Remedies– Again wearing silver and dropping almonds in water will reduce its effect in the fourth house

Fifth House

The Fifth House is where a male child is indicated. Astrologers say, if Rahu is placed correctly then it will lead to a high rate of success and monetary gains. However, if Rahu is malefic then unplanned abortions will occur and along with other health problems.

Remedies– Avoiding all kinds of alcohol may helo. Also, an elephant made of silver will prove beneficial. Moreover, nonvegetarian food will worsen the situation, so abstain from it.

Sixth House

This is the house of Ketu and Mercury therefore, it will yield positive results. Despite it being positive if Rahu turns evil then one can harm their friends or family.

Rahu's effects and remedies 
black dog

Remedies– Adopting a black dog and keeping a lead nail in pocket will lessen the harmful effects of Rahu in this house.

Seventh House

The native in this house are generally wealthy and will achieve success over enemies. But after marriage, the ill health of the wife may pose a threat. An early marriage will be a failure. Thus one should avoid it. Furthermore, Rahu will cause severe migraine and bodily issues.

Remedies– A marriage in the early 20’s is fatal for life. Offering 6 coconuts will be a great method to combat the effects of Rahu.

Eight House

Rahu in the 8th house will have serious repercussions in the chart. It will cause a lot of bad luck and mishappenings. Family life will face setbacks and a spendthrift will speed up.

Remedies- Keeping saunf under the pillow and carrying a square piece of silver will come handy. Also, work in relation to electricity and power is dangerous fr life.

Ninth House

Rahu effects and remedies

The 9th house signifies cordial relations with siblings. However, if Rahu is malicious then it will have an adverse effect and will lead to a rift between brothers and sisters.

Remedies- To lead a peaceful life one should wear gold and put saffron tilak daily. Adopting a pet dog and maintaining good relations with in-laws will have positive effects.

Tenth House

This house is governed by planet Saturn and Rahu’s effect will be monitored only by the positioning of the latter. A person will have an interest in politics and literature. Nevertheless, it will cause the ill health of the mother.

Remedies- Covering head with blue or black cap will be the right choice. Helping men with visual disparity can also have a great effect.

Eleventh House

This is the house of Saturn and Jupiter determining material wealth but only if the father is alive. Rahu will further add to the misery by diseases related to the spine and ears.

Remedies- Use silver glass to drink water and never accept electrical appliances as a gift.

Twelfth House

The house of the Jupiter, this will cause major mental illness like depression and insomnia. If Rahu is malefic then false allegations will cause a lot of stress. Partnering with potential enemies will lead to failures.

Remedies- Keeping saunf will help the natives overcome the negative effects of Rahu.

We hope these Rahu effects and remedies to combat it was of some help.

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