Navagraha Mantra


Navagraha Mantra: Meaning, Significance and Benefits

The nine planets in motion, known as Navgrahas, are said to regulate the situations in life according to Vedic Astrology. The position and power of these planets in an astrology chart has a variety of effects on humans, both positive and harmful.

Navagraha is a Sanskrit term that signifies "Nav" meaning "nine" and "Graha" meaning "to take or hold."

The nine elements in our Cosmic System are known as grahas in Vedic astrology because they are developmental forces that educate humans how to live in harmony with the cosmos. As a result, Navagraha or Navgrah refers to the nine planets. Planetary positions and motions have an impact on our lives, affecting our psychological, spiritual, economic, and physical well-being.

Each of these nine planets is controlled by a Hindu god and represents a different aspect of a person's existence. If the planet in a kundali is favourable or dignified, the native will have a nice time throughout its Mahadasha (major phase) and transit. A malefic or weakened planet, on the contrary, is bound to cause problems in a person's life.

Navagraha Mantra

Navagraha Mantras: How do they help?

Navagraha mantras are beneficial mantras that work as strong therapeutic aids, balancing out the planets' negative influences in our life. These are extremely important in establishing a person's physical and mental health. Navagraha is a Sanskrit term that signifies "Nav" meaning "nine" and "Graha" meaning "to take or hold."

Vedic traditions have given Navagraha Mantras for appeasing the negative planets in an astrology chart to help us sail through difficult times. These Navagraha Mantras are essentially beej (seed) mantras that resonate at the similar level as the planets. These mantras are holy Sanskrit chants that, when chanted, can counteract the planets' negative energies while amplifying the favourable ones.

The planets will have a favourable impact on all elements of your life if you recite these mantras on a daily basis. Any health problems, financial difficulties, or disagreements are the outcome of their unfavourable moves. One will have more mental peace and spiritual tranquillity as a result of them.

How to chant the Navagraha mantras

The Navagraha mantras have an integrative strength that creates world peace. The nine planets' motions have an impact on your daily life. People experience poor luck, loss, disease, and a variety of other sad events from time to time.

Before you begin repeating these mantras, there are a few things to consider.

  • Since these mantras are sacred, they must be chanted with a pure body and mind. Take a shower and dress in colours that reflect the planet before beginning the chant. You'll also need a mat that matches the planet's hue. White for the sun, blue for saturn and so on. There is a strict code of conduct and hygiene that one must follow.
  • For the planet, you must utilise precise guidelines and timeframe. Within 40 days, try to finish the chant. All through the duration, you should say the designated mantra in the exact area and at the appropriate moment.
  • During the passage of the planets, it is essential to chant the appropriate planet's mantra. Only chant these mantras if these planets are having a detrimental impact on your life. On the day that the planet indicates, begin singing the mantras.
  • One should use a specific rosary bead for every planet. Rudraksha Chaplet or specific gemstones for each planet, such as a coral for Mars, or Ruby for the Sun, can be used.
  • If these mantras are not recited correctly, they will have little impact or would not operate at all. The complete significance of the mantra might be ruined by a single mispronunciation. Even the pace should be consistent, and there should be no mistakes in the syllable flow.

Important Navagraha Mantras

1. Sun or Surya mantra

The Sun, or Surya, is known as the Illumination of Knowledge. In addition, he is the destroyer of misinformation. In this Planetary System, the sun is the foundation of vitality. All of the planets are kept in their orbits by its force of gravity. Surya represents self-assurance, knowledge, strength, and a feeling of self-identity. He is the ruler of the heavenly bodies realm. He mounts a chariot drawn by seven horses, each representing one of the seven days of the week, the rainbow's seven hues, or the seven states of awareness. A ring with a dot in the middle is the Sun's emblem. The dot represents the origin of creation, while the circle represents its realised presence.

