Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022: Best Day To Start House Construction In 2022

Bhoomi Pujan

Getting oneself a home is one of the best feelings, especially when you are making a home from scratch instead of buying one. Home-buying may have been jeopardised in the past couple of years owing to the covid-19 pandemic but yet the urge to build oneself a home is still intact in many of us. With that being said, we are very sure that many of you might be planning the construction of your new home in 2022, and we wish you all the luck for it. However, more than our luck, one needs the luck of God when it comes to successfully being able to complete the construction of a house. And for the same purpose, starting the construction of your house as per the Bhumi pujan muhurat in 2022 becomes very necessary. 

Bhumi Poojan is the first step towards beginning the construction of a home, office, factory, etc. Bhoomi Poojan, before the construction of the house, is usally done to please God and ask for their blessings before one can begin the auspicious task of constructing the house. Doing so is necessary to ensure that not only God but also the Grahas (Planets) are by your side when you begin one of the most important things of your life. For most of us, building a house is a one-time affair, and thus even the smallest of things that could cause a hindrance must be taken care of.  

So in this blog, we will not only find out the Shubh muhurats for Bhoomi Pujan in 2022 but will also look at the things you must do and not do during Bhumi pujan, Bhumi Poojan Vidhi, rituals and much more.

What is Bhumi Pujan? 

Bhoomi means mother earth. Bhoomi is the giver of food and residence without asking us much. And hence it is necessary that we show it the utmost respect. As per Hindu tradition, Bhumi Pooja/Pujan is a ritual performed to please and pay respect to Goddess Bhoomi and Vastu Purush (the deity of directions). Bhoomi Pujan is always done before beginning the construction of the house. Apart from the deities, pandit ji also worship the five elements of nature during Bhoomi Pujan. As per Vastu Shastra, the bhumi pujan vidhi must always be conducted in the northeast direction of the plot. Also, when you begin the construction of the home, make sure it is from the northeast direction.

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Speaking of Bhumi Pujan vidhi, as per Vastu, a 64-part diagram is drawn in the northeast direction of the construction place. This diagram denotes the ‘Vaastu Purusha’ and is made using kumkum and seeds. Different parts of the Vaastu Purusha diagram denotes different deities. After the diagram making is complete, Pandit Ji chants the mantra and offerings are made to each deity. Once done, the first brick is laid after creating a pit. This is the vidhi of bhoomi pujan that one must follow.

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat in 2022 

Like everything else, there is a right time for Bhumi Pujan too as per astrology. Usually, the Bhoomi Pujan and the construction of the house is done on the same day. Bhoomi Pujan stands for laying the foundation stone of the home before starting the construction. As per astrology, the best months for Bhumi Pujan are Baisakh (May), Margshirsh (December), Paush (January) and Phalgun (March). Apart from these, the months of Shravan, Magh, Bhadrapad and Kartik are also good if the astrologer suggests so.

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During these months, there are certain dates and good nakshatras for Bhumi Pujan that one can consider to begin the construction. Also, when trying to find Shubh muhurats for house construction in 2022, you must make sure that construction of the house doesn’t begin during Ashada Shukla to Kartik Shukla. It is a belief that Lord Vishnu sleeps from Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi till Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. So if you start the construction of the house during this 4-month period, you may not get the blessings of the Vishnu. That is why people choose not to go for marriages too in this period.

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 January


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 Feburary


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 March

There is no Bhumi Pujan shubh muhurat in March 2022. However, you can consult as an astrologer about the same as there might be some auspicious muhurat as per your horoscope.

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 April


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 May


Bhumi Pooja Muhurat 2022 June


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 July

There is no Bhumi Pujan Shubh muhurat in July 2022. However, you can consult as an astrologer about the same as there might be some auspicious muhurat as per your horoscope.

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 August


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 September


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 October

There is no Bhumi Pujan Shubh muhurat in October 2022. However, you can consult as an astrologer about the same as there might be some auspicious muhurat as per your horoscope.

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 November

There is no Bhumi Pujan Shubh muhurat in November 2022. However, you can consult as an astrologer about the same as there might be some auspicious muhurat as per your horoscope.

