Simple Astrological Remedies To Solve Problems

Simple Astrological Remedies To Solve Problems

In our day to day life, we might have often heard the word remedy or Totka. But the first question that emerges in our mind is Do all these things really work? Our hard work surely leads us to success but despite putting all your efforts if success is not approaching you, then definitely you should give a try to these remedies. Here are some remedies (Totka) that actually work and bring happiness, success, and change your dreams into reality.


If you cannot see progress in any of your tasks in spite of putting your best efforts into it, you should donate a bowl of rice on Wednesday to poor and needy people. The work which you are unable to complete will get completed and success will come your way.

Financial issues Remedies

This remedy works miraculously if you are facing financial issues in your home. You need to take some red Chandan, some rose petals, INR58, and Roli string and place them on a red cloth. Tie all these things together in the red cloth and keep it in your office locker. Your financial issues will vanish and money will keep flowing in.

Business Success

If you want to be successful in your business, place five lemons along with fist mustard and black pepper seeds either in your shop or area of work. The next morning, you need to tie these things in a cloth and leave it on a lonely road. Also, it is important not to turn back and look at it. These remedies will solve all your problems.

Remedies to Strengthens love

If the couple is facing fights and splits, try this remedy. Take a leaf of the Banyan tree and write the name of the couple i.e both husband’s and wife’s name on it with a stick of sandalwood tree. Dip this leaf in Ganga Jal and keep it in the bedroom of the couple. This totka can do wonders. It can even stop the couple if they going to get divorced and can influence them to live a happily married life.

Relations with your boss

It is rightly said, “The happy boss leads to the happiest workplace.” So, to make your boss happy and yourself happier, try this remedy. Take a cloth of white color and write the name of your superior on it with Kajal. Keep the cloth in your office for some time and you will notice a sudden and positive change in the behavior of your boss. Your relations with your boss will strengthen and your working conditions will change for good.

Remedy for money

Who doesn’t want money? Of course, everyone wants. The world is mad behind it. You need to take twenty-two leaves of the Peepal tree. Sit in the East direction and write Ram on each peepal tree. After this, offer these leaves in the footsteps of Lord Hanumana. After some time, you will notice your money related issues disappearing and leading you towards a happy and prosperous life.

To get off the debt

If you are also sunk in the river of debt, then don’t worry. Take some flour mixed with jaggery and offer it to Lord Hanuman in Shukla Paksha. Within a few weeks, you will notice that you’re able to pay off all your debts.

Remedies For Family Discord

If you are having too much discord in your family, it is recommendable for you to buy ground from a local Kirana store instead of buying flour from Supermarkets or malls. Make sure to buy it on Monday and mix some black chickpeas in it before giving it for grinding. It will develop love among your family members as a family who consumes this flour stops all the fights and lead a happy life.

Give a try to these remedies to ensure your success!!

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