The Surya mantra is:

|| ऊँ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः।|

Aum Hran Hreen Hron Seh Suryay Namah

Meaning- I praise the Great Sun God for his divine blessings.

Benefits of chanting the Surya mantra
  • You may relax your mind and sense the presence of God inside you by saying this mantra.
  • You may get the energy you need to resist the negative thoughts and feelings that are trying to take up residence in your mind and body.
  • You are honouring the one who energises the planet by pouring his healing rays by reciting this mantra.
  • When sung every day with complete focus in worship of the Sun God, this freeing mantra generates good energy and heavenly benefits from the Sun God.
  • It bestows wisdom and knowledge. In all of your activities, you achieve fame and success.
Best time to recite the Surya mantra Sunrise, 41 days starting from Sunday
Number of times to chant this mantra 7000 times in 41 days
Who can recite Surya mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Facing the Sun

2. Moon or Chandra mantra

Chandra or Soma is the name given to the Moon, which is also known as the Illumination of Dedication. Chandra is thought to nourish life with its calming cool beams. As it radiates the Sun's light, it also serves as a reminder to the Earth of the phases of the moon, which are linked to the soul and health. The intellect completely emits light of the spirit at the full moon, or Purnima. The body stops the beam and prevents it from reaching the consciousness on Amavasya, or new moon. The Moon's position also reveals our relationship with our moms. The phases of the moon have an impact on creativity.

The Chandra mantra is:

|| ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः ||

Aum Shran Shrin Shron Seh Chandraye Namah

Meaning- Born while churning the milk ocean.

Benefits of chanting the Chandra mantra
  • Chanting the Chandra mantra might assist to remove the mind's misunderstandings and increase mental capacity.
  • Lord Chandra can assist you improve your appearance, intellect, vision, cognition, and cerebral abilities.
  • The recitation of these mantras sharpens the qualities of the human mind.
  • Regularly chanting the Chandra mantra can assist to strengthen the good impacts of the moon's position in the horoscope while reducing the negative ones.
  • If you're suffering from prolonged sadness, sudden anxiety, or anxiousness, this Chandra Navagraha mantra will help you overcome these ailments.
Best time to recite the Chandra mantra Evening, after sunset
Number of times to chant this mantra 11000 times in 41 days, 108 times daily
Who can recite Chandra mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Facing a picture of Lord Shiva

3. Mars or Mangal mantra

Mangal, also known as Mars, is the bringer of good fortune. Dedication and perseverance are two of its traits. It is the astronomical bodies' administrative authority after the Sun. He is like a god's army commander, leading him on solo expeditions and voyages and defending everyone from invaders. It depicts space exploration and military action in a societal sense, and it reflects blood flow, immune response, and other human functions in a personal context. Mars represents power, boldness, and the willingness to battle. He also has control over the native's competitive powers. He is in charge of our bodies' functioning. A person with an elevated Mars can be blessed with great welfare and wellness. A weak or weakened Mars, on the other hand, can make a person fearful.

The Mangal mantra is:

|| ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं स भौमाय नमः ||

Om Kran Krin Kron Seh Bhaumaaye Namah

Meaning- I bow down to Mars, the auspicious one

Benefits of chanting the Mangala mantra
  • Mangal Dosh in the star sign can be erased or minimised.
  • Happiness is obtained, and impediments are removed.
  • It frees you from unemployment, stress, and skin conditions.
  • Moreover, this mantra in astrology bestows bravery, vigour, and confidence.
  • It dispels rage, falsehoods, and envy, and bestows courage.
Best time to recite the Mangala mantra Daily Morning specially Tuesdays
Number of times to chant this mantra 10000 times in 41 days
Who can recite Mangala mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Facing lord Hanuman’s idol or picture

4. Mercury or Budh mantra

Budh, or Rahu, is the closest and quickest planet to the Sun, which explains his position as a messenger. He is adaptable to any circumstance and is an excellent storyteller and interrogator. In kundali, this Graha is known as the Prince, and it has an impact on our ability to communicate, intellect, and sensory function.