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2022 December


Auspicious Tithis for Grihaarambh Muhurat in 2022

As per the belief, apart from the suitable month for construction of the home, one must also look within the particular month to find the best tithis or dates to begin any kind of construction work. As per our astrologers, the dates given below are most suitable to start the construction of a home.

2nd3rd5th7th10th12th13th15th1st of Krishna Paksha
Best tithis for bhumi pujan in 2022

Broadly speaking, Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday are the days that must be avoided when considering Bhumi Pujan in 2022. The best day for bhumi pujan are Mondays and Thursdays.

Bhoomi Puja dates 2022: Auspicious Nakshatra for Grihaarambh 2022

As per our Vaastu astrologers, the best nakshatras for Bhoomi puja in 2022 are Shatbhisha, Dhanishtha, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadrapada, Rohini, Revati, Chitra, Uttaraphalguni, Mrigshira, Anuradha, Swati, Hasta and Pushya. Starting the construction of the house on these nakshatras is considered good. 

Other than the above-mentioned nakshatras, all other nakshatras must mostly be avoided when considering Neev poojan.

Do’s and don’t after buying land for house construction

As per astrologers, there are some things that you can follow to enhance the auspiciousness of the land that you plan construction on. Our astrologers suggest that after buying the land:

  • Grow plants on the construction site, especially if you don’t plan to start the construction anytime soon. Makes sure you clear all the waste or dead plants from the site too.
  • Erecting compound walls is also considered shubh before starting the construction of the home. You must remember that the construction of the compound wall is not a part of making the house. Hence you don’t need to perform Bhoomi pooja before constructing the compound wall. Also, erect the southwest part of the compound wall higher than others for good luck. 
  • Letting a cow eat grass from your land or simply taming a cow at the construction location is also considered good luck.
  • In case you are not able to start the construction of the house after buying the land due to some reason or the other, astrologers suggest constructing at the site a slope that moves towards the north or east direction.

Inauspicious time for foundation laying ceremony in 2022 

There are certain months, as per the Hindu calendar, when you must strictly avoid laying the foundation stone of your new home. Here is the list of inauspicious time for bhumi pujan in 2022

  • Chaitra – The month of Chaitra begins from March and stays till April. People must avoid construction of the house during this period as it brings hardships. 
  • Jyeshtha – As per the belief of the astrologers, during the month of Jyeshtha, that is June, planets are usually not in a favourable position. 
  • Shravan – The Sharvan month, as per the Hindu calendar, begins in August. One may have to face financial losses if s/he chooses to construct a house on these days. 
  • Ashwin – As per Vastu Shastra, some days in the month of October must be overlooked when it comes to the construction of the house. 
  • Ashad – The month of Ashad falls in July as per the Hindu calendar. Laying the foundation stone of the house in this month can cause losses in business. 
  • Bhadrapad – Constructing a house in the month of September can cause fights and tension in the family. That’s why one must bar away from laying the foundation of the house during this month. The end of September is sometimes a good muhurta for Bhoomi Pujan.
  • Magh – The month of Magh may or may not be beneficial for Bhumi pujan in 2022. You can consult the astrologers about the same. 

Bhumi Pujan 2022 rituals to follow 

Like anything else, Bhoomi pujan also involves some rituals that must be strictly followed before beginning the construction of the home. One may take the guidance of elders to understand the Bhumi pujan vidhi and rituals. However, we will try to explain the vidhi at the very best so that you may not need an external help.

Bhoomi Pujan can’t begin without considering the shubh muhurat. The Bhumi pujan shubh muhurat can be found through Hindu PanchangYou may take the help of an astrologer to find the shubh muhurat for bhoomi pujan in 2022. To suggest the best muhurat, the astrologer will consider your horoscope and the horoscope of the family members who would be residing in the house after the completion. Also, the placement of the grahas is also considered before arriving at a date. Then comes the bhoomi pooja vidhi. 

