Batuk Bhairav Mantra


Batuk Bhairav Mantra: Meaning, Significance and Benefits

Mantra of Batuk Bhairava Sadhna is an Aapad Udhara Batuk Bhairav Mantra, which means "to alleviate problems." Lord Bhairava's Sadhanas are reported to be among the simplest to do and succeed in during the current Kaliyug. According to the ancient scripture Shiv Mahapuran, Bhairav is only another manifestation of Lord Shiva who protects his disciples from all threats.

Bhairav's first manifestation is described in the classic Shakti Samagam Tantra. A demon named Aapad underwent extreme repentance and became invincible in ancient times. He began to abuse his power by harassing both deities and humans. Finally, as his crimes grew unbearable, the gods banded together and devised a plan to put an end to his life. They prayed to Lord Shiva for assistance, and the Lord's form shone with a glorious light. This took the form of Batuk Bheiray, a five-year-old child.

Simultaneously, celestial illumination flowed forth from the deities' shapes and fused with Batuk's form. As a result, all divinities bless the child Batuk, and he became unstoppable. Batuk Bhairav slew the demon Aapad, earning him the moniker Aapaduddhaarak Bhairav, or Bheirav who defeated the demon Aapad. Bhairav is the divinity who protects his worshipers from all issues in life, and Aapad has been a synonym for problems since that time.

The Batuk Bhairav mantra is a sacred chant that connects to Lord Shiva's energies and positive frequencies. The Batuk Bhairav mantras should be said in one's home in order to obtain all pleasures and satisfy all wants. This mystical incantation has the capacity to draw Lord Batuk Bhairav's principles and carry the deity's significance.

This strong chant connects with the positive energies of Lord Shiva's fearsome forms, bestowing great luck and Siddhis (fulfilment of goals) upon the worshipper.

Batuk Bhairav Mantra

The Batuk Bhairav mantra is recited to improve one's financial situation. Because Batuk Bhairav is Lord Bhairav (a fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva), he is highly revered, particularly for the fulfilment of aspirations. Lord Batuk Bhairav is also known as Kshetrapalaka, the temple's Protector and the traveller's defender. So, before beginning a journey, one can worship Lord Batuk Bhairav, especially if he or she is travelling at night.

Batuk Bhairav Mantra: How do they help

The devotion of Batuk Bhairav is an important aspect of Tantrik Sadhana. The Bhairav mantras are among the most potent Protection Mantras. Bhairav, Shiva's fierce avatar, represents Kaal, or time. Time is also a symbol of fear no one can avoid. Worshipping Bhairav is the same as worshipping courage. Bhairav is worshipped by devotees to help them conquer their fears.

Batuk Bhairav, or the child version of Bhairav, is also honoured. This represents the source of all fear. This mantra is a defence mantra repeated to protect themselves and their families from foes, demons, supernatural forces, and fear when travelling and at other times. For protection, the mantra must be recited with devotion.

How to chant Batuk Bhairav mantra

Chanting the powerful Batuk Bhairav Mantras is a part of lord Batuk Bhairav's worship. Chant any of the Mantras 108 times over and again with a firm and honest purpose. Batuk Bhairav is reported to be quickly delighted and will reward you with speedy manifestation of your desired aim.

The worshipper is protected against concealed adversaries, demons, bad entities, black magic, and other lesser energies by chanting the Batuk Bhairav mantra. While chanting the Batuk Bhairav mantra one can follow the instructions given below.

  • Wear new, clean clothes after you've taken a bath.
  • Create a heap of black sesame seeds on a wooden stool in front of you.
  • Place a Batuk Bhairav Yantra on it. Light a ghee lamp and then worship the Lord with flowers and vermillion.
  • Pray to the lord for achievement and satisfaction.
  • Then combine your palms and chant while meditating on the Lord's divine form.

Important Batuk Bhairav Mantras

1. Batuk Bhairav Mool mantra

The mantra Batuk bhairav mool is recited for a safe and healthy living, particularly for children. This mantra is chanted in order for the vibrations of this mantra to have a beneficial effect on a child's mind, spirit, and body. The evil eye is a curse that is thrown on individuals who are unaware of its existence. Unconscious evil eyes are one sort of evil eye. These may inadvertently hurt people and property. Another type seeks to damage, and the last one is the most terrifying one: the concealed evil eye. Many cultures believe that if another person gets the evil eye, harm or disaster will befall the one who receives it. It is thought that because of their age and purity, newborns and children are particularly vulnerable to the evil eye. It is believed that constantly complimenting a child attracts the evil eye.

It is thought that an evil eye's gaze can disrupt a person's peace, inflicting loss or suffering. It is thought that because babies' spirit boundaries are weaker, they are more vulnerable to the evil eye. This mantra is especially good for children who are prone to becoming sick or who are weak. The Batuk mool mantra must be chanted in such families that have a child or are expecting a child.