The Budh mantra is:

|| ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सह बुद्धाय नमः ||

Aum Bran Brin Bron Seh Budhaye Namah

Meaning- Om, I bow down to Mercury, who is the master of intellect.

Benefits of chanting the Budha mantra
  • It blesses you with a perception of tranquilly and quiet.
  • It mitigates the negative consequences of planetary mobility variations.
  • This mantra in Vedic astrology bestows understanding, learning, and illumination.
  • Moreover, it aids in the development of effective communication.
  • The Budh mantra relaxes both the mind and body.
Best time to recite the Budha mantra Anytime or Early morning
Number of times to chant this mantra 9000 times in 40 days
Who can recite Budha mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Facing lord Ganesha’s picture or idol

5. Jupiter or Brihaspati Mantra

Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati, is the "God of Gods." It is also known as the "Spirit of the Vast" because of its enormous size. Spirituality, education, ethical code, and harmony among mortals and immortals are all things he promotes. He serves as the Gods' counsellor and bestows prosperity on them. It has an impact on motivation, enthusiasm, and optimism. Jupiter is also the most beneficent and compassionate planet in the solar system. He enhances the house's features wherever it is located. Among the Navgrahas, he is the instructor who bestows knowledge on the people. It denotes good fortune, money, and knowledge. It is also thought that if this graha is weak in a kundali, the person will never be able to acquire all-encompassing wisdom.

The Brihaspati mantra is:

|| ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नम: ||

Om Brim Brihaspatiye Namah:

Meaning- I salute to Lord Jupiter, the preceptor of the gods.

Benefits of chanting the Brihaspati mantra
  • It counteracts Jupiter's negative impacts.
  • It confers strength, influence, and status.
  • The Jupiter mantra is ideal for work and trade.
  • It brings good health and facilitates delivery.
  • This mantra teaches cohesiveness and unity's faith, ethics, and values.
Best time to recite the Brihaspati mantra Every morning
Number of times to chant this mantra 19000 times in 41 days
Who can recite Brihaspati mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Any direction

6. Venus or Shukra mantra

Venus, also known as Shukra, represents love and commitment. Despite the fact that it is also known as 'Guru of the Asuras.' He is the karaka of all delights. In people's lives, it is the karaka for money and matrimony. It is linked to integrity, lovely craftsmanship, melody, and pleasurable and worldly pleasures. With its significance on relations, passion, and innovation, it has a huge influence on the globe. It teaches us how to become more aware of our senses.

The Shukra mantra is:

|| ऊँ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः ||

Aum Dran Drin Dron She Shukraye Namah

Meaning- I bow down in front of Lord Shukra who is made of seed sound

Benefits of chanting the Shukra mantra
  • The Shukra mantra aids in the removal of obstacles to marriage and childbirth.
  • One is fortunate to have worldly pleasures in life.
  • Women can achieve beautification by repeating this mantra on a routine basis.
  • Life's ambiguities fade away, and stability and prosperity reign supreme.
  • Disputes with opponents are resolved without difficulty, as are a slew of other issues.
Best time to recite the Shukra mantra Every morning
Number of times to chant this mantra 16000 times in 41 days
Who can recite Shukra mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Facing lord Lakshmi’s idol or image

7. Saturn or Shani mantra

Saturn, or Shani, is also regarded as the God of Order and Responsibility. It depicts the way of truthfulness and integrity. Shani is also Astrology's most feared planet. Shani assists spiritual development in the inner psyche through various transitions. It helps to prepare the body and mind for spiritual development. When people meet challenges in their careers, businesses, or marriages, they try to please him.

The Shani mantra is:

||ॐ प्राम प्रीम प्रोम सह शनैश्चराय नम: ||

Aum Pram Prim Pron She Shanicharaye Namah

Meaning- Salutations to Lord Shani. Please be in my favour and calm my senses.