Bhumi Pujan Vidhi explained by astrologer

  • To start with, a spot on the land is identified. This spot is mostly in the northeast direction of the site. You are supposed to ensure the spot is clean. Clean it before the bhumi pujan after taking bath.
  • Then pour some Gangajal on the spot to cleanse and purify it.
  • Once done, a priest will perform the necessary rituals that will lead to the elimination of Vastu Dosh or false energies around the construction site. The person organising the pooja must always sit facing the east direction. Meanwhile, the priest sits facing the North direction. 
  • A 64-part diagram is also drawn in the northeast direction of the construction place. The diagram represents different Gods.
  • To start, the priest offers prayers to Lord Ganesha, who ensures that any kind of hurdle while construction is taken care of. 
  • Once Lord Ganesha is worshipped, a ghee or oil lamp is lit. Then the priest begins to worship the snake God and a Kalash. Sheshnaag is the power that governs the mother earth, and he also serves Lord Vishnu. Hence snake worship is a must before the construction of the house. Meanwhile, the Kalash represents the universe. The bhoomi pujan kalash is filled with water, and mango or betel leaves are placed on top of it. A coconut sits atop the Kalash. A coin and betel nuts are kept in the Kalash and one needs to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • The motive of the Kalasha Puja is to channelise the divine energy and attract prosperity and positivity to the particular bhumi.
  • As per the rituals, the Snake God is worshipped by Chanting mantras and pouring milk, ghee and curd on him. Similarly, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped by placing betel nut and coin in the Kalash. The God of directions, Dikpalas, and Kuldevata is also worshipped during the ritual. 
  • Once done, the Nag mantra is chanted while digging the hole. 
  • The foundation stone or brick is laid after digging a small portion of the land.

Things to buy for Bhoomi Pujan ceremony

While the priest will tell you what you should get, but usually, the list revolves around these items – oil or ghee rice, water coconut, durba, betel leaves, camphor, kumkum, betel nuts, flower bunch, fruits, prasad, incense stick, cotton for arti, diya, kalava, paper towels, pickaxe, turmeric powder, quarter coins, navratna or panchdhatu. 

Bhumi Pujan Mantra 

Various gods are worshipped during the bhumi pujan ritual. Hence, a number of bhoomi pujan mantras are chanted. However, the most common and important of them all is – ‘Om Vasundharaya Vidmahe Bhutadhatraya Dhimahi Tanno Bhumih Prachodayat’, meaning, ‘Let us chant for Bhumi Devi, the provider of all things; we pray to her to bless us with abundance and fortune’. Apart from this, the Ganesha mantra and Gaytri Mantra are also recited. 

Bhoomi Pujan 2022 FAQs 

What is the best time of the day to place the foundation stone? 

As per astrology, most of the shubh work must be done in the morning. So the best time to place the foundation stone is in the morning. Avoid placing the foundation stone in the evening.

What pakshas must be avoided for the bhumi pujan?

Paksha means a fortnight or a lunar phase in a month, as per the Hindu lunar calendar. Avoid Divaskarma, Shraadha and Hadpaksha for performing the bhumi pujan. 

What is the best day of the week for bhumi pooja?

As per astrology, Monday and Thursday are the best days to begin the construction of the new house.

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What Gods are worshipped during bhoomi pujan?

Vastu Purusha, also called the God of land and direction is worshipped during bhoomi pujan. Other than Vastu Purusha, mother earth, the Snake God and the five elements of nature, are also worshipped.

What should be done after buying the land? 

Once you have bought the land, you can plant a tree on the same. Raise compound walls or simply let the cow have the grass available on the land.

What is the first thing to do after bhoomi pujan?

The first thing to do after bhoomi pujan is dig a water pit or tank or well. According to Vastu, the well or water tank should be dug in the north or north-east direction. Avoid the south direction.

What are the stages related to the construction of home?

In a gist, the bhumi pujan ritual involves the following stages: 

  • Bhumi pujan to start with
  • Balidaana or making an offering 
  • Hala karshaana or the levelling of site 
  • Ankurra roopana or sowing of seed
  • Shilanyas or placing the foundation stone

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