The Batuk Bhairav mool mantra is:

|| ॐ ह्रीं बटुकाय आपदुद्धारणाय कुरु कुरु बटुकाय ह्रीं ||

Om Hreem Vatukaya Apad-uddharanaya kuru kuru Batukaaya Hreem

Benefits of chanting the Batuk Bhairav mool mantra
  • If you say this mantra on a regular basis, you will be safeguarded from future issues.
  • Conflicts and difficulties in family life go away when one becomes emotionally serene.
  • There is no better mantra than the mool mantra for gaining favour with the state officials and winning court disputes.
  • All threats to one's life and property are avoided.
  • When the Batuk Bhairav mantra is repeated with dedication, all troubles, impediments, and threats are erased from one's life.
Best time to recite Batuk Bhairav mool mantra Morning
Number of times to chant this mantra Chant the mantra 108 times
Who can recite Batuk Bhairav mool mantra Anyone
Chant this mantra facing In front of the Batuk Bhairav yantra

2. Batuk Bhairav mantra

The Batuk Bhairav mantra is recited primarily to strengthen our resolve to conquer and overcome our worries. Modern youngsters with exaggerated fervour and a competitive mentality struggle to achieve their goals in today's harsh atmosphere. It is difficult to gain admission to a reputable college and obtain a desired employment. Everything is determined by your score and rank. Passing a range of exams has become one of the most common causes of stress and anxiety among teenagers.

Even if determination and hard work are required, God's grace is required at every stage in order to overcome the obstacles. Chanting this mantra assists children in achieving their goals and passing competitive and difficult exams. This mantra bestows the ability to achieve in their vocations and lives by instilling in them the power of tremendous and persistent effort and attention. Aside from academia and education, Your child may have a professional future in which he or she contributes to a certain sport in a variety of ways. In the sports industry, there are a variety of sports career possibilities and job prospects. However, there are some attributes that a child must possess in order to remain effective in sports.

One requires both mental strength and stamina to win a tournament. The mantra also bestows muscle stamina, Personality, a competitive mentality, Courage, the ability to overcome setbacks, intellectual talents, open mindedness, hard work ethic, and positivism on an individual. Apart from that, one develops a strong sense of commitment and time management, both of which are essential qualities in a sportsperson by chanting this mantra.

The Batuk Bhairav mantra is:

||ॐ बटुक भैरवाय नमः ||

Om Batukbhairavaya Namaha

Benefits of chanting the Batuk Bhairav mantra
  • The mantra aids in the eradication of negative thoughts and energy from one's mind.
  • Difficulties, rivals, sadness, anguish, and unhealthy relationships can all be defeated by chanting the mantra.
  • This mantra aids in extending one's life span and boosting one's health.
  • Reduces the harmful effects of negative acts intended at the devotee.
  • The mantra removes all impediments that stand in the devotee's way of success.
Best time to recite Batuk Bhairav mantra Morning
Number of times to chant this mantra Chant the mantra 108 times
Who can recite Batuk Bhairav mantra Anyone
Chant this mantra facing In front of the Batuk Bhairav yantra

3. Batuk Bhairav Beej Mantra

The Batuk bhairav Beej mantra is extremely good for a child who is afflicted with any type of illness. This mantra might assist you in resolving a variety of issues. However, your child's shifting health can put you in a perpetual state of stress. However, you will need the graces of the mighty deity at times like this, in addition to the assistance of a doctor. Lord Batuk Bhairav is appeased by reciting the beej mantra, and he provides children with a keen intellect, as well as ability to concentrate. When students and learners face frequent challenges and impediments in their educational paths and careers, their parents must ensure that they recite the mantras with determination.

The beej mantra can also help with legal troubles if you pray to Lord Batuk Bhairav and Maa Baglamukhi at the same time. With the use of this mantra, you can be assured of success, safety, strength, and supremacy over your opponents. When you worship him with all your heart, he will not only assist you in completing your legal requirements, but he will also assist you in resolving major conflicts. If someone is causing you harm and refusing to let you live peacefully, you should recite the beej mantra, which is incredibly effective and powerful in destroying foes. This mantra not only frees you from negative influences, but it also punishes those who plot and carry out such misfortunes upon you.

The Batuk Bhairav Beej mantra is:

|| ऊँ बं बटुक भैरवाय नमः ||

Om Bang Batuk Bhairvaaye Namah

Benefits of chanting the Batuk Bhairav Beej mantra
  • It assists us in overcoming the negative effects.
  • It relieves us of long-term problems and misery in our lives.
  • The Batuk Bhairav mantra teaches people how to walk down the virtuous path.
  • It absolves us of the repercussions of our sins and negative karma.
  • It frees the person from all illnesses and problems.
Best time to recite Batuk Bhairav Beej mantra Morning
Number of times to chant this mantra Chant the mantra 108 times
Who can recite Batuk Bhairav Beej mantra Anyone
Chant this mantra facing In front of the Batuk Bhairav yantra

Overall benefits of chanting the Batuk Bhairav mantras

  • It assists in healing of illnesses as well as the maintenance of good health.
  • It helps to eliminate hate, materialism, narcissism, and ego.
  • Regular recitation of the Batuk Bhairava mantras provide you a sense of security, eliminates negativity, and keeps you healthy, wealthy, and joyful.
  • It makes it easier to achieve peace, pleasure, money, and virtue.
  • The Batuk Bhairav Mantras are said to gain a broader perspective on life and to gain knowledge.
  • This raises the energy level in the house, making everyone more informed, intelligent, and devotional. Spirituality is difficult to attain without intellectual ability, but intelligence may control the brain without it.
  • If one wishes to have a more powerful mind and body, it is vital to chant these Mantras on a regular basis.

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