Benefits of chanting the Shani mantra
  • It aids in the removal of difficulties and obstructions.
  • Shani Mantra aids in the removal of unfavourable planetary situations.
  • It provides relief from Sade Sati's sufferings.
  • The Saturn Mantra bestows healthy lifestyle, prosperity, and joy.
  • It alleviates depressive symptoms.
Best time to recite the Shani mantra After sunset, every evening 10 malas daily
Number of times to chant this mantra 23000 times in 41 days
Who can recite Shani mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Any direction, sitting position

8. North node or Rahu mantra

Rahu, also known as the Moon's North Node, is the dictator of the directions. This celestial body is a shadow entity that generates eclipses. It is an expression of worldly ambitions and material pleasures. Rahu can help one increase their power and even convert a rival into a buddy. It is linked to the spiritual course of evolution or the engrossment of spirit in materialisation. It is a sign of worldly desire, avarice, celebrity, great intellect, trickery, compulsive behaviour, and so on. He depicts the mind's overwhelming appetite to have complete control over everything. Rahu, on the other hand, bestows immense power in the appropriate path.

The Rahu mantra is:

|| ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः ||

Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Saanha Raahve Namah

Meaning- I offer my obeisance to the Lord Rahu and bless me with the sounds corresponding to the wavelength of Rahu.

Benefits of chanting the Rahu mantra
  • The Rahu Mantra guards against all bad spirits and negative thinking.
  • It strengthens your impression by connecting you to the universal energy.
  • Rahu Mantra has the ability to endow you with wonderful abilities.
  • This mantra has the ability to energise you.
  • With the use of this mantra, you can acquire all kinds of material riches.
Best time to recite the Rahu mantra Before sunrise and after sunset
Number of times to chant this mantra 18000 times in 41 days
Who can recite Rahu mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Any direction

9. South node or Ketu mantra

Ketu is the Moon's 'South Node,' and he is the obstacle-maker. It is the body that orbits desiring inwardly.' When the conditions are favourable, this Graha bestows spiritual tendencies, asceticism, and self-knowledge. It does, however, have a fiery personality. Both Ketu and Rahu aid in spiritual attainment, although Ketu works inside while Rahu works outwardly. They collaborate for the universe's cosmic evolution. It is a malefic body that brings you many disasters. The characteristics connected with Ketu are cleverness, instability, and fantasy.

The Ketu mantra is:

|| ॐ स्त्रां स्त्रीं स्त्रौं स केतवे नमः ||

Aum Sram Srin Sron Seh Ketve Namah

Meaning- I offer my obeisance to the violent and fearsome Ketu, who is gifted with the strength of Lord Shiva.

Benefits of chanting the Ketu mantra
  • This Mantra counteracts Ketu's negative influences.
  • It aids in the attainment of deep intelligence and religious awareness.
  • It bestows the gift of healing power.
  • Enhances the effectiveness of instinct.
  • To eradicate the malefic effects of planets and the evil eye, this remedy is recommended.
Best time to recite the Ketu mantra At night, starting from Friday
Number of times to chant this mantra 23000 times in 41 days
Who can recite Ketu mantra? Anyone
Chant this mantra facing Any direction

Overall benefits of chanting the Navagrah mantras:

  • Reciting the Navgraha mantras are extremely useful to an individual's general well-being. You can reduce the negative effects of the nine planets in your zodiac by chanting all of these mantras on a daily basis.
  • If you chant the specified mantra according to your zodiac for 40/41 days, you will notice a significant difference.
  • The Navgraha mantra, which is chosen based on the individual's horoscope, serves to enhance the beneficial impacts of the planet and to lessen the negative consequences.
  • It assists in overcoming Navgraha doshas and achieving life's calm and pleasure.
  • Protects against ill fate and mishaps, prevents illnesses and disorders and directly affects the quality of one's work and personal life.

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