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Lord Ganesha, a God in Hinduism, is widely known to remove the obstacles from His devotees’ lives. Also known as Vignharta, He is also the God of wisdom and intellect. Before starting any new work, Worshipping Lord Ganesha brings success in it. He is the God of Beginnings and can bless one abundantly if He is happy with someone. Hence, his devotees leave no stone unturned to please Him. Worshipping the God of intellect, with his favorite sweet-Modak and ten holy leaves is also a way to make Him happy and take blessings from Him. In this article, The ten sacred leaves have been mentioned which are symbolic of success in different fields.

1) Bhangraya Leaf

This leaf can do wonders for you if you wish to seek promotion in a job or if aim at reaching a higher position in your workplace. To please Lord Ganesha, one should offer nine Bhangraya leaves to God while chanting the mantra ‘Ganadhisay Namah.’

2) Belpatra Leaf

This is the magical leaf that can fulfill one’s wish for healthy progeny. Also, the people suffering from fertility issues are advised to offer seven Belpatra leaves to Lord Ganesha while chanting ‘Umputray Namah.’

3) Arjun Leaf

For a stable heart and for good blood circulation in the body, one should offer eleven Arjun leaves to the God of wisdom, Lord Ganesha. Moreover, it is also recommendable to offer these leaves while chanting the mantra ‘Kapilaya Namah.’

4) Sem Leaf

One should offer this leaf to seek progress in work-related problems. Moreover, if you are facing a lot of troubles in your professional life, you should offer eleven leaves of Sem plant to Lord Ganesha while chanting the mantra ‘Vakratunday Namah.’

5) Bay Leaf

Everyone wants to be famous and only Lord Ganesha, the lord of wisdom and education can bless you with it. To achieve fame and social prestige, one should chant the mantra ‘Chaturhotery Namah’ and offer seven Bay leaves to Lord Ganesha.

6) Kaner Leaf

The people suffering hurdles in employment or are not getting any job for a long time, should offer this leaf. While chanting the Mantra ‘Vikatya Namah’, if you offer five leaves of Kaner plant to Lord Ganesha then He may bless you and eradicate all the hurdles of your life.

7) Ketki Leaf

Before launching your new business, one should seek blessings of Lord Ganesha. By offering nine Ketki leaves, one can please the God of wisdom along with chanting the mantra ‘Siddhivinayaka Namah.’

8) Aak Leaf

The ones having a wish to acquire financial stability should offer nine Aak leaves to Ganesha while chanting the mantra ‘Vinayaka Namah.’ Also, the people who are facing a financial crunch or are undergoing financial issues should do this remedy.

9) Shami Leaf

Lord Shani can influence one’s life and can have a malefic impact on it. The one’s who are undergoing through this malefic influence should offer nine Shami leaves and chant the mantra ‘Sumukhay Namah.’

10) Ber Leaf

The people who pray to God for their as well as other’s good health should offer five leaves of Ber plant while Chanting the Mantra ‘Lambodarya Namah.’


The leaves of the most common holy plant i.e. Tulsi leaves should, however not be offered to Lord Ganesha. To know the complete reason, keep on reading below

Why the sacred leaf of tulsi is not offered?

There is a mythological story behind it. In her youth, Tulsi, Daughter of Dharamraja was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Often she walked to the banks of the holy river the Ganges and worshipped in the temple of Lord Vishnu, located nearby. One day, her eyes fell on a handsome youth sitting in the deep meditation, who was Lord Ganesha. The aura around him attracted the Tulsi and she approached him, confessed her love, and asked him to marry her. However, Lord Ganesha politely refused the proposal which left Tulsi in anger.

Feeling insulted, she cursed him that one day he will have to get married against his wish. In return, God also cursed Tulsi that in future she too will get married to a demon. On hearing this, she realized her fault and felt guilty. Lord Ganesha apologized to her and twisted the curse that she will get reprieved of the curse by the blessings of Lord Vishnu and turned into a holy plant. At the same time, he mentioned, that the leaves of that holy plant will remain unacceptable in his worships and shall always remain distant from Him.

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