Feng Shui Tips to increase love in your married life

Feng Shui Tips to increase love in your married life

Marriage is not something you find, it’s something you make and you have to keep on making it. It is a lifelong commitment that brings two souls together. It is a journey that thrives on trust, love, commitment, communication, respect, and companionship. However, sometimes differences do develop between the opinions of the couple, which is quite normal. But, sometimes it may even lead to breaking up of this pious bond. So, in this article, we will be discussing some Feng Shui tips to improve your married life.

1. Make the best use of a red pen

The Feng Shui states the clearer and stronger you state the Universe what you want from it, the easier it is for the universe to fulfill your heart’s desire. Grab a white paper and a red pen and write on it all the qualities you think your better half should possess. Should he love service or business? Or should he love outings or staying home instead? Write every desire that you have in your heart for a happily married life.

2. Get crystal clear: The secret to successful married life

Whether men hail from Mars or the women from Venus, no doubt their conversations can get crossed and this often happens in married life. The Feng Shui says that harmonious and lovely relationships are successfully sustained only merely by clear communication between the partners and sharing all their secrets.

3. Create Some Steam

Try to use more and more red color in your room as what you need is heat, Right? The red color is symbolic of energy and vigor. Use red color all around your room to heat the things up. You can hang the red curtains, drapes, or anything else that can pull away from the negative energy which is becoming an obstruction in your love life. You may also use a red-colored bedsheet as it may work as a good catalyst and increase the love between your beloved and you.

4. Follow your nose

Sometimes, emotional anger is what can ruin one’s love life or married life. Therefore, orange essential oils, considered as an antidepressant brings peace in one’s life. It also calms one down in any emotional situation while inviting harmony and serenity.

5. The pairing concept

As per Feng Shui, the secret for good relationships is to use love symbols, like photos but they should be in pairs. Also, The care must be taken that there are always two people in the scene of the photo. Moreover, you should also keep bedside tables on each side of your bed and make sure that everything is in pairs.

6. Lamps for a happily married life

It often happens that a person or even both the partners are not able to devote their time to each other. This leads to differences and weakens the bond. For the couples having a hard time carving out time for each other, this remedy is for you. Place the lamps on the bedside table on each side of the bed. This shifts the energy and depicts your wish of spending beautiful time and creating lovely memories with each other. In unison, both the partners should switch off their lamp for twenty-seven nights to bring balance, harmony, and togetherness. If you think this you will not be able to formulate this lamp plan, then at least make sure to wish each other ‘Bonne Nuit’ or a sweet ‘good night’ at the same time every night as a reminder that you both are meant and will always be there for each other.

7. Gifts

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Well, everyone loves gifts but for a healthy relationship, it is also important to choose the right gift for your partner. Never give anything pointed or sharp like knives or scissors as it will lead to the development of the negative vibes in your married life.

8. Roses can bring love in married life

Rose is the symbol of love and gifting it even strengthens your love. At the same time, it is also important to ensure that the rose flower must not contain thorns as it may bring hurdles in your love life. Feng Shui considers yellow and pink roses, the most effective of all to strengthen the love between the couple